Excessive baggage is always a tough task to handle, whether it is on life or in your suitcase. Traveling solo or with someone, your comfort quotient defines how your trip is going to be. Comfort quotient does not only comes with your co-traveler, but it is also defined by the stuff you carry for your trip. Traveling light should be the motto if you want to spend a good vacation. Imagine packing 10 bags with all kinds of unnecessary things. You will spend the entire time pulling those big heavy bags on and off from hotel rooms that are booked on hourly basis.  Hotels on hourly basis at Delhi and other metros have good services that can help you out with your luggage. But if you travel without efficient planning then even these services can’t help you much.

He who would travel happily must travel light.”- Antonie de Saint Exupery

Traveling light does not mean leaving everything and going with just a passport. Traveling light and traveling with style should go on the same page. When you upload your travel pics in social media, make sure you motivate people about being a fashionista while you are on vacation. After a decade, when you see the photographs of the trip, there should only be good memories. Here are some of the tips by which you can travel comfortably and with style.

1-Plan the trip

The first step for any vacation. Sit down and plan properly the places that you want to travel including all the activities. This will eliminate unnecessary traveling and activities. Further, narrow down the time you want to spend in hotels. Wisely book hotels that provide rooms on hourly basis. This will not only be cost-effective but will also persuade you to carry less stuff.

2-Choose clothes wisely

Planning the trip and listing down the things you are about to in the vacation will further make you think about what clothes to wear. Right from entering the airport to coming back, every occasion demands a perfect outfit. An outfit that can give you comfort and be a style statement. For woman, there are some clothes which are a must in the luggage like a pair of rugged jeans, white t-shirt, short black dress, a pair of hot pants or parallel pants, etc. likewise for men, it is a pair of rugged jeans, a jacket, couple of graphic t-shirts, etc. These are a few choices that can come handy on all occasions. Not to forget, be very smart in keeping a good stack of underclothing's in the bag as well.

3-Choosing shoes

“To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your shoes. The rest can work up from there.”- Sophia Bush.

A vacation even if a leisure one demands too much of walking, jumping, running, and going to different territories. A long heel stiletto is not something that you would like to keep on your bag. Choose the best pair of comfortable shoes that you have. Do not forget to pack matching socks with them. A pair of slippers might come handy while you stay at hotels nearby.

4-Choose your beauty products

A tube of sunscreen lotion, that waterproof eyeliner, that berry lipstick that will go with every outfit and occasion, a good moisturizer and makeup remover, these things not only will take care of your beauty but also give you a confidence boost. A bit of organic Make up is essential while you are on roads. But that does not mean, you will pack everything from your closet. Chose the ones which will go with everyday hues. Avoid choosing loud makeup, they will serve no purpose while you travel. Keep the basic ones in your hang bag so that you can do touch up at times where ever you want. Keeping a packet of wet tissues will do wonders. Packing the makeup in small pouches will keep them organized.

5-Do not forget to keep your essentials

Whether it is the shaving kit for the males or a stack of tampons for females, essentials are a must-have while you travel. List a few emergency medicines that might be needed as well. Though all the couple-friendly hotels are quite seasoned in giving you a full stack of daily essentials but keeping few ones handy will be a smart choice like shampoo, hand sanitizers, conditioners, hand wash, a pack of tissue papers, etc.

6-Keep documents handy

Do not step out of the home without some essential documents like your passport, credit cards, identity cards, etc. keeping the essential documents safe is one of the prime requirements before you start with your trip. Always keep your documents within your reach so that it can be handy when you require

7-Proper packing

Traveling with big bulky bags is visually not very appealing. If you practice smart packing, you will end up having a small and a much lighter bag. Try the konmari method of folding clothes. This way of packing by folding clothes in your travel bag will increase more space for other stuff. Pack your socks inside the shoes. For the daily essentials like shampoo, hand sanitizers, etc. use small plastic bottles. Use small pouches for a shaving kit, razors, and tampons. Make sure to pack a pair of fully charged portable chargers for your smart phone.

8-Comfortable clothes in flight

People who meet in airports are seventy-two percent more likely to fall for each other than people who meet anywhere else.”- Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

The Aiport looks are trending in recent times. There is no way you can’t look your best while traveling. But you possibly can’t wear a long dress or leather pants while you are there. Long flight time demands some comfortable dressing like parallel pants, palazzos, jumpsuits, etc. with some comfortable shoes. A couple of bags, hair neatly fell back, light makeup and a confident walk will do the job.

As quoted by Buddha, “It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

In this world of stressful working hours, family issues, diseases, and fast life, one must go on vacation. And whenever you go, travel light and travel with style. Plan the best of low priced hotels that will make your journey even more comfortable. Get the booking done and experience the best.

Bon voyage