India is surrounded by miles of oceans and mesmerizing beaches, which are a portal to heaven on Earth in disguise. Apart from the natural tanning, delicious seafood, aesthetic sunsets, cool breeze and Instagram-worthy pictures, they also offer thrilling aquatic activities. If you would describe yourself as someone who loves getting out of their comfort zone and trying new and fun adventures, these six water sports should be at the top of your bucket list, raft down a stream or fly amidst clouds overlooking hues of orange and blue. Most of the beach's catering to thrill seekers are on the west coast, where you can easily book hourly hotels in Mumbai, Hourly hotels in Pune close to Goa or your desired destination.

1. Jet Skiing

Full of rush and excitement, Jet skiing is a popular activity in India. Get ready to splash some water speeding on your jet ski at a maximum of 65 mph. The endeavor is carried out in the presence of professionals who will accompany you on the water scooter. Enjoy a solitary experience by requesting or paying more to the person in charge.

Famous Jet skiing spots are Baga beach, Dona Paula and Calangute beach in Goa. This is a golden opportunity for people residing in Mumbai or travelling to this city since Goa is only a few kilometers away from here. A tour to the city of dreams can be expensive, save yourself some money by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai. Wait! There are chances you might bump into Gopal and his gang's Jet skiing shop on the beach.


2. Scuba Diving

We are guessing you also wished to go scuba diving after watching ZNMD. A few Indian places like Lakshadweep and Grande Island are happy to fulfil this dream of yours. Quench your thirst for knowing what lies deep in the ocean by visiting these beaches and Islands that are gifted with rich aquatic biodiversity and crystal-clear waters. Never tried scuba diving before. Don’t be scared! A trained expert will guide and escort you and capture these special moments for you to reminisce about later. Understand the sign language properly to communicate with your guide. Dive into the mysterious world of blue and add some ecstasy to life. People suffering from high or low blood pressure, breathing issues and ear problems should refrain from this activity unless they are in a hurry to meet God. Another subtle way to make your existence venturesome is shopping in the quaint markets of Delhi. Reserve hourly hotels in Delhi or dayuse hotels in Delhi to spice up your boring life.


3. Kite surfing

Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding are all the same potato patootie. It is a potpourri of paragliding, gymnastics, snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding, gymnastics, surfing, and wakeboarding. In short, it is Fantabulous! A kiteboarder uses wind power by holding on to a big controllable kite that propels him across the sea. Experts are free to show their skills by striking different poses. Typical kite boards go up to a speed of 15 and 25 mph. The best places to kite surf are Manapad and Rameswaram Islands in Tamil Nadu state, where there a plenty of hourly hotels in Chennai and dayuse hotels in Chennai, only a few km away from these isles.


4. Parasailing

An enthralling sport enjoyed by all from kids to adults. The person is attached to a parachute-shaped parasail wing using a harness and towed behind a vehicle which could either be a car, boat or truck. Feel your heartbeat going wild while enjoying the aerial view of the ocean. Goa is the right place to give wings to your fantasy on a small budget by smartly booking hourly hotels in Mumbai and making a quick stop to the city. A maximum of two people can take on the sport together, so bring your partner along. Make sure to apply sunscreen as you will be close to the blazing ball of fire.


5. White water rafting

Take a trip to Rishikesh or Jammu and Kashmir to try this popular sport of the 1950s that comprises navigating a raft through rough and untamed waters. The activity brings along some hair-rising risks depending on the white-water rapid’s classification and test compatibility between teammates. Be ready for a thrilling experience that you won’t be able to forget for life. A brief of the white-water classes that descend from simple to dangerous-

Class I- float peacefully across the water, hardly any manoeuvring required

Class II- Not so smooth sailing! Expect 1–3-foot whitecaps

Class III- Prepare to get hit by 4-5 feet tall waves of adrenaline. Keep a guide along if you are a rookie.

Class IV- Larger waves as well as obstacles. Need stronger manoeuvring.

Class V- Expect vertical drops, high tides, huge boulders and holes large enough to turn your world upside down, oops! We meant the boat.

Class VI- The deadlier version of Class V. If you are not confident, please avoid this.


6. Kayaking

Kayaking is a solo adventure which involves a small, narrow kayak (watercraft) and paddles. Even though open and inflatable kayaks are becoming more popular, most have a closed deck. The sport is different from canoeing in the sense that the paddler’s sitting position is facing forward, and they use double-bladed paddles. A few locations to try this unique sport are Leh, Pondy, Rishikesh, Andaman, Mumbai, and Goa having some pocket-friendly hourly hotels in Mumbai, dayuse hotels in Mumbai, and other cities. Be it any water body, paddling into an offbeat path amidst nature is enough to tickle the thrill seeker in you.

The best season for Kayaking in India entirely depends on the destination. October to November until May is the best time to visit North regions like Rishikesh, whereas you can visit the South all around the year except during monsoons.


Many foreign tourists and sophisticated townies claim that fighting for a seat on the local train or bargaining with shopkeepers is no less than an adventure for them, but if you are looking for something more than these short sparks of delirium, keep this list handy.