The lockdown has surely left a void in the dating life of most couples around the world. Going out with your partner is a necessity, especially for the young couples; it helps to build a bond and ofcourse a stronger lasting relationship. But the best perk is, it is fun , relaxing and romantic! There are tonnes of places around Bangalore perfect for unmarried couples to go on a date, but the after lockdown scenes are a bit different; social distancing is something which is the need of the hour. Thus these places listed below are perfect for the smart and cautious couples! A perfect mixture of romance and solitude. These places are also home to some of the finest restaurants and hotels for unmarried couples in Bangalore's vicinity

1) Boating with your partner

Madiwala Lake

Sail away from the hectic city life and constant automobile horns! The Madiwala Lake in Bangalore is known for its serene beauty and amazing peddle boat services. Spend an hour or two on a peddle boat and venture on the serene waters, the birds around,the blue water and the greenery is surely gonna leave you two mesmerized . Keep a camera handy, cause the place is absolutely beautiful.

Boating is tiresome, so if you guys need a couple of hours to rest you can always use hotels for unmarried couples in Bangalore which mostly rents rooms on an hourly basis.

2) Couples spa

Couples Spa

For the working couples who spends  the whole week meeting their boss' demand and client's requirements , the therapeutic touch of spa is the perfect mix of romance and stress relief. Bangalore has quite a few luxurious spa and massage parlors that offers sessions for couples. Couples’ spa is almost a 4-5 hour deal, and at times involves wine and romantic baths. And if that is not enough you have always got the option of couple friendly rooms in Bangalore to spice up your dates.

3) Make a flower vase

Pottery Workshops

Have you and your partner got a knack for art and craft?then activate the Picasso inside you and enroll in clay and pottery workshops. The pottery workshops can indulge couples to work in union and is ofcourse alot of fun. There are a few pottery workshops around Bangalore, so make sure you book your seats in advance. Getting dirty with your partner can never be boring!!

4) Gallop with the Horses

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace is an amalgamation of royalty and elegance, with some adventure and romance. This makes it a perfect date venue. The palace has been constructed as a replica of the royal British Palace in Berkshire, the castle has humongous ballrooms, huge open grounds, and a royal architecture coupled with English style windows, huge tunnels, and ancient ivory artifacts. It is the perfect place for a romantic and rather unique date with your partner, which is why it is ranked among some of the most romantic places in and around Bangalore. You lovebirds could  ride the Royal Carriage Horse and feel like the kings and queens of the ancient times when engine run vehicles were not yet discovered. Make your partner feel like a queen! This place will surely not leave you disappointed. The Bangalore Palace remains open from 10 am to 5:30 pm. There are also options of taking horse riding lessons as a couple in Bangalore which you could opt for, but a date in Bangalore Palace is something out of the ordinary. There are many couple friendly hotels in bangalore which are situated around the palace.

5) Camping in Sakleshpur


Tired of all the city street lights? Want to spend a night with your partner under the stars? Riverside camping at Sakleshpur is the answer. A perfect dose of romance and adventure in the heart of nature. Located on the banks of river Cauvery , this place is perfect for adventure (ziplining and swimming in the calm river),lazy strolls and boat rides , hikes into the wilderness or simply enjoying the blissful scenic beauty of the place accompanied with good food and soft chirping of the birds . This place can be visited anytime during the year but its the most beautiful during the early winters and spring season. The place is a must go for unmarried couples, as it also serves as an alternative to hotels for unmarried couples in Bangalore. Away from the city chaos into the laps of nature and your partner!

6) Adventure And Wilderness


Bheemeshwari is another very romantic place near Bangalore especially for young couples, as it takes you away from the bustling city streets into the arms of nature. If you guys are a looking for some  adventure into the wild and unexplored, then this place is the perfect weekend destination for you. The best thing about this place is the wilderness and lack of human activity! Bheemeshwari will give you solitude,privacy and peace, and that too with your partner. An overnight halt at Bheemeshwari means camping under the open sky beside the vast wilderness of nature. This place never disappoints. The best time to visit this place is during the winters from November to February.

7) Explore the unexplored


Thattekere is one of the most unexplored yet enchanting location, situated at a fairly short distance away from the city's heart. Located beyond Bannerghatta National Park , this place is perfect for the couples looking to spend some lone romantic time together away from the chaos of the city streets.The huge circular lake is home to many birds whose names you might have heard but have rarely seen with your own eyes! Lapwings,bee eaters, storks ,kingfishers and many more. Coupled with such scenic beauty is a 1.5 kms trek to the lake which takes you through some absolutely stunning sights!This is nature at its best. Make sure you rise up early to witness the mesmerizing sunrise with your partner, cause it is something you both probably haven't seen in your lifetime at Bangalore. The place offers some of the best hotels for unmarried couples in Bangalore's vicinity. Thattekere is located about 60 kms from the heart of the city, and is a one and a half hours drive on road.

Travelling tip:

The places mentioned in this article are some of the lesser explored places in the city. Perfect for dates after the lockdown. But make sure you book room is hotels for unmarried couple in Bangalore on an hourly basis so that you don't get charged for the time you are not using the room! Also keeps your phones and cameras charged cause these places are hell lot beautiful! So enjoy and..

Happy Dating!!