Not all those wander are lost
                                                                                                              -J. R. R. Tolkien

But you are likely to be lost while choosing your next travel destination. More often than not we have that sudden urge to travel, but the moment the idea of planning kicks in, reality strikes. It seems like an uphill battle, which you likely have no intention to take part in, due to your past failures. But worry not, we've got you covered. Let it be planning your dream getaway with your partner to that couple friendly hotel you saw in an Instagram Ad. or simply travelling to that hill station solo because YOLO? (bad joke!). Instead of some generic thousand pointers, here are the main factor you need to account while planning your travel destination.

1. Reason

Source: Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson

More often then than not, we forget to consider a very important question before making a decision. Why? is it because you are stressed from work? Is it because you just haven't gone on a vacation for a long time, and just need a change in scenery? is it because of you barely get to intimate time with your partner, due to lack of a local couple friendly hotels? or is it simply you want to live that ZNMD dream with your friends? We all have our reason, and before going into the technicalities, spotting the 'reason' you want to travel can assist you in making the later decisions.

2. Time

Time is perhaps the most important factor to take into account. This has the highest agency on the destination you are going to choose. So taking into account how much time can you afford is the biggest question to ask oneself. An ideal rule of thumb can be 20-80, where you travel for 20% of your total while spending 80% of your available time in your destination.

3. Partner

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A good travel buddy or group can greatly magnify the joy and pleasure one can draw from a trip. But be cautious, having a bad grape can ruin the whole basket. So choose your travel buddies wisely. It is always fine to say no to someone you are really not comfortable with, as travelling is an art that signifies freedom and openness, the last thing you'd want is to cut that. If you are unsure with the options you have but badly want to go on a trip, it is always fine to opt for a solo trip. At first, it might seem nerve-racking, but a solo trip experience is one of those unique dishes you should surely taste once. Let it be local hotels nearby or 1000 miles away, most of them are solo traveller friendly, not mention the multiple solo travellers you get to meet and connect with.

4. Budget


If there was the holy trinity of factors for choosing a travel destination, budget is for sure in everyone top three. Unpopular opinion while it is important, and it can limit your options overall, it isn't as important as people credit it to be. Unless you're a leisure traveller or planning a leisure trip, many hotels offer basic amenities at highly affordable prices, as long as you are ready to adjust on some factors. Same goes for destinations, while you might not be able to go that famous hill station or trip to the Maldives, there are always alternations in your own backyard. Alternations allow you to go through a similar experience whilst sticking to your budget, and not make a hole in your pocket in the process. A popular option if you want to save some money while going to the destination of your choice is opting for hotels on an hourly basis. This allows travellers to experience multiple destinations, instead of beginning anchored to one hotel. Being able to book a room only when required can be greatly beneficial.

5. Weather


Deciding what kind of weather suits you  is important! It might be nit picky to many, but travelling to coldest of mountains  for their snow capped beauty while you freeze to death is not fun. Same goes for trying sun bathe in the beach while having a medical condition. It can sound a bit of a spoil sport, but risking your health for the sake of a holiday can truly be an immature decision and can be a recipe for disaster.

6. Experience

Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson

In the previous pointers, we tried to gauge how much you can afford, in the form of time, money, health. The last and final part is the decision. You are now are of the available resources you have, now what do you truly want to experience? You might want to go on a long trek to the mountains, so having a high leisure hotel would be pointless, as you'd be outside most of the time. Maybe you want to travel to a different country which requires high ticket fares, so for the experience, you have downgrade to hotels with basic amenities or avoid going to that costly restaurants. If you are looking for a way to spend an intimate holiday with your partner, you are likely to book a room in a fancy couple friendly hotel. It all depends on what kind of experience you are hungry, as what is a destination but an experience.

7. Where To Look?


With everything set, and your mind made up, now where do you start looking? While googling isn't a bad idea, going through all the blogs and posts on destinations can be a lengthy process. The best place for suggestion is normally friends or colleagues who have gone for a similar trip or to a visited a similar destination. Following Instagram, bloggers can also show you a plethora of options. Other options can be browsing travelling sub Reddits, Pinterest. The last resort can be asking on social media like Facebook, Twitter. But if you are too lazy, don't worry we've got you covered. If you are travelling solo here are 7 Indian destinations to unwind and destress Yourself. If you are a fan of going road trips with your partner or friends here are 7 Cross border road trips from India.


Good and meaningful travel is an art. Though it is said the journey is more important than the destination, the quality of travel does depend on the destination. From Francis Bacon's essay on travelling to Elizabeth Bishop's Art of Travel, travelling has been an important topic for literature. The destination we choose is a reflection of us, of our dreams and aspirations, it is a serious affair.

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