In December, 2019 the widespread outbreak of the Covid-19 occurred. It is not just a buzzword, but has become a topic of regular discussion over the dining table of every household. The lockdown and self-isolation has become the new normal. Even after the novel coronavirus is contained, the social distancing norms would definitely persist. Well, you can spend the days lazying about. It is definitely tempting to stay up late in the night and wake up over the day. But, it is not a healthy practice. Besides health side-effects, the lifestyle would adversely affect your transition to normalcy. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a proper routine. If you have a heavy workload, you can arrange your day accordingly. Else, you can spare some time daily to learn a new skill. Why should you restrict your skill development process to just the quarantine period? You can make them an essential part of your daily routine even in the post-Covid-19 era.

  1. Learn a new Language:

Learning a new language is an important skill-set. You have absolutely no clue about the benefits of knowing an extra language. It can really take you far and benefit you in more ways than one. It is definitely a great exercise for your brain muscles. Do not take a break while learning a new language. Rather, you must visit the native place and converse with the local people in the language. If you are learning Kannada, visit Bangalore. Try to strike a conversation at the reception desk in Kannada in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Indiranagar or any other place.

Strike a conversation in the local language to learn it

2. Networking Skills:

Yes, this is a great skill to develop during the quarantine. It is a skill that you can utilise over time as well. It would definitely help you in more than ways one. But, you need to be careful not to get addicted to social media. Moreover, it is important that you realise the thin line between the constructive conversation and not-so-positive gossips. You have no idea about the potential of a strong network. Hence, you must put in efforts to expand and strengthen your network. Well, this is a life skill and should not be confined to the quarantine period. Even while travelling, you must put your networking skills at test. So before checking into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Koramangala, try to make the most of your vacation by networking in Bangalore. Moreover, many studies have proved that a healthy conversation with a stranger is a stress-buster.

Strike a conversation with people around you in a public vehicle

3. Online Courses:

With the rapid advancement of digitisation in the world, online courses have become a part and parcel of our lives. Many people prefer online courses over a full-fledged physical degree course. It is extremely convenient and self-paced. You would find almost all desired courses online at a minimal rate. So, stop hesitating and enrol in your desired course. It is the time to up-skill. You must allocate some time to learning, even during a vacation. When you check into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Bandra or any other place, take rest for some time and complete at least a lesson.

Make the most of your time by studying anytime and anywhere

4. Exercise:

Yes, exercising is important. It is important to stay healthy and fit. Only a fit body and mind can be productive. It might not seem to be a skill. But, it is an essential one. See, the coronavirus is not going to be eradicated in the near future. It is essential that we develop our immunity against it. Immunisation is the only way to contain the virus. Exercising is a popular method to improve your immunity. So, pick up your yoga mat and start warming up with a few stretches. Do not skip your exercise routine during a vacation. So, after waking up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dadar, unroll your yoga mat and practice your daily yoga. After the exercise, you would feel energetic and enthusiastic to explore Mumbai with renewed vigour.

Practice yoga daily for strength and flexibility

5. Writing a Blog:

Writing a blog is an art. The quarantine is the best time to develop that skill. Take out some time from your busy hectic schedule to learn the nuances of writing a blog. Once you feel a bit confident, start practising by writing your own blogs. Slowly you would develop your own style. You never know, it might just give you your dream job. Trust us, you are just a click away from starting your own blog posts. You can start by writing about your self-quarantine experiences. You must carry own blogging while travelling as well. So, after checking into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Paharganj or any other place, do write about your experience of the day before signing out for a good night's sleep.

Do write your blog before signing out for the day

6. Meditation:

Meditation is essential for your mental health. It would help you to feel more comfortable and at ease with yourself. Consequently, you would feel happier and healthier. You would stop fretting over minor problems in life. Thus, you would be able to concentrate on the more important things that actually matter. Self-quarantine and a pandemic can take a toll on your mental health. Meditation would help you to stay safe and sound. It might look easy from afar. But, it is very difficult to actually meditate in the true sense of the term. So, make the most of the lockdown period to develop your meditation skills. Do not quit meditating after the lockdown rules are curbed. Rather, make meditation a part of your daily routine life. Even when you are travelling, you should take out some time after waking up in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Esplanade or any other place. Thus, you would be able to enjoy the day better.

Mediation is important for your mental health

Hopefully, the above skills would help you to pass through the quarantine and beyond. Besides the above skills, you would be wise to adopt a few food items in your diet to improve your immunity. All in all, do not panic and this too shall pass.