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You and your spouse are getting cosy and romantic with each other. Intimacy and romance are essential for any relationship to prosper. So, ensuring that you and your partner spend quality time together shall prove detrimental to your relationship.

But booking a hotel for an entire day or two can be expensive and wasteful for couples who just want to spend some quality time for a few hours. In such scenarios, Hourly hotels in Mumbai come to the rescue with the guidance of MiStay. These couple-friendly hotels provide rooms on an hourly basis at nominal charges. Some hotels provide rooms for a time slot of 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours as per the preference of their customers. Couples who want to spend only a day can opt for day-use hotels in Pune offered by MiStay, which provide rooms for a stay of only a day.

Facilities Provided

Hourly hotels in Delhi provide a lot of facilities that ensure that the customers spend their time in the most enjoyable and relaxed manner. All the basic room facilities such as Air Conditioning, hot water, TV, power back up and room service are provided. Additionally, these hotels ensure that safety is guaranteed, even for unmarried couples who are above the age of 18 years, provided they hold a valid local/outstation ID card. The couple can order various dishes and drinks directly to the room to enjoy their quality time even more.

Dayuse hotels in Hyderabad also provide access to various facilities that the couple can enjoy, such as spa treatments or a romantic date by the pool. The hotels ensure that the couple has the leisure to spend the whole day or a few hours in the room itself with all the required facilities. The hotel staff ensures that the couple shall receive an intimate and romantic experience they will always remember.

How can you have a memorable romantic experience in an hourly/day-use hotel?

Couples living in joint families do not get a lot of time to themselves. Frequent interruptions and the constant presence of another family member majorly ruin chances of spending alone time with each other. Couples should take time off and book hourly hotels in Chennai or can also book day-use hotels in Chennai so that they can get a dose of intimacy and romance.

Here is a list of a few things you and your partner could do to have an intimate and special time with each other whenever you book an hourly/day-use hotel.

1. Have a stay-in date – You and your partner can get dressed up and order some delicious food and drinks to your room for a cosy and feel-good date. A romantic and intimate date in the room with only the two of you would be an experience to cherish forever.

2. Couple spa treatment – Many hotels offer complimentary/paid spa treatment for couples. You and your partner should avail the same and enjoy a soothing spa appointment so that you can relieve all your stress together.

3. Go for a swim together – Poolside rooms or hotels with pool facilities would be a good choice for couples. You and your partner should go for a nice refreshing swim together and have some fun in the water.

4. Netflix and chill in your room – For all those couples who just want to relax together can just Netflix and chill in their room. A nice movie with some popcorn and drinks would be the right fit for any relationship.

5. Talk and express – Both of you could just talk, express your emotions, relive your memories, or just make future plans. Talking and expressing oneself to their partner will resolve all problems and will help rekindle your love for each other.

6. Game night – Having a game night wherein you and your partner can play fun games together and have a nice chat. Playing board games, twister, or even Truth or Dare can light up new sparks and strengthen your bond.

7. Wine and paint – Order some wine. Carry paint, brushes and a canvas. Paint individual portraits. Reveal your paintings at the end of the night and end the night with great food and wine.

Just Netflix and chill can be fun with your partner at a hourly hotel in Mumbai. Source: Women’s Health

Hourly and Day Use Hotels For Couples in Mumbai

Here are some of the popular hourly hotels in Mumbai

  1. The Park Mumbai, Juhu
  2. Lemon Tree Premier Mumbai International Airport
  3. Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport
  4. Hyatt Regency, Andheri
  5. Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu
  6. Grand Hyatt, Santacruz
  7. Hotel Pearl’s BKC Inn
  8. Dragonfly Hotel
  9. Oriental Aster
  10. Mango Hotels

The following are a few well-rated day-use hotels in Mumbai –

  1. Bawa International
  2. Keys Select Hotel Nestor
  3. Hotel Olive Nest
  4. Saya Grand Club and Spa Resort
  5. Peninsula Grand Hotel
  6. Galaxy Inn
  7. Hotel Mumbai House
  8. Beacon T2 Hotel
  9. Hotel Imperial Residency
  10. Hotel Riva International

The price range for hourly/day-use hotels

Hourly Hotels – For hourly hotels in Mumbai, the price range is between ₹500 to ₹55,000 for 3-hour bookings. Hotels that have a rating of 4 stars and above are available within the price range of ₹1800 to ₹55000 for 3-hour bookings.

Day-use Hotels – For day-use hotels, the price range is within ₹1000 to ₹100000 per day. Hotels that have a rating of 4 stars and above are available within the price range of ₹3000 to ₹100000 per day.

Some points to be kept in mind

While booking hourly hotels or day-use hotels in Kolkata, couples are advised to do proper research. Factors such as locality, facilities, safety, and prices play an important role when deciding on a hotel. Reviews about the hotel on various websites will also give a broad overview of the place.

Another important aspect to look into before booking a hotel room is the payment policies. Reading up about the cancellation policies and refund norms is essential. Also, check for additional hidden charges or taxes that may be levied beyond the price highlighted on the website. Terms and conditions of the booking must be read and understood clearly to avoid unforeseen losses.

It is important that the couple must carry valid ID cards for identification. Married couples can also carry marriage certificates as additional proof.


Romance and intimacy are highly overlooked and frowned upon in Indian society. A couple’s bond only gets stronger with these aspects. But the younger generation of India considers romance as a deal-maker or breaker in a relationship. Hence, couples nowadays test their compatibility in terms of sexual preferences also in addition to goals and dreams. It is hence imperative that couples of all ages ensure that they keep the spark in their relationship alive by spending quality time with each other.As they say, Intimacy is healing. So, spend some quality time with your loved ones at hourly hotels in Noida offered by MiStay. And if you are not in a situation to express your love freely, then book a hotel because love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Make sure to check out the services provided by MiStay.