Chandigarh is the capital city of Chandigarh union territory. It lies in the northwestern part of India. This planned city has spread over a vast area. Chandigarh has many wonderful places to visit. There are parks, museums, and markets. The people are friendly and everything is well-maintained. The architecture is unique and it is indeed a city worth visiting. Let's take a look at some of the places in Chandigarh that you will visit on your trip.

I. Visit to Pinjore Gardens

Picturesque Pinjore Garden (Image Source:

Located 14 kilometers from Chandigarh, Pinjore Garden is a restored Mughal-era garden built in the 17th century. It has spread over an area of 100 acres. Pinjore Garden is a blissful place to be one with nature. Also known as Yadvinder Garden, this garden has maintained lush greenery, refreshing water bodies, and fountains. Seven terraces of the garden add a magical touch to its beauty. You can view several shrubs, flowering plants, mango orchards, and other trees in the garden compound. So, when are you visiting? Plan your holidays, book an hourly hotel in Chandigarh and visit this historic garden.

II. Visit to Rock Garden

Fascinating Rock Garden (Image Source: Anas Villan)

A self-taught artist Nek Chand Saini designed, planned & built Rock Garden in 1957. The garden is a massive open-air museum that shows unique waste-converted structures. Built over a large area of 40-acre land, Rock Garden looks like a colorful painting of art pieces and sculptures. Rock Garden lies near beautiful Sukhna Lake. The open-air museum hall is further divided into three different parts. Every part has its different installations and embellishments. You will be amazed to see the variety of things that are recycled here into fascinating structures! So, when are you visiting? Plan your trip, book an hourly hotel in Chandigarh and visit this iconic garden.

III. Visit to Sukhana Lake

Blissful Sukhana Lake (Image Source:

Located 4 kilometers from Chandigarh city's center, Sukhna lake is a man-made lake. Constructed in 1958 by clogging the seasonal Sukhna water stream that flows down the nearby Shivalik hills. Known for its blue natural waters, you can observe morning joggers and walkers during the morning time. You can explore various water adventure sports here, like rowing, boating, trampoline jumping, and solar cruising. So, when are you planning? Proceed to Sukhna lake for a blissful experience and stay in an hourly hotel in Chandigarh from MiStay so that you pay only for the time you stay.

IV. Visit to Rose Garden

Beautiful Rose Garden (Image Source:

Spread over 30 acres of land, Rose Garden is in sector 16 of Chandigarh. Built under the leadership of the first chief commissioner MS Randhawa in 1967, this garden is one of the largest gardens of its kind in Asia. Rose Garden is also called Zakir Husain Rose Garden after the third president of India and a prominent politician Zakir Husain. The garden houses 32,500 varieties of medicinal shrubs & trees and 825 kinds of flowering plants. Popular among nature enthusiasts and tourists, the best time to visit the spectacular Rose Garden is from February to March. The reason is, flowers are in full blossom during these months. Mountain scenery in the background enhances the beauty of the garden. Plants and trees are carefully planted in such an organized manner in this garden that you will relish your peaceful walk along the paths. So, when are you going? Plan your vacations, book an hourly hotel in Chandigarh and enjoy the sight of this beautiful garden.

V. Visit to Le Corbusier Center

Historic Le Corbusier Center (Image Source:

A Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier was responsible for the original design & planning of the city. Le Corbusier provided urban planning to give proper living conditions for crowded cities. The Le Corbusier Center in sector 19B of Chandigarh is dedicated to him . In this center, you can explore hislegacy through research work, study, and writing. So, when are you visiting? Pack your suitcase, book an hourly hotel in Chandigarh for your cost-effective stay and visit this historic center.

VI. Relish Authentic Punjabi Cuisine

Delicious Punjabi Cuisine (Image Source:

When in Chandigarh, don't miss out on authentic Punjabi dishes. You may have tasted them before, but you will eat the native-style Punjabi cuisine. Onions, butter, garlic & ginger, and curd are must ingredients of this cuisine. Sarson ka saag, raita, makke di roti, chole bhature, dal makhani, lassi, parathas of all varieties, chole kulche, and butter chicken are some of the 'must-eat' dishes to savor in Chandigarh. So, what are you thinking? Plan your days, schedule an hourly hotel in Chandigarh for your stay and enjoy these delicacies. You can book multiple options of hourly hotels in Chandigarh on MiStay. This way, you can check in at any time and pay only as per your stay's duration.

VII. Visit Sector 17 for shopping

Delightful shopping center of Chandigarh - Sector 17 (Image Source:

One of the most popular marketplaces of Chandigarh, the Sector-17 market center has many branded stores. The interesting part is that this market is for everyone. For kids to youngsters & adults to old, this market is visited by all. You can even shop for exquisite bridal dresses, and wedding and party gowns. There are multiple options for big brand names, food eateries, and international outlets. So, what are you thinking? Plan your trip, book an hourly hotel in Chandigarh for your comfortable stay and visit this bustling marketplace.

Final Words

Chandigarh is situated in the northwest region of India and is the capital of Punjab. Chandigarh is surrounded by beautiful hills and is a true example of an organized city. With so much history and culture to explore, the city is a great place to visit. We hope you enjoyed our blog on 7 things to do when visiting the most organized city in India, Chandigarh.