Chennai often named as the Detroit of India because of the automobile manufacturing hub it houses is a primarily cultural, economic and educational centre of Southern India. Not only manufacturing, but Chennai is also famous worldwide for its wide array of food options and medical tourism. With some of the best medical colleges and hospitals, Chennai is famous for its top-notch medical facilities. Chennai is also frequented by foreigners who go there to enjoy this beach city located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is also one of the hottest city in South India but that doesn't deter the tourists from coming. As the sun goes down, several popular bars and pubs open up and welcome the party animals with one of the most varied arrays of clubbing, dancing and partying platforms. We are here to explore some of the best places in Chennai's Nightlife that are a must-visit if you are in Chennai. So put on your shimmery clothes and rock the dance floor till you dropdown.

1. Pasha

Pasha is one of the best bars in Chennai. Located in the Park hotel in Chennai, this Persian style nightlife hotspot is one of the most frequented bars in Chennai. Pasha is also one of the few bars that started this party culture in Chennai and are still leading the pack with its uniqueness and peppiness. If you love to party till late nights, Pasha is the choice for you. They have also crafted a menu that has some of the best drinks, cocktails that you will surely love. There are a lot of couple-friendly hotels in Chennai nearby where you can stay with your partner and enjoy the nights in Chennai's exquisite offerings. The only demerit is that the place is very expensive but if you are a connoisseur of drinks, you will surely love the vibrant atmosphere. The club remains open from 8 in the evening till 2 in the night. There are several couple-friendly hotels in Chennai where you can stay but don't forget to enjoy a night at this pub with your love.


2. Gatsby 2000

Gatsby 2000 is as trendy as its name and is certainly one of the busiest dance clubs in Chennai. They can also be labelled as one of the few who always innovate and do something different from time to time to engage and attract their guests. If you want to dance, Gatsby 2000 is certainly the goto place. With one of the biggest dance floors, you can definitely dance till you drop.  There is also the ladies night every Wednesday where the ladies get free drinks after 11 PM. The clubhouse is owned by ITC and bears an Irish theme. If you wish to enjoy exceptional music, amazing food amidst brilliant interiors, Gatsby 2000 is the place for you. The place has two DJs who constantly keep changing the music and tune in grooving songs ranging from Punjabi to Bollywood to get the crowd going on its feet. If you ever visit Gatsby 2000 you must try Long Island Iced Tea and Desi vodka Martini. The nightclub starts at 8 PM and runs till 3 AM in the night. Leave the comfort of your couple friendly hotel in Chennai and visit Gatsby for a wonderful night.


3. The Flying Elephant

The Park Hyatt started back in 2012 but has slowly gained a loyal customer base. One factor that takes credit is the Elephant in the room i.e. The Flying Elephant. The club is a very distinct one from all the competitors and has a different fanbase in Chennai. The Flying Elephant is relatively new when compared to other places but it overtakes every other club with its magnificence. The den, living area and the terrace area everything has its different theme and vividness. The colours, the lights, the decoration everything adds brilliance to this cool place. The managers of this place keep the affairs to the highest levels and keep organizing events all days of the week. Not only local DJs but also some international performers too visit and perform in this club. The club really knows its thing and plays a wide array of tracks from the Classic pop to Retro rock. The special drinks in the club are their very own Happily Ever After and Fallen Angel which you should try. The club remains open from 7:30 PM to 1 AM on weekdays and till 3 AM on weekends. The next time you come to Chennai with your girlfriend you should visit The Flying Elephant with her. Don't worry about the stay. There are a lot of  hotels for unmarried couples in Chennai where you can stay.


4. The Leather Bar

The Leather Bar is the name given for its leather interiors which surely is a hit with its guests. Come with your group to the Leather Bar, take a beer, have mouth-watering food and check out. It is unarguably one of the most sought after night hotspot in Chennai. It has a great array of drinks that will surely satisfy your taste buds. The music is definitely groovy and it also hosts live events where DJs come in on some special occasions. The Cilantro Margarita and Melon Bellini made exclusively in the Leather Bar is hit and should be on your wish list. The place is a must-visit for couples and relaxes the prices for couple entry. It is one of the clubs that run late in the night till 4 AM.


5. Q Bar

If you feel like dancing till 3 AM, head to the rooftop bar in Hilton Hotel, the Q Bar. The expression dancing under the stars comes true and you can experience that at Q Bar. The view from atop is very beautiful and you will be amazed at the panoramic view of the city glittering in night lights. The ambience at Q Bar is excellent and the place is perfect for couples to drink and dine in the exclusive Q Bar Cabanas. Though the club is a bit expensive, the food lives up to the taste and you will surely find what you are looking for. The Food menu is quite extensive with a range of tandoori starters and numerous South Indian delicacies. The interiors are brightly lit and the lights sync with the tunes of the DJ which makes the atmosphere more vibrant. The place drops down shutters at midnight so plan accordingly. If you are planning to visit chennai with your love, don't worry about the stay. There are a lot of  hotels for unmarried couples in Chennai where you can stay.


6. Bay 146

The Bay 146 is a relatively new club but its worth all the hype. Located in the Savera Hotel in Mylapore, the club is the cheapest of the lot here and still does not compromise a bit on quality. If you want tasty food and wide variety along with the feel of a proper club, Bay 146 is your place. They also plan their weekdays and weekends differently serving a range of audiences. They host band performances every Friday while Saturdays are reserved for DJ nights. On Sunday, you can have your regular dose of food and drinks while listening to comedy. Thus, Bay 146 manages to cut the monotony of your life by being different every day. The interiors are also a combination of every style. They have a beautiful lounge area with a large enough dance floor. Then there is also the outdoor area with pool view seats. The vibe is really romantic and can be a perfect place for a dinner date. If you want to save some of your bucks, look for the offers such as happy hours, 1 plus 1 on Wednesdays and unlimited Tuesdays. Their food outmatches any restaurant with a wide array of starters for your drinks. Do try their Masala peanuts, spicy wedges, Syrian beef fry, pork ribs, crispy squid rings and paneer tikka. Plant eaters can go for water chestnut cruet, khasta potato, lotus stem sambal etc. Leave the comfort of your couple friendly hotel in Chennai and visit Bay 146 for an electric night with your partner.


7. Chipstead

If you are one who doesn't compromise on luxury, Chipstead is the club for you in Chennai. And by no way it is cheap. The name is derived from a building that used to be in the place where the Taj Hotel stands. So be ready to shed those extra bucks. But you get what you pay for at Chipstead. While most clubs close past midnight, Chipstead is one of the select few where you can shake a leg even at 3 in the morning. The place manages to steal the show with just its looks. It bears an impressive decor with fancy and plush interiors. The place has the best bar counter in all of Chennai and you will get anything that you name. There is also a special assortment of fruity and herbal drinks which is very unique. They also host a Bollywood Night on every Wednesday which makes the day even more quirky. The place is open till 3 AM so you can be up late and dance your night off.


All these pubs truly enhance your experience of an electrifying night in Chennai. If you are visiting here for work, just make sure you get rid of all that weariness of the day after having a drink or two in these fine bars of Chennai.

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