Escaping from “all work & no play” zone and getting a break to celebrate life is something everyone desires. Often we don’t realise that we constantly need to do something which excites us, and what is more exciting than a travel experience? Cross border road trips are perfect ways to rejuvenate your senses.

Roads trips are the best recourse to appreciate your life and to augment your perspective. It will give an experience which one can cherish forever.
For this you might not want to limit to just driving within the cities. To unleash the diversity, it’s important to be crossing the borders. And the fact that you’ll be conquering a new territory is totally exhilarating, isn’t it?

Here are the 10 most alluring places for road trip getaways from India;


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While going for an international road trip, the first thing that strikes your mind is the paperwork you need to do. But for this heavenly place, you don’t have to fret!

You can just drive through the Prithvi highway to get the most spectacular view of verdant mountain and stop by the lustrous river Trishuli for river rafting and camping. You can drive for kilometers along its flow. But you need to be extra careful while you’re driving here as it comes with a potential cost along with the glamorous views. Prithvi Highway is considered as one of the seven in the world’s riskiest roads.

Easiest and cheapest ways to enter the border of Nepal is from Delhi- Via Sunauli border. Delhi-Gorakhpur-Kathmandu route is the best route to travel if you are travelling from Delhi. It will hardly take 3 hours from Gorakhpur to reach your destination.

You can find hourly hotels in delhi to crash in the night before you head-out to the most exciting journey.


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Best time to travel to this enchanting country is from November to March.
Dhaka-chittagong highway would be the best and safest route to explore this heterogeneous country. It is filled with variety of activities to do. Be it scuba diving, a glimpse of the largest Bay of the World from a hilltop, or a sneak peek into a den. This country has countless thrills for you.

Have a thought of riding a bike with the largest bay of the world by your side. Did that give you goosebumps? You can take Kolkata - Agartala route to head-out with your car. And you can book hourly hotels in Kolkata in case you need to crash in the night before heading out early morning to the land of rivers.


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Bhutan known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is the world’s only carbon-negative country. Passing through the Punakha valley is a treat to all eyes as it proposes breathtaking views of Bhutan’s snow-capped portion of the Himalayas. This tiny country has so much to show you in terms of biodiversity and the preservation of their culture.

You can drive to Bangladesh through different entry point like Kolkata, Siliguri, Agartala, depending on from where you are coming. And the best part being an Indian you don’t have to get a visa for entering this beautiful little paradise.

Best way from India is from the Jaigaon border towards Phuentsholing, which is the Bhutan border line.


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Myanmar is one of the undiscovered travel destinations of the world. It is famous for its golden pagodas and white sand beaches. The Chin state in myanmar is something which you don't want to miss. You can drive to the outskirts of Chin state to explore the stunning views, turquoise blue river and undiscovered nature.

You can enter and exit myanmar through these land checkpoints: Tachileik-Meisai; Myawaddy-Mesauk; Kauthaung-Yan Naung; and Hteke-Phunaron. But before entering through these checkpoints, make sure you have all the required documents including visa.


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We might find it difficult in thailand to drive and explore because in Thailand, it’s left hand side driving. Nonetheless the trip will be worth it as there are amazing places to drive through. One of them is Bangkok to Phetchabun, where you can just drive through the rural city, capturing the views of mountains and farms on either sides. Another route being Chiang Mai to Pai with a drive of four hours from the city, is filled with twists and turns, which will take you to the ultimate destination where the view is worth the risky drive. Click here to find the viewpoints on this route.
Also don’t forget to add the Phuket beaches to your bucket list because you surely don't want to miss the amazing sunset vistas.

Sri Lanka

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Most of us think it’s impossible to drive all the way to Sri Lanka. But folks, we always have solution for everything. You can opt for ferry to transport your vehicle from Tuticorin port in Tamil Nadu to Colombo port in Sri Lanka. And then you can start your expedition to unveil the mountain ranges in Sri Lanka. Boddhi tree is one of the destination for you to visit after you are done with the mountain site.

The Beaches and the tea plantations visit should be a part of your itinerary. And the best part is the warm welcome you get from the locals to their beautiful island.


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Who doesn’t want to visit Kuala Lumpur. The gleaming skyscrapers and the twin towers are the main attractive points.

Malaysia owns some of the precious world heritage sites including the Mount Kinabalu. You’ll witness the awe-inspiring views while you drive through the valley towards National Park. The only setback is that you’ll have to cross Tibet, where there is a problem of independent vehicular movement.

To make your journey more pocket friendly and resource optimal use hourly hotels to stay and don’t spend your money unnecessarily. Get the best out of where you go and have a memorable journey that you would cherish forever..

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