“That’s the place to go nowhere. One wants to wander away from the world’s somewhere, into our own nowhere.”- D.H.Lawrence.

During the corona times, traveling has taken a big back seat. With the entire world under lockdown for months, there is no way you can plan your travel. Traveling for groceries and daily needs became like going to a war zone. The well-planned family weekend getaway to a hotel nearby has been canceled. The couple planning to take a vacation at a couple-friendly hotel has finally changed their mind. Even the frequent leisure travelers are restlessly spending their days without having to step outside for a second. This pandemic has completely changed the meaning of the normal lifestyle that the entire world was maintaining from a century. Everyone is facing serious troubles due to this pandemic. But, nobody is talking about the frequent wanderlust travelers for whom traveling is the only lifestyle. They travel not just for fun or business, they travel because traveling heals their soul, which is the only way for their existence. They are not concerned about the destination but they love the journey and the experiences that they get. Meeting new people, trying new cuisines, the vibrancy of a new city, and the thrill is what keeps them going from places to places. But, due to this pandemic, everything is stopped. The tickling feet which want to go out for a trip, need to be calmed during these unprecedented times. The unsettling mind of a wanderlust needs to put to rest in some ways. Here are some ways that can cure your wanderlust during this lockdown.

1-Create a virtual dream board

This lockdown will give you lots of time to get inspired and motivated to travel while sitting at home. You can visit some go-to websites likes Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Images. Make a virtual dream board about the places that you want to visit after the lockdown gets over. Also, look for the places where you want to say and especially for some affordable couple friendly hotels if you are traveling with your partner. You can also unleash the inner photographer within you and imagine some beautiful photographs can you can click when you will visit the places. Look for the trending photography skills and traveling goals. Apart from all these, you can also look for some hotel reviews, restaurant reviews online and read about them. Do all your research that is needed if you are aspiring to travel to different countries.

2-Plan the trip

You might not be able to book that flight now, but you can lay the groundwork for where you want to go, where you want to stay, and all sorts of things. You have many options to choose from about where you want to travel. Either it is a jungle safari or just a beach holiday, either it is a mountain trek adventure or just spending some quality time a couple-friendly hotel in Delhi. That you have to choose and decide on the travel plans. How many days of travel and with whom you want to travel. The flight details, the hotel room details, everything has to be planned. This will save you so much time later on when you will get to travel after the lockdown.

3-Use the internet and Google Earth to visit the places

Do the lockdown blues dominate your mood? Then how to deal with it. Just simply bake a good rich chocolate cake and sit with it in front of your laptop. Open Google Earth and travel wherever you want virtually. You can also use Skyscanner to see possible routes to travel anywhere in the world. This might be a “window shopping” for your future travel.

4-Online museum tour

Google in collaboration with more than 2500 museums and galleries over the world are doing online exhibits for you. You can visit any museum or gallery in the list and can get a good view of the beautiful art on Google Arts and Culture. Right from the British Museum in London to Musee d'Orsay in Paris, you can take a virtual trip to all the top museums and galleries of the world.

5-Create s scrapbook of your traveling photos

The best way to cure your wanderlust is by revisiting memories of the past. Take out all the travel pics of your past trips and assemble them properly. Go through and every photo and try to revisit the trip once more. Imagine revisiting those moments spent during your trip to a couple friendly hotel at Bangalore during your honeymoon. This will give you so much joy that you will forget the frustration of this pandemic. Try to make a scrapbook out of the best memories and keep it forever.

6-Watching travel and lifestyle documentaries

Tune in to some good travel documentaries in Netflix, prime and other channels, and binge-watch them with a bowl of popcorn. Not only you will get cool travel goals but you will also end up being super happy after every episode. This is the best way to keep yourself engaged during this lockdown.

Someday the world will heal and the pandemic will stop spreading. You got to have to be patient until that time. You have to keep your traveling shoes aside and should engage yourselves in virtual traveling. Though the future is uncertain there is a hope that the carefree days are not far. There will come a day when you can get to hit the road with our traveling shoes, passport, and with your friends & family. You can go for that romantic getaway at a couple-friendly hotel nearby soon. Till then, keep curing your wanderlust with the above tips.

“The roads do not know the length of their journey. The traveler must keep on traveling.”- Avijeet Das

“Stay safe, stay Healthy”

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