It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really, really brave”- Mandy Hale.

Whenever we visit a new place, a new city and meet new people, there is always a minimum amount of stress and anxiety goes insides your head. The thought is newness and doing something beyond your normal schedule is very intimidating to some people. When you book a room at a couple-friendly hotel nearby to enjoy a vacation with your partner, then the thought of traveling and the trip as a whole can give you many anxiety issues. Some people with past traveling tragedies like accidents or any history of unforeseen circumstances develop some symptoms like rapid heart rate with sweating, nausea, restlessness and trouble in concentrating. Breathlessness happen to people when they get any anxiety while traveling. Sometimes, when a person cannot control these issues and the anxiety level goes over the top, then they might get a severe panic attack. They can feel much disoriented and can even lose consciousness. Hence, the person needs to learn some tips to manage any possible anxiety issues in the future while traveling. These are few to abide by:-

1-Identifying the possible causes

Getting to understand what is causing your anxiety and why is the first step in managing it. Whether it is traveling in flight, or drinking caffeine, or entering a new room at a hotel in Delhi or noise pollution, etc. the possibilities are many. You have to find out with some informed decisions and past experiences. Once you get a hold of the cause of it, then managing it becomes very easy

2-Plan your trip nicely

If a trip is well planned with keeping in mind each possibility, then some portion of the anxieties decreases. Right from booking the tickets to selecting the hotel rooms, everything has to be planned. In case you are on a very hectic schedule, then you should give importance to booking hotel rooms on an hourly basis. While booking a room, for example, you can book a hotel room in Bangalore and ask for all specifications like any noise pollution to give get a head start. Including all the travel plans, packing of the essentials has to be done properly keeping in mind some “what if” factors. Clothes, shoes, medicines, important documents, money, everything has to be taken care of before you start to travel. Including responsibilities at home, like if you are leaving any person at home, make sure to make proper arrangements for them also. Some people have a habit of stressing themselves about their home.

3-Do not travel alone if possible

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of the world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”- Robert Louis Stevenson.

The people who have a history of anxiety issues or panic attacks while traveling, they should never travel alone. Solo traveling is a big “no-no” for them until and unless they learn to manage their issues themselves. Hence, they should always travel with some company like a family member, friends, or partner. Having someone known besides them will make them a bit more relaxed and homely. This thing might add up a lot in managing their anxiety issues. Further, if by chance any panic attack occurs, then there is someone known around to handle the situation.

4-Do yoga.

Calming the mind is yoga. Not just standing on the head.”- Swami Satchidananda

Practicing yoga every day will calm your mind and will give a new definition to your life. It should like your daily diet/nutrition. Even if you are holidaying with your partner at a couple-friendly hotel nearby, you should take out some time out of your busy schedule to practice yoga. Listening to relaxing music while you are traveling, this will do wonders in controlling your anxiety issues

5-Take adequate rest

Taking adequate rest in between your hectic schedule and traveling time will make your mind calm. This will reset your clock and wipe out any frustration that has been troubling you. Make sure to book hotel rooms on an hourly basis on your trip and give rest to your body and mind.

6-Listen to relaxing music

Listening to relaxing music while you are traveling, this will do wonders in controlling your anxiety issues. Avoid any loud music for that matter. It might be a triggering factor for your anxiety issues. Get engaged to some low volume, pleasing and relaxing music that can calm your nerves to a great extent.

7-Look at the positive side

Whenever we travel, we tend to think about the past and about the daily schedule that you have left. The anticipation of managing yourself in an unknown city, with unknown people, unknown food, and uncertainty for tomorrow is very overwhelming. These thoughts will make you feel restless and then you might get a panic attack. Avoid thinking negative during your trip. Train your mind to focus on all positive things on the trip like having new experiences, getting new friends, breaking the mundane daily life to add some excitement to life through this life, etc.

8-Consult a physician

Lastly, if you find difficult in managing the issues and it starts hampering daily life, then do consult a doctor for the same. Some form of therapy or medications may be needed to control your anxiety issues while you are on a trip.

Anxiety is a product of what life does to you. There may be good and bad experiences in life but you have to own your mind to get along with it. Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, make sure to take it with a positive attitude. And at the end, do not forget to keep praying, as said by Rick Warren,

“The more you pray, the less you will panic. The more you worship, the less you worry. You will feel more patient and less pressured.”