Operating and maintaining a hotel can be quite a hectic task. Hoteliers need to keep the occupancy rate of the hotel high during all seasons to ensure a steady and high revenue. At the same time, this should not be done at the cost of decreasing room rates. Keeping these in mind, here are a few lesser known tricks for hotel owners to increase occupancy and thus increase revenue:

Enable Online Booking

          According to study, more than 65% of hotel bookings are made online. Online booking of hotels helps travelers plan their travel ahead. Thus they choose to book and pay for their rooms before the check in date. Creating a website that is vibrant and easy to use and making use of a secure way of payment for the rooms helps the hoteliers increase their revenue. Listing the hotel in an online travel agency such as Mistay.in is more beneficial as the websites of OTA's may attract more traffic than individual hotel websites. Making sure that one's hotel stands out in terms of competitive price, amenities will attract more guests.

Introduce Microstay Options

               Introducing the concept of microstay helps hoteliers increase revenue. A microstay lets people choose the length of their stay. This increases the occupancy of the hotel and the overall revenue generated in a day is more than the income generated in a 24 hour check-in. Websites such as Mistay.in helps guests book hotel rooms in slots with flexible check-in and check-out timings. The hotel will thus be occupied for most part of the day in contrary to the conventional 24 hour check-in. The customers also prefer microstay options as they only have to pay for the hours they use.

Make The Guests Feel At Home

                Knowing your guests and making them feel at home with a good ambiance and services ensures increased revenue. Frequent travelers tend to choose the hotel they've once experience service in. Thus, providing a good experience for the guests plays a vital role in gaining their trust and increasing the popularity of the hotel.

Offer Midweek Discounts

             The occupancy of hotels is usually higher during the weekends and lesser midweek. Offering discounts to guests during the midweek on stay or meals will ensure that the hotel is occupied throughout the week and not just on weekends. This in turn, generates more revenue.

Focus On Social Media Marketing

              The choices made by guests are majorly influenced by social media these days. Staying active on social media helps hotels reach out to more people and gain popularity. Hotels can highlight the amenities they provide through social media and influence guests to book rooms with them. Using SEO effectively to optimize the hotel's website also helps increase revenue.

Invest In Good Photography

          Almost all customers who book hotel rooms online glance through the pictures of the hotels before deciding on one. Investing in good photography of the hotel is essential as it helps bring the positive aspects of the hotel such as the aesthetic ambiance and the facilities to the spotlight and thus attract more guests.

Use Referrals And Reviews To Your Advantage

            Encouraging guests to leave positive reviews about the hotel helps gain the trust of guests. Providing referral codes with discounts to existing customers will ensure that the guests refer the hotel to their friends and family. This will gain new customers in the future.