The city of Goddess Durga, Kolkata, is also a foodie's delight. You might have heard how the Bengalis love the fish but that's not the only food there. There is also the famous Bengali Roshogulla, Chum chums, Ghugni, Jhal Muri, Samosas, Mutton chops etc. The list is endless and you will find these mouth-watering tasty delicacies served all around the city at every nook and corner. And if this wasn't enough, the prices are also not so much that they would burn a hole in your pocket. There are also several restaurants, cafes and bazaars where some of the best food joints operate in Kolkata. Therefore, if you plan a trip to Kolkata next, skip the food from time to time at your hotel room and visit these 7 famous places if you want to experience the true Bengali flavour in all the dishes and your taste buds will be more than just satisfied. So read on and find out the 7 food outlets in Kolkata that are a must-visit.

1. Denzong Kitchen

If you want to satisfy your hunger pangs with some Chinese and Tibetan delicacies you can head to the Denzong Kitchen. Located near the Sevangan Medical Complex on NSC Bose Road, this eaterie specialises in making different varieties of momos. If you love momos, noodles and soups, Denzong Kitchen is the perfect place for you. Denzong Kitchen had a humble beginning but owing to its lip-smacking food at a very pocket-friendly price made it hugely popular and currently, it has three restaurants in the city. You must try their steamed and pan-fried momos, Chicken Shyapta and Chicken Shyafley. If you are on a business tour, get out for an evening stroll, pack these awesome snacks from Denzong Kitchen and savor on them back at your hotel in Kolkata.

Denzong Kitchen

2. The Tiretti Bazaar

If you love street food and always ready to try some of those tasty offerings you will love the Tiretti Bazaar. It is also known as Kolkata's very own China town as the Chinese community have lived here for long. The peculiar thing about this market is that it opens up at wee hours of the morning, around 5 AM and runs till 8:30 AM. Though that's not the usual time to eat, the authentic Chinese dishes with their mouth-watering taste has made very popular and a large number of people can be seen on any given day enjoying the tasty food in the open air. The market also sells some common Chinese goods and you can even buy a few while having a go at your plate. Many office goers and early risers even pack a plate or two for relishing on them later in the day. You can find a range of Chinese snacks and dishes such as tofu, roast pork sausage, prawn wafers, soups, steamed chicken momos, fried pork pav, rice balls with spicy sauce, red roast pork etc. If you are in Kolkata with your love, take her to an early morning ride to Tiretti Bazar. Pack some wonderful food while she shops for some chinese goods and you'll be back at your couple friendly hotel in Kolkata with some cool memories.

Tiretti Bazaar

3. Basanta Cabin

Kolkata's cabin restaurants were a trend once in the late nineties. Once the supermalls and AC restaurants took over the city, these places either evolved or shut down. The one that continued to serve though is Basanta Cabin. The Basanta Cabin started in 1890 and is one of the oldest food outlets serving the city since a century. If you happen to visit Kolkata you must visit Basanta cabin and taste their USP, the Mughlai Paratha. The restaurant has not changed its cabin styled theme and looks a bit old fashioned but the mere taste of the food it serves makes eating here a joyous experience. If you are a visitor to Kolkata and you try their Fish Kabiraji, you will always skip the food at your hotel in Kolkata and run to Basanta Cabin for this mouth watering fish extravaganza.

Basanta Cabin

4. Mitra Cafe

The Mitra Cafe currently has four outlets in Shyam Bazaar, Shobha Bazaar, Gol Park, Dum Dum. The cafe at Shyam Bazaar, however, is the pioneer and is more than 100 years old. The cafe is started in 1920 and was started by Mr Sushil Roy. Initially, the cafe only had a few offerings but with time and experience, they expanded their menu and serve traditional Bengali food, Bengali Junk food, continental dishes and Chinese snacks and junk food. Mitra Café is famous for its Kabiraji and the Diamond fry is a must-try for everyone. They also serve cutlets, and several dishes of chicken, mutton, fish and prawns. You can also find 2-3 Mughlai dishes in its menu. If all this was not enough, the cafe is also very pocket friendly and you won't be left with an empty wallet in the end. If you want to experience the real Bengali flavours, you must visit the Mitra Cafe.

Mitra Cafe

5. The Grub Club

It has been 20 years since the Grub Cub has been on the Kolkata's eateries map and it has gained all the positive adverbs for its service. Comfortable, tasty, reasonable and popular. Specializing in Chinese, Thai, Italian and Mexican, the Grub Club has built a name for itself in Kolkata with its exotic dishes and friendly staff. They truly live by their motto of “Good quality at affordable prices”. The eatery is located in Golpark near the HDFC Bank branch. The food menu seems unexhaustive. Put your finger randomly on any of the items and be ready for a heavenly surprise.  You must try the Spicy Chicken Wings and Golden Fried Prawns for starters and go for the Prawn Red Curry, Hot Garlic Veg (a nice mix of all kinds of veggies in a hot and spicy garlic sauce) and Chicken with Mushroom and Vegetables to have your tummy full. Vegetarians don't be upset since the Grub Club has a plethora of unique vegetarian dishes such as Stir-Fried Chinese Greens, Veg Pan Fried Momos, Veg Thukpa, Garlic Fried Rice, Chilli Garlic Noodles etc. If you prefer Italian, you will love the Chicken Alfredo, cheese and veggies/ chicken-filled lasagne. Other loved dishes are the Tempura Chicken, Chicken Tetrazzini, Meifoon, Chicken Manchurian Chowmein, and Fish with Chilli and Lemon Grass. You would never have thought that these dishes can be relished upon at a very nominal price. So the next time, you visit, look for hotels in Kolkata close to The Grub Club so that you can enjoy such fancy meals during your stay.

The Grub Club

6. Someplace Else

The Someplace Else is a Pub located in the Park Hotel on Park Street. This famous British styled pub is the only one t host a live music session every day. The place is perfect if you want a crossover of a dance club with one of your favourite eaterie and brewery. The place is a well-known spot among the Kolkata people and is hugely recommended if you love music while you eat and drink. Many popular musicians and DJs turn up to this club and if you want to spend your evening swaying with the music while you savour your food delights and get hungover then Someplace Else is the perfect place in Kolkata. This place can easily get booked so you must hurry up and reserve a seat. Get there at about 8 PM, order your food and beer and enjoy the show. There are ample hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata, so visit the city with our love and enjoy the perfect ambiance of Someplace else in the company of your partner.

Someplace Else

7. Paris Cafe

Paris Café situated in Ballygunge is one of the most famous cafe/bakery in Kolkata. With several cafe's and bakeries in its neighbourhood, the Paris cafe has stood out with its speciality in American Dessert. The unique style and taste of their pastries, cookies, cakes, panini, salads, bread and coffee have made the cafe a hit among the crowd. Their fruit-based strawberry, blackberry and blueberry desserts are a must-try. Their rainbow cheesecake and the red velvet cupcake is hugely popular. They have also worked on their appearances and have made the interiors resonate with their customers. A contrasting white and brown shade on walls with numerous carvings give it a chic appeal and is very beautiful. After you are done with the heavy food you can rush to this exquisite cafe to satisfy your sweet tooth. Couples, do try to come here since the ladies will definitely fall in love with the sweet offerings of this unique cafe. Make sure to buy some delicacies so you can enjoy them even at your couple friendly hotel in Kolkata.

Paris Cafe

Right from the Durga Pooja festival to their mouth watering food, Kolkata never disappoints. If you ever visit Kolkata, try to visit one or even all of these eateries and experience an awesome mix of flavours that will surely leave you satiated.

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