In December 2019 the world came under the grasp of the novel corona-virus. It initially broke out in Wuhan and rapidly spread globally. Many countries had a tough time containing the virus. Soon borders were sealed and lock-down norms were enforced. People were educated on sanitation and personal hygiene. Almost everywhere people were advised to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds. Almost every eminent personality took to the social media to explain people the necessity of sanitation and social distancing to contain the virus. But, sanitisers and masks are not enough to contain the virus. We need to develop our immunity against the virus. Herd immunity is the major way to fight the virus. Besides eating right, we need to exercise to stay fit and strengthen our immune system. Well, yiu definitely cannot go to a gym to exercise and develop your core muscles. But, you can always follow the following exercises to help your body to function better.

  1. Walking:

Yes, walking is the best exercise. Almost all your muscles become active when you walk. Even if you cannot take out time to exercise separately, you can always walk in between a hectic schedule to stay fit. Make it a habit to walk when you are on a call. You absolutely do not have to answer each call sitting down. Even while working on the laptop, you can work while standing upright for sometime. Reserve some time to walk in the balcony or terrace because vitamin D is important improve your immunity. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin to strengthen the immune system. We generally fail to take care our health during a vacation as our entire routine goes upside-down. In such a situation, try to include walking in your routine. Yes, walk that extra mile to reach one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Koramangala or any other place while exploring the bustling Bangalore.

Walk your way to fitness

2. High Knee Spot Running:

High knee spot running or jogging is a wonderful cardio exercise to strengthen your leg and thigh muscles. It helps the heart to function faster. Consequently, the heart pumps more blood. As each cell gets more oxygen, they get energised and our immune system gets strengthened. Why should you restrict the walking exercise to the self-isolation periods only? You must carry on with it even after the lockdown is curbed or the virus is contained. You can try to allocate a few minutes of this heavy exercise even during your travel days. After waking up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Indiranagar or any other place, try to start your day with five minutes of active cardio.

Sprint your way through to fitness

3. The boat pose:

The boat pose is a wonderful yoga posture to strengthen your core muscles and burn the unwanted belly fat. Besides digestion, it helps to strengthen the various organs in the stomach area. Thus, all the organs function properly. Consequently, you would be fit against any infection or disease. It is very easy to practice. you can try it almost anywhere at ease. Raise your legs so that it makes a comfortable right angle with your body. Stretch your hands and fingers. Soon you would feel the stretch and the magic would be done. Since it can be done anywhere at ease, incorporate it in your daily travel routine as well. When you wake up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Bandra or anywhere else, start your day with this healthy stretch.

The boat pose can be your yoga to start the day

4. The Tree Pose:

The tree pose or vrikshasana is an immunity booster. As each and every muscle and ligament gets strengthened, the balance and stability of the body increases. It is very easy and you can flexibly include it in your routine even while travelling. It would definitely give a bright start to your day. So, when you wake up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dadar, start your day by practising yoga and the tree pose must essentially be an intrinsic part of the routine.

The tree pose

5. Planks:

Both the side-ways and traditional planks are a great exercise to strengthen your immunity and muscles. So, log into youtube, stream a plank instruction and get steady on your hands and toes. Planks are rightfully renowned for many benefits and you should make the most of the exercise. It neither requires any equipment nor a lot of space. You can do it at the flexibility of a small room. So, incorporate it into your routine and get an inch closer to your fitter version everyday. Do not abstain from practising planks even during a vacation. Start your day by planking on the carpet in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Paharganj or any other place in the country.

The traditional plank

6. Crunches:

You must have always dreamt of those perfectly toned abs. But, you are always tempted to eat out and could not find time to exercise. Well, now that you do not have any option, but to be confined indoors, make the most of this opportunity and exercise regularly. Crunches are an effective way to tone your core muscles and improve your immunity. When you wake up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Aerocity or any other place, you can energetically start your day with crunches.


Currently, it is popularly known that sitting is the new smoking. As we sit longer, our muscles get weaker and inactive. Consequently our body functions are affected. Soon, we become prone to various diseases and other health complications. Hence, do not limit the above exercises to the lockdown period only. Make it an essential part of your daily routine even during the post-Covid-19  era. Besides exercises, incorporate certain food items in your daily diet to enhance your immune system. We need to eat right and exercise regularly to prevent falling sick and ward off any infections. As every individual would have a strong immunity, we would learn to co-exist with the virus, without getting affected adversely. Well, let us currently follow the health instructions and pray that this passes away soon. Stay healthy and stay safe.