The year is nearly ending, and we are sure that you are already thinking about your New Years' night plans. There are some amazing day-use hotels that you can book to make your New Years' eve special. We have all reached that time of the year when there are questions starting to float around your family, friends, and work colleagues – so what are your New Year’s plans?

Are you up to braving the extremely busy city centre bars, or plan to head towards an organised fireworks display, hang out with friends at a friend’s house party or just plan to chill at home with some good TV and music? While all these are excellent options, why not go a step further and give this year a great send-off and celebrate the  New Year while on holiday? There are excellent places to visit in India, and most of the metropolitan cities have great parties to celebrate New Year. Day-use hotels in Delhi are an excellent option as you can decide the number of hours you want to spend at the hotel and pay only for those hours.

Hourly Rooms: The ultimate luxurious and affordable stays

The travel industry has witnessed various changes in recent years in terms of providing convenience to travelers by giving them hourly hotel stays in most of the big cities of India, which benefits various kinds of travelers. Offering a hotel room on an hourly basis based on the requirements of the travelers is indeed an advantage to both the hotelier as well as the traveler. All the major cities in India at present offer hourly hotels to travelers, and you can make full use of this service to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas and New Year. You need not spend an extravagant amount, and all you need to do is spend on the number of hours that you occupy the room. As Day use hotels are a very popular concept, searching for keywords like  Day-use hotels in Bangalore are a very popular concept today and making use of this concept, especially during festive times, is a great way to beat stress and get some time to relax with your loved ones.

Reasons why planning a travel during new year is good

You can make your festivities extra special by staying over in a hotel or travelling for New Year. You can enjoy your own time, away from any extra hassles of house chores. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a trip and book hotels for a few hours in Delhi for new year’s celebrations.

It’s an Extra Christmas Present: Once the Christmas celebrations and festivities come to wind up, one immediately starts stressing about having to get back to work and start to mentally prepare themselves. The holiday time is officially over, and January has almost arrived, but hang on. You have booked yourself a little extra indulgence before the new year begins. The time up to Christmas could be a little frantic and hectic; thus, you can properly relax on your New Year’s holiday. Consider this to be a little present for yourself as well as your loved ones, and also make the time to make it extra special. You need not have to travel to a different city. You also have the option to couple-friendly hotels in Delhi and spend a relaxed New Years' day. Order some room service and make your day with your loved ones extra special.

See How New Year’s is Celebrated in Different Cities: A New Year’s holiday will help you to see how other cities and also countries celebrate the festivities and the traditions and customs they have. For example, in Bangalore, you can go pub-hopping at Brigade Road / M.G Road and see the city come alive or explore Lumbini gardens on New Year’s eve. In Delhi, the best parties happen at Smaash Carnival, or you could head out to a nearby hill station. Tick them all off. If you are planning to head out to Delhi for the New Year festivities, all you have to do is Google keywords “The 7 Best Day Use Hotel In Noida For Affordable Stay, Book Now! The list of the best day use rooms in Delhi will pop up, and you can book your stay immediately.

Be a Part of Exclusive Events: Not only do different cities in India have some trendy and quirky celebrations when it comes to Christmas and New Year but there are a host of celebrations on the big day. You could be in Hyderabad at TOT – one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s or be at The Umrao in Delhi. We are sure that booking a stay in one of these cities will be a celebration like no other. To book a hotel in Hyderabad, just search for day use hotels in Hyderabad.

It is Something you Will Talk About for Years: The fact is that, from the moment you reach back home, you will not be able to wait to tell each person you know about the amazing holiday you had. Having a holiday in a different city is an experience that you will reminisce about for years to come. This is why you need to plan your travel and book a hotel stay right away. There are so many other beautiful cities. Go ahead and book hotels for a few hours in Chennai or even some other couple-friendly hotels.

Space From the Family: No one is recommending that you abandon your family on New Year’s eve. Family is, of course, important, but there are times when you may want your space. Grab your favorite's loved one and book a romantic getaway to have the perfect New Year’s celebration that you both deserve. Go ahead and book hotels for a few hours in Delhi.

Keeping it Simple: If New Year at home were as relaxing as it is said to be, then we would definitely not have written this article. What tends to happen is all cooking and cleaning and all the other small chores of the day that end up eating into time that you should have spent enjoying and relaxing about the joys of the season. Book hourly hotels in Kolkata for New Year, and these chores, just like Santa up the chimney, will quickly vanish. You can eat well, relax, and have fun without lifting a finger. Have a Happy New Year, indeed.


Having a short getaway with your close ones is important for various reasons. You can do away with the distractions of family, work, and everyday life. Also, you get to enjoy the festivities in the most relaxed manner. It's a great way to create memories and enjoy the company of your family in a new and exciting setting. Make sure to check out MiStay to book hotels for a few hours in Delhi.