For a married couple, every anniversary is a significant occasion. However, for many couples, things quickly return to normal as they adjust to married life. Hence, the spark gradually disappears after a few adjustments. People often struggle to balance their love lives with demanding 9–5 jobs.

As anniversaries approach, you can reignite the flame by being extra thoughtful and creative. Sometimes all it takes is a gift with just the perfect amount of surprise to show someone you care. Selecting the ideal wedding anniversary gift for your partner can be a wonderful way to keep your special day in mind. Planning a short trip that coincides with your anniversary tops the list of surprises. You can buy couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai with MiStay and experience the ‘love in the air.’

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a couple-friendly hotel for your marriage anniversary celebration

1. Couple specific romantic amenities to make your trip memorable

Unlike other family trips where everyone usually decides on the accommodations together, the hotel takes care of everything. The hotel goes above and beyond to make the celebration memorable for couples joining for that particular package. The hotel might even set up a candlelit dinner in the suite or reserve a particular table at their restaurant. Book a couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai for a romantic trip and enjoy romantic dinners by the beach. You can trust them for the perfect setup for your celebration, and who knows, a special bottle of champagne and free chocolates could be waiting for you at the dinner table.

For a romantic getaway on your marriage anniversary, you can book couple-friendly hotels in Delhi to enjoy each other’s company. Beautiful gardens in Delhi are perfect picnic spots. You can spend a beautiful day while taking in the surroundings.

Romantic candlelit dinner by the beach. Source: Veesko

2. Peaceful, luxurious setting for your celebration

Close your eyes and imagine what would be a perfect setting to spend your anniversary with your partner. You must be imagining something calm and a quiet place. Well, city pollution might be too much for your body, and now it's time for you to detox.

For your marriage anniversary celebration, you would want to be in a great environment that is free of pollution of all types. While maintaining a balance between your family and job, you might have been extremely busy and anxious. You require some time to unwind and connect with your partner. If you and your partner are mountain lovers, check out couple-friendly hotels in Pune. Pune city’s beauty is unmatchable. You can plan a short trip around the city to celebrate your anniversary. You don't get to enjoy such coziness every day. For beach lovers, couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai are your best bet.

3. Special treatments for your special day

The hotel's surrounding fence serves as the ideal short-term and transient getaway from the reality that awaits them outside. The hotel will take the couple’s demands into consideration. King-size beds, a wardrobe, a relaxing shower, dim lighting, you name it, and you get the facilities. Free beverages or breakfast, 24-hour room service, and a fully stocked minibar are all beautiful touches that will liven up your time spent together.

For once, you will not have to worry about the mundane chorus. You will get the time to focus on your partner. If you are planning a relaxing getaway for your anniversary celebration, book a couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore to enjoy pleasant weather. Enjoy a beautiful evening at breathtaking parks with a scenic view of lakes.

4. Favors privacy to rekindle the love

Privacy is one thing that a couple can never compromise with. The hotel staff in couple-friendly hotels respect that a lot. Book a hotel that caters specifically to couples to save yourself from hearing children cry, people chatting loudly, late-night activities in the hallways, a packed lobby, and people staring at you all the time.

Booking a hotel that is couple-friendly will allow you to enjoy your vacation without having to sacrifice your privacy. If you and your partner are foodies, choose a couple-friendly hotels in Gurgaon. Luxurious couple-friendly hotels  in Noida has variety of date setups for you to enjoy your time away from home. These places have lip-smacking dishes to tempt your taste buds.

5. Your safety is their first priority

One thing you will not have to worry about is your safety. Your safety during your stay and the security of your things entirely depends on the hotel's administration. These hotels are aware of Indian law and adhere to it with the highest care. Instead of passing judgment, they will offer you and your partner a secure and comfortable place to stay while you are on vacation.

A stunning view of the surrounding landscape under your budget can be a perfect anniversary gift for your partner. Chennai can be a perfect destination for an anniversary celebration. There are places close to or right beside the beach that would be worth considering. Check out couple-friendly hotels in Chennai and enjoy a refreshing anniversary break.

You can also host a wedding anniversary photo shoot if you two enjoy going above and beyond. Celebrate your anniversary day in breathtaking scenery and fall in love with your partner all over again.

6. Budget-friendly options for a beautiful stay

The conventional perception about couple hotels is that they are highly expensive due to their popularity. You can pick a suitable hotel where you can have a relaxing stay depending on the type of vacation you are planning and the amount of money you have set aside for it. Finding the ideal hotel may take some work, but it will be worthwhile because, as they say, "Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

To make your trip even more exciting and delightful, they will provide you with a variety of discounts, freebies, complimentary services, and offers. With all these offers, your lodging choice will not only take care of your stay but also sprinkle your trip with pleasurable experiences.

If you and your partner are suckers for historical architecture, you can book couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata. You can plan a surprise trip to this dazzling city and visit historical attractions. Plan a romantic picnic with your partner in these gardens. You can also check out couple-friendly hotels in Hyderabad to visit historical monuments and, of course, the famous biryani.

Plan a romantic picnic setup in beautiful gardens in Delhi. Source: Make everyday an event


The anniversaries are unique. It honors the solid connection and union that couples have. Anniversary celebrations serve as a symbol of their enduring love and dedication to one another. The couple's love for one another deepens as the years go by. Anniversary celebrations are also a time for couples to evaluate their union. It is also a good moment to reflect on the value of marriage and how both couples hope to continue their relationship for many years to come. It offers the couple a chance to take a respite from the stresses of everyday life. Book couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai and spend your marriage anniversary in the midst of a romantic atmosphere.

Spend some time away from your family and job to rediscover the love you’ve lost due to mundane life. Book couple-friendly hotels for married couples with MiStay and enjoy some quality time with your partner.