The only way to beat the blues of city life is amidst nature. Life in metro cities seems very easy, comfortable and luxurious but as time passes, it begins to take its toll on the mind. People get bored of the swanky routine and begin to look for change. Change is a lubricant for life and monotony is the dust that powers down the machine that life is. So if you too are bitten by the monotony bug, you need to look out for those weekend destinations that will refresh and rejuvenate you rather than spending your weekends in the hustle-bustle of the city pubs and bars. The city in question here is Mumbai and here we are to give away the list of 7 best offbeat places near Mumbai to beat down those office blues.

1. Pawana

Pawna at a distance of 117 km from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Pune expressway gives you the opportunity to glide peacefully in the air like a mighty bird. Paragliding at Pawana attracts a large number of adrenaline junkies. Several paragliding institutes here offer a view of the beautiful Sahyadri valley. Zoom over the rustic and pristine valley and watch the sun reflect over the transparent water of the Indrayani and Pawani river. The experienced pilots will do all the hard work to control the parachute and give you an experience of a lifetime. The favourable weather conditions, suitable wind and excellent weather make this a perfect spot for paragliding activities. Several operators like Temple Pilots and Indian Outdoors provide paragliding services to the adventure lovers here. You can also trek from Jamboli to Kondeshwar temple and even explore some caves such as the Bedsa caves, Karla caves and Bhaja caves. You can book hotels by the hour in Mumbai. Just pack your bags visit this place enjoy the paragliding and book again when returning to Mumbai. You will be able to save a lot by using the hourly booking facility.


2. Lonavla

At just 88 km from Mumbai, located on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, Lonavla is the perfect weekend getaway for all the youngsters and families alike. The fog rising from the backdrop of Sahyadri hills, waterfalls gushing down on the road, beautiful lakes, reservoirs of huge dams and countless other exotic locations atop the Lonavala hill make this a perfect romantic spot for couples. Lonavla is an excellent spot for campers, hikers, trekkers alike. Photography, camping, rappelling, zip-lining, etc are some of the recreational activities that you can enjoy over your here. The most fun and amazing thing is the night trekking here and camping overnight amidst the starry sky in Lonavala hills provide the best panoramic view of the surroundings. Famous tourist attractions here are Tiger’s Leap, Bushi Dam, Lonavala Lake, Lohagad Fort, Karla Caves. Couples you can book hotels by the hour for your stay in Mumbai. There are a lot of couple friendly hotels in Mumbai. Arrange for your ride and camping and rather stay here overnight and immerse yourself in love amidst the beautiful surrounding and starry sky.


3. Morachi Chincholi

Morachi Chincholi is approximately 190 km from Mumbai and is a small village in Maharashtra famous for its efforts to save Peacocks and Peafowls. This village hs shown the way towards co-habitation by giving space to over 2500 of these beautiful birds. The place was under the reigns of Peshwa in yesteryears and a lot of tamarinds was planted here which attracted the peacocks here. If you are a bird watcher and love these exotic animals, the place will be an awesome weekend destination for you. You may also visit Morachi Chincholi for the peace and calm in its atmosphere which will surely make you forget the humdrum affairs of life.


4. Velas

Velas is one of the tiny hamlets in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The place is famous for hosting the famed "Vellas Turtle Festival". Velas is the home to the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles and is conserved here by an NGO named Sahyadri Nisargmitra. Even the locals are very sensitive to the animal and contribute to the saving of this species. You can also find an ancient temple by the name of Harihareshwar temple. The place is just 226 km from Mumbai and makes for a fine road trip. You will surely fall in love with the place for its sustainable approach, eco-friendly attitude and its pristine natural beauty.


4. Kolad

Kolad is a small village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is located at a distance of 117 km from Mumbai. The village is situated on the banks of Kundalika river and is a major spot for white water rafting. If you are up for some thrilling adventures, Kolad is the place for you. You can reach here directly via train or you can even enjoy more by making it into a road trip. Kolad also has several treks amidst the lush green hills and rank from easy to difficult. So choose one as per your capability. You can also relax beside the Tamhini waterfalls and forget the buzz of the city and relax. Plan a road trip with your friends or rent a car if you are visiting Mumbai with your partner. Leave your couple friendly hotel in Mumbai early and you can make it back to Mumbai in time.


5. Jawhar

Jawhar is the perfect description of an offbeat location. At a distance of 180 km from Mumbai, Jawhar is one of the most unexplored destinations near Mumbai. Jawhar lies in the lap of the Sahyadris and offers several spectacular views that will surely soothe your eyes and relax your mind. Jawhar was a Tribal land in the past and it still retains that classical look and rugged appeal that entices visitors to Jawhar. Jawhar is famous for its beautiful hills and Warli art. You should not miss the tranquil waters of the Dhobsa waterfall surrounded by lush green hills. Other places worth visiting are Shirpamal Palace where you can witness first hand how the tribal people make handicrafts and also the Warli art form.


6. Sandhan Valley

If you are really into trekking and adventure sports, Sandhan valley will provide you with ample opportunities. The place is famous for its numerous trekking trails and camping sites amidst nature. You can either take a train or follow the road to Kasara from Samrad village from where the trek begins. Sandhan valley can be easily called a canyon and it provides trekkers with the thrill of descending into the Sandhan Valley. Other activities that are famous in Sandhan Valley are the Exciting Hanging Camps, rappelling and Moonlight camping. Leave your couple friendly hotel in Mumbai early and you can make it back to Mumbai in time.

Sandhan Valley

Visit these unexplored offbeat locations for an unparalleled experience. The greenery and the touch of nature will surely rejuvenate you and you will be your 100% after such a vacation.

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