Little moments of happiness do matter for a long-term relationship to survive. After a long week of slogging and burning our last bit of mental and physical strength, we surely do need some time and space to loosen up and de-stress our senses. Also, due to our hugely busy schedule, we do not get enough time to spare for our loved ones which results in various issues. It is particularly difficult for working couples to manage some time and the perfect place to enjoy. So, why not have some peaceful hours with your sweetheart? Spending relaxed time with your beloved saves your relationship from unnecessary hassles and also helps in restoring your physical and mental health. It also boosts our brain functioning and immune system to face life with renewed energy. But then, what if you have the time to spare but no space for the privacy you require?

Rewind with your mate in the best hotels for a few hours in Kolkata. Source: Bing Images

The hourly hotels such as the hotels for a few hours in Kolkata might be the ultimate solution you are looking for. This article will help you to break through the stigma that these day-use hotels hold and will tell you how and why hourly hotels are important for your couple's bonding. It will also help you to find the right hotel where you can unwind. MiStay is the place where you will get to know about the benefits that these hotels present. So, let us learn about the hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata or in other major cities of India.

Importance of couple-friendly hotels for working couples

If you are still pondering on whether to choose the regular hotels or the hourly hotels, like the day use hotels in Mumbai, for the precious time with your darling that you have extracted from your busy schedule, then here are some good reasons how these hotels give you the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Easy availability

We understand that you have a busy schedule and thus recommend the day use hotels in Chennai for your micro stay. You can book a room in a day-use hotel whenever your schedule allows you to and there is no queue for it. Bookings for these hotels are easily available even when you have planned the outing just a few hours ago. You can always book at the last minute for the hourly rooms.

  • Perfect place for unmarried couples

If you have ever faced judgment in a public place because you wanted to spend quality time with your mate then you know how it feels. In such situations, going for hotels which entertain couples irrespective of their marital status for micro-stays might be the best idea for you. Here you will have a private place all on your own without worrying about judgmental people around.

  • Provision of availing for a limited period

The bookings in couple-friendly hotels in Chennai are super flexible and customized for the individual visitor. It is not like how the regular booking system works. You can choose any time of check-ins and check-outs and pay your charges according to your stay. For example, if you can afford to spend time with your sweetheart for a few hours, then why book for the entire day? Book exactly for the time duration you would need the hotel and pay accordingly.

  • Respect your privacy

This means that you will not be disturbed unless you want to. You want the staff to attend you, you just tell them when and how time you want to be attended. The rest of the time you enjoy yourself with your sweetheart.

Relax without being disturbed in the hotels for a few hours in Kolkata. Source: Bing images
  • Budget-friendly

Since you do not have to pay for the entire 24 hours and will be paying only for the hours that you will be staying, they are super budget-friendly. Also, these hotels are usually low-cost compared to regular ones. You can check for deals, discounts and other complementary services on the site to get the best value for your money.

  • Safety and security

Even if the stay is just for a couple of hours, your safety and security are the responsibilities of the hotel management. You can completely rely on the safety and security protocols of the hourly hotels where you and your belongings are in a safe house.

  • Special services for couples

Couples do deserve a different treatment altogether. Priorities do change while traveling with your beloved, over traveling in a group of friends and family. Apart from the regular amenities that a good hotel provides, these hotels are well-equipped and ready to provide services that are meant for couples. For example, king-sized beds, extra spacious wardrobes, couple’s bathtubs, carpeted floors and large window panes make your stay comfortable. Also, they provide for other activities like a couple spa treatments, special room decoration, couple hiking, baking, dance classes and myriads of other activities to enjoy as a couple.

Eased up couple during an hourly hotel stay. Source: Bing images

Few hourly hotels in Kolkata

If you have dished out a few hours for your sweetheart, yet wondering where to go and where to stay for those precious few hours, then here are some suggestions for you to consider. These are worthy hotels that entertain couples, without judging them for their marital status and will give you the best of amenities.

  • Howard Johnson Near Airport
  • Hotel BH Boutique in New Town
  • Giriraj Stay Hub in Picnic Garden
  • The Maureen in Raghunathpur
  • YMCA Seacom Inn in Dharmatala
  • Aquatica in Rajarhat
  • New Town Room in New Town
  • Sterling Guest House in Salt Lake
  • Hotel Lake place in Salt Lake
  • Hotel Aura Kolkata in Taltala
  • Hotel Royal Crown in Motilal Colony
  • Om Shanti Guest House in VIP Nagar
  • Travel Inn in Dhantala

These are the few hotels in Kolkata where you can relax and have a nice time without worrying about your pocket, services or other people. You can visit the MiStay site for other information about hourly hotels in Hyderabad. Apart from these, you can also check for the hotels for a few hours in Bangalore available on the site. The hourly hotels in Pune and in other major cities of the country are a must check, as well.


Whatever may be your reason to take the break, when the core idea is reconnection and couple bonding, your marital status does not hold any value on these hourly hotels. Not only the accommodations like the day use rooms in Delhi recommended in MiStay are super comfortable and reliable, but they also help you to create the best memories of your relationship. You can enjoy your free time without worrying much about anything else and feel re-energized with your mind and soul and also a rekindled relationship.