It is your first holiday together, as a couple. And you are definitely overwhelmed by it! This holiday is going to be a fun-filled yet emotional rollercoaster and you need to be prepared to see each other at their best and their worst, too! The time you spend together, holidaying, on your first vacation together will leave you with the sweetest memories ever!! So why not make this holiday the most memorable and adorable time of your courtship period?
Here are seven things you must do on your first holiday as a couple:-

1) Spend some time in the city

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Well, it may sound pretty drab and silly to spend your moments amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowded city lanes, but it is not always a bad idea to cherish some time right in the middle of the ever pulsating city that is teeming with energy and youthful vibes! It lets you spend some great time in each other’s company and that too within your budget! Go shopping together, indulge in some lip-smacking street food, enjoy a movie or just walk on the streets, hand in hand. Trust us, being with your soulmate even in the midst of scores of people, in a surreal feeling! And if you desire to spend some moments of peace and romance in solitude, book a local hotel and there you are! In a comfortable and luxurious abode within your own city to enjoy moments of romance and tranquility! A city that is equipped with at least one hotel for local couples is a boon for couples who cannot indulge in holidays to far off lands!

2) Visit an Uncommon Destination for a Unique Experience

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There is no dearth of romantic destinations in India and you are bound to be spoilt for choice. Pick out a less visited destination purely because of the mystery it offers. Opt to stay at one of the good hotels for unmarried couples to ensure you enjoy privacy and safety. As you discover all the exciting things to do at that destination, you will also let your relationship blossom. Your first couple holiday should not solely be all about fun but about developing understanding, compatibility, and depth of love. Avoid the noisy and judgmental atmosphere of families or business hotels around and instead relax in one of those rooms for unmarried couples. Once your stay at the hotel is taken care of, all you have to do is soak in some fun and love while you travel the length and breadth of your novel romantic getaway!

3) Plan your first holiday at the place where you met for the first time ever!


How romantic would that be! A destination that marked the beginning of your journey. A trip to the same place where you first met will be adorned with amazing memories and life, after all, is purely about making precious memories! You may have gazed into each other’s eyes for the first time at a picnic or an industrial training or a wedding! The list of possible venues is endless!!! It would be a fantastic idea to grab your phone and use the hotel booking app for couples and get a room booked conveniently for yourself at the very same place where you first met your partner!

4) Stay away from gadgets!

Make the most use of the “we time”. The “we” does not include your cell phone, laptop, tablet, X-box etc. It includes just you, your partner and your privacy! Your gadgets won’t miss out on the moments you spend without them, your partner will! While you choose couple friendly destinations, it is also important you choose couple friendly hotels to spend some joyous “we time”. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at the hotel, indulge in some rejuvenating spa session or go for a swim together. There is so much you can do! Most importantly, do it sans your gadgets! Your travel and tour around the destination should be complemented with some special time together at the hotel you stay in. So keep the gadgets at bay!

5) Keep your holiday schedule relaxed

The whole idea of your first holiday as a couple is to spend time with each other and not in travelling and touring every nook and corner of the place you decided to visit! You are not there for an excursion or study! Take each moment and each day one at a time and just go with the flow! Do not be too rigid with your tour “time-table”. Enjoy the company of your beloved. Don’t be hassled with your travel schedules! You wouldn’t like to be tired and sore at the end of a holiday! Would you? Book one of the many amazing hotels for couples and simply balance your relaxation and touring schedule!

6) There May be Crisis!

There is no doubt that you have planned your first couple holiday w diligence. But there may be one or the other kind of unexpected crisis while you are holidaying. It could be as simple as a rainy day or an unpleasant meal or something more serious like you missed your return flight to home. No matter what it is, you need to keep your calm and deal with it. Instead of blaming each other or breaking into a fight, it’s time to act as a couple. With your combined efforts, you can figure out logical solutions. On the brighter side, any such unpleasant event will test you as a couple and will strengthen your bond.

7) Be adventurous

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Try out something naughty and new! Add a dash of excitement and fantasy to your holiday. Go surfing or water skiing, paragliding or river rafting! Though we understand you ain’t there for a camping or trekking experience but it would surely help you bond better with your partner! Do something that none of you two has ever done before but have always fantasized about doing it. Break the rules and have fun! Not just romance, have some adventure together too! To add more to the experiences, remember to book some decent and spacious hotel rooms for unmarried couples to keep up the excitement of holidaying with your partner.

Keep these things in mind and your holiday experience will turn out to be a heavenly experience. No holiday destination is perfect. It is the visitors and their moments spent there that tag the destination as “the perfect getaway”. It is time you pack your bags and gift your partner this holiday at the “the perfect getaway”!