While it's easy to get lost in modern life and mundane routine, here comes the exciting day every year which is the wedding anniversary that in no way should be taken lightly. As big as the wedding day, the wedding anniversary is celebrated by couples across the world to show their unconditional love, passion, commitment, dedication, and support for each other. Couples also go the extra mile to show their eternal love for their lovely partner by planning a gift which is unique and personalized according to their partner’s interests. A wedding anniversary is all about spending quality time together reminiscing about the good old wedding days and married life. As a way to create new memories and happy moments, the anniversary is also a great chance to reignite your romantic and love life.

A dreamy and breath-taking candlelight dinner by the beach for those memorable anniversary moments. Source:Veesko

There’s no universal way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. While one couple’s ideal anniversary celebration looks like going on a short trip or nearby local attractions, another couple might like to keep it simple and classic by inviting loved ones to their home anniversary party. Remember, it's all about quality time and good vibes on your anniversary day. However, if you are looking to spice things up for your next wedding anniversary or planning a new and unique gift for your partner, consider these best picks of six untapped gold mines and offbeat places in Kolkata for a lovey-dovey memorable anniversary. Make your anniversary stay comfortable and budget-friendly by booking hourly hotels in Kolkata with MiStay.

Often known as the “City of Joy”, Calcutta or Kolkata is no short of nature, history, architecture, food and mainly welcoming atmosphere of the local people. The warmth and love of the Kolkata people are unmatched and you cannot stop falling in love with the city and its lovely people. Kolkata is sprinkled with various well-known romantic spots such as Millennium Park, Eco Park, Calcutta Botanical Gardens, Victoria Memorial, The Bridge, Princep Ghat, Howrah Bridge, Science City, Nalban, and many more parks and cafes for all the romantic couples out there. However, considering the privacy and comfort on your wedding anniversary day, the below-mentioned underrated and unexplored places in Kolkata will surely provide enough privacy and security couples deserve on a special day. Book couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata for the best travel stay experience.

6 Untapped Gold Mines in Kolkata for Your Next Wedding Anniversary

Just you, me and the positive vibes on our romantic anniversary date at a couple-friendly hotel in Kolkata. Source: Fabhotels

These untapped gold mines and offbeat places in Kolkata are free from huge crowds and jostling mobs providing a bunch of privacy and comfort for romantic couples. Get ready to experience one of the memorable wedding anniversaries with these less-crowded places in Kolkata. These unexplored places are sure to show the city of joy from a new angle which you never experienced before. Check out day-use hotels in Kolkata to make your hotel stays budget-friendly and secure.

1. Junput, For the Beach Couple

Whether you are planning an exhilarating candlelight dinner by the beach or looking to spend a peaceful and quality time with your partner by enjoying each other’s company, Junput beach is the perfect unexplored spot. Beaches are surely the top destinations for romantic couples. A few kilometers from Kolkata, Junput is situated on the same coastal stretch where the famous Tajpur and Digha are also located. Filled with eucalyptus trees, dense farmlands, fish farms, duck farms, and many more interesting spots, this spot is sure to amp up your anniversary mood and vibes.

Couples can enjoy each other’s company by watching scintillating beach waves, rafting, zorbing, kayaking, or rock climbing for creating exciting anniversary vibes. Beach couples might also want to consider a quick trip or weekend jaunt to romantic beaches in Mumbai by booking the couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai. Jharkhali, Raichak, Machranga Dweep, Mousuni, Baguran, and Shankarpur are some of the unexplored romantic places every beach couple must check out in Kolkata. Witness a beautiful sunset at the Baguran Jalpai to make your special day complete.

2. Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, For Nature Lovers

Located in Narendrapur, South Kolkata is a wide forested land filled with around 30 species of birds. A heavenly paradise to all nature lovers, wildlife photographers and ornithologists. Couples can plan a mini picnic date here and unwind in nature’s lap to the heart’s content. Sonajhuri forest is also close to Kolkata which is also unexplored and untouched.  

Kolkata possesses and is surrounded by various serene villages filled with lush hills, dense greenery, fresh air and free of city chaos. These serene villages and hamlets are the perfect spots for couples to spend a peaceful, calm and tranquil time together. Kolkata’s Placid spots surrounded by rich flora and fauna, rivers, dams, hills, etc include Itachuna Rajbari, Deulti, Garpanchkot, Ramdhura, Tinchuley, Bakkhali, Bangriposi, Mukutmonipur, Baranti, Muruguma, Bijanbari, Borong, Charkhole, Chuikhim, and Kolakham. These tranquil spots will not only reset your peace but also makes your anniversary a lot more memorable. Nature lovers can also book couple-friendly hotels in Delhi by planning a mini picnic date in the attractive gardens in the city.

3. Tiretta Bazar, For the Bougie Gourmand Couple

Continuing to hold its old-world charm, the Chinatown of Kolkata is the Tiretta Bazar which is located right at the heart of the city. Offering mouth-watering and appetizing Chinese umami staples such as bao buns, dumplings, fish soup, meat skewers, etc, this is the best spot for foodie couples and gourmands with a voracious appetite. Want to spend your anniversary eating full but not by breaking the bank? We got you. Explore Kolkata’s cabin restaurants offering tasty Kolkata snacks and the same old vintage vibes. Check out other less-known food spots such as Dacres Lane-The Delicious Walk, Coffee House, etc. Missing Hyderabad biryani and Mumbai’s delish pav, no worries! Book hourly hotels in Hyderabad or day-use hotels in Mumbai to satiate your cravings this anniversary.

4. Ajodhya Hills, For the Dreamy Mountain Lovers and Adventurous couples

Loaded with various notable sites, Ajodhya hills are situated in the Purulia region of West Bengal. Mayur Pahar, Bamni Falls – a serene waterfall beauty, Charida village, Pakhi Pahar, Turga Falls and Matha Forest are must-visit underrated spots here. The adventurous couple can also go trekking along the hills which is sure to boost your adrenaline and anniversary mood. Other hill spots also include Bhalukhop, the best spot with clean air and chirping of birds that makes your anniversary as romantic as possible with its perfect temperature. Bidyang is also the best spot for romantic moonlight watching. Couples can also enjoy the oldest tranquil tea estates, Makaibari, and can also participate in tea-tasting sessions. Book couple-friendly hotels in Pune as the city is never short of attractive mountains and hilly areas. Plan your anniversary trip wisely by booking couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata offering budget-friendly and flexible stays.

5. Mukutmanipur, For the Real Romantic Couples

Nothing is better than spending quality time together while enjoying each other’s company. For those romantic couples, stunning sunset visuals over the Kangsabati Kumari dam are the best bet. Various spots at Mukutmanipur such as Bankupuria Deer Park, Musafirana View Point, Pareshnath Shiv temple, etc make your anniversary trip as romantic as possible. You might as well plan a mini proposal event here which can surely win your partner’s love, thanks to the spectacular views and perfect temperatures. Bangalore is also known for its picturesque sunset visuals and romantic weather. Book couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore to make your anniversary dreamy and charming.

6. Gangani, A Truly Unexplored Spot

Like Gandikota for Andhra Pradesh, Gangani is for West Bengal which is often known as the Grand Canyon of West Bengal. Just a few kilometers from Kolkata, the Gangani is situated in the West Medinipur district. Providing breathtaking visuals, this spot is perfect to click your stunning anniversary pics. Hiking and river crossing activities are also offered here.  

Create new memories and memorable moments on your anniversary by exploring other offbeat spots in Kolkata such as Taki, Boat Museum, Basu Bati, Subash Sarovar, Maidan Tent, Barabazar, Rabindra Sarovar Lake, and more.


The best pick of unexplored and underrated places in Kolkata are secluded where there are no swarms of people and only with a limited crowd. These offbeat places will make you fall in love with Kolkata and will show this city of joy from a never-before-seen angle. Make your hotel stays smooth and comfortable by booking couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata with MiStay! Couples can also celebrate their wedding anniversary at couple-friendly hotels that are offering romantic amenities, special treatments, privacy, comfort, safety, budget-friendly, flexible stays and more. Grab enough time and escape with your partner to these offbeat and untapped gold mines in Kolkata for the euphoric anniversary celebrations.