What's the first image you get when you hear the word 'hourly hotels'? For a long time, these hotels have been linked with unsavory activities and bad locations. But with the change in the hospitality industry, things are getting better.

While we all are suffering from modern life's stress, vacations can help you unwind. A short trip is also a great way to detox your body and soul. Whether you are a student with a time crunch or looking for a brief stay, get in touch with MiStay to find out about inexpensive lodging options with high-quality service and security. You can always find hourly hotels in Delhi and take a break from your boring, monotonous life. You can plan a surprise trip for your partner to your favorite destination.

Plan a beautiful day only for your partner to spend some quality time. Source: CNN

1. Plan a solo trip with hourly hotels

When traveling alone, solo travelers frequently make the mistake of booking hotel rooms. Because of the distance between visiting new locations and going back to the hotel, they are also constrained to a small area and are unable to travel much, which spoils your whole trip. After all, you planned the trip to explore the destination.

Generally, hotels require you to pre-book your room. The easiest method to stay while traveling alone is to reserve hourly-based hotel rooms, which give you flexible scheduling and reasonable prices. Book hourly hotels in Pune and explore the unexplored.

If historical monuments fascinate you, then book hourly hotels in Kolkata. You can also explore historical monuments and enjoy lip-smacking dishes. Just search for hourly hotels in Delhi and have a great time yourself.

Hourly hotels can help you skip your monotonous life. Find below some fun things you can do on the next trip you plan.

2. Plan a surprise birthday party for your loved ones

The best way to skip your 9 to 5 boring life is to plan a surprise party for your loved ones in a hotel. Whether it’s the birthday of your family member or your best friend, you can always throw a birthday party that will blow their mind. For a flavorsome menu with a decent location, you can book hourly hotels in Noida. These hotels have beautiful birthday decorations. Stun your loved ones with the budget-friendly birthday package. Complimentary champagne and birthday cakes are included in many hotels. You can also throw a dance party for a great time.

3. Book a relaxing spa

The urge to reset, refresh, and detach is more important than it has ever been. With our monotonous life, we all yearn for an escape. Spas in hourly hotels stand out for reasons that go far beyond their ability to provide luxury treatments. These tranquil oases provide a feeling of place, local flavor, customs, and much more. Check out hourly hotels in Hyderabad that have amazing spa options for you. If you do not want to book a spa, you can carry some scented candles and apply the products you are carrying. This way, you can make your own little spa. You can place cucumber slices on your eyes and take a quick, relaxing nap. Afterwards, you can take a hot shower to complete your spa.

4. Amazing dinner date set up for your partner

There's a reason why a romantic date is a classic. A fun and simple approach to wow your partner with a simple picnic date or romantic dinner is always the best idea. Hotel staff can help you out with the perfect setup for your surprise. The fact that these setups can be simple and affordable is one of their best features. You can ask the hotel to include your partner’s favorite dishes and desserts. To give your date a personal touch, you can add some cute framed pictures of both of you, a fruit basket, and a bottle of wine. Book hourly hotels in Mumbai and surprise your partner with a romantic dinner by the beach.

But before you start planning your surprise trip, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Avoid choosing a day when your partner has other obligations. In case of unavoidable situations, you will have to share some information with your spouse, so they can request a leave of absence or reschedule their other commitments. Moreover, if you have children or pets, you will have to plan ahead. If you want to keep the location a surprise, just provide a clothing code and a range of temperatures. You might even set out an outfit for your lover if that makes you feel more at ease. Also, if you want to plan a super romantic and memorable date, you must cater to your partner’s interest as well. Hourly hotels in Pune offer various adventure-packed packages for a good time.

5. Enjoy breakfast in bed

The most significant and largest meal of the day should be breakfast. Discover the range of cuisines that your hotel offers. A 7-course breakfast buffet is offered by the majority of opulent hourly hotels in Bangalore. What could be a better way to skip boredom in a beautiful city famous for its monuments and its luscious cuisines? Many hourly hotels also serve international cuisines like croissants, soup, and a delicious variety of pasta. However, the buffet can be a little expensive.

6. Spend your evening in the pool

Several opulent hourly hotels in Pune have swimming pools and luxurious jacuzzies. For a little breather, take a dive. You can also enjoy different cocktails available by the pool. A romantic candlelight dinner by the pool can be a perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner. However, long exposure to the sun can cause sunburns, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreens to avoid getting tan and enjoy sunbathing.

Private hot tubs can also be as relaxing as spas. If you are confused, then ask the hotel staff to help you out. Some hourly hotels in Gurgaon have affordable packages to help you organize the perfect mood for your stay. You can also book spa sessions to pamper yourself.


There are tons of fun and romantic activities you can plan for your next stay. You can organize a movie night with your friends for your next relaxing evening in hourly hotels in Pune. Planning dates in these hotels can be romantic and fun. The opportunity and time for connection between you and your companion are the most crucial aspects of date night.

Dates are crucial for doing this, whether it is by trying something new, connecting through a passion, or unwinding after a long week. A good method to demonstrate your understanding and concern is to surprise your partner with their ideal date. Even at hourly hotels in Chennai, there are plenty of entertaining things to do after visiting all the breathtaking tourist attractions on your agenda or if your plans are postponed.