The term ‘Airport look’ might sound fancy and complicated, but it merely refers to the apparel you wear at the airport. Although Ananya Pandey's airport looks are very appealing, do you think they are comfy enough to snuggle a pillow and sleep on a cramped airplane seat? By following current fashion trends, there is a high chance of ending up with inadequate sleep and unwanted irritation.

The right way to plan your airport outfit is by considering the weather of the city you are flying to because airports are air-conditioned like the hourly hotels in Mumbai, but streets are not. Imagine after landing at the airport, your first step in the city feels like entering Antarctica. If not covered with the right clothes, be ready to pee almost every minute and a lot of shivers.

Make sure to wear the right outfit according to the city you are touring. Be it the glamorous city of Mumbai, heavenly Chennai, regal Hyderabad or competitive Bangalore. Surf the internet, analyse the weather trends and choose your attire. Planning a trip to these beautiful cities? Check out hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Chennai, and other destinations. Fashion is not just about styling yourself in pretty and daunting outfits but also about comfort, not something to do a leg split in but maybe doze off like a panda.

1. Pyjamas

Our first and top pick is a cute pair of pyjamas. Along with being comfortable, they will also make you stand out. Wear one made out of any material depending on your comfort. It could be silk, cotton or even faux fur. Style it with the right bag and shoes, and voila! You are good to go. Gather a few head turns and inspire previously hesitant people. Light cotton pyjamas will work best while visiting Mumbai in the summer season. Stay in Hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai to save money so that you can buy some more stylish night suits to flaunt at the airport. No need to be shy, Celebrities do it too!

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2. Ditch a headrest by layering

After hours of research, still not sure about the city’s climate or have to ace multiple destinations in a short period of time, don’t worry, layering has got your back. Put on a denim jacket or chunky coat over your basics for warmth and remove it whenever you please. Brownie points since you can also double up and use the layer as a pillow. It is better to carry a unisex zipper or cardigan so you can be the Raj to your Simran. Book couple friendly hotels in Mumbai, couple friendly hotels in Delhi and whichever place you are visiting with your partner for a romantic and memorable trip.


3. Wear socks if possible

It can get chilly on the plane, and blood has to travel a great distance to reach your toes and feet. Keep them toasty, and you will be much more comfortable. Besides, these will save your extremities from getting smelly.

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4. Carry a scrunchie, hair tie or clip

This is essential to keep your hair out of your face while sleeping and eating. There is a possibility that your hair might get dry and frizzy in the icy-cold Airport environment. If you want them to look smooth and silky in the pictures, a hair tie, hat or something similar will be your best decision, just like hourly hotels in Noida, hourly hotels in Delhi and other cities for accommodation.


5. Lock a fanny pack at your waist

There can be a few items that you might need handy like your phone, air pods, lipstick or a hairpin, keep them in a waist belt bag to avoid the unnecessary stress of losing and searching for things. There are many ways to wear a fanny pack to up your style game.


6. Skirt with shoes or boots

If you feel like dressing modish, a light cotton or polyester skirt is ideal for the blazing sun, while wool and fake leather skirts work perfect for winter. The best part about wearing a maxi skirt? You can click aesthetic Instagram-worthy pictures twirling in it. We suggest wearing shoes to avoid sore feet while waiting for the never-ending security checks. If maxi skirts are not your thing and you wish to wear a mini one, pair them with monochromatic stockings and boots to shield yourself while visiting hourly hotels in Mumbai during winter.

When touring the cities of India, especially during summer, it is a must to carry one versatile skirt that can be styled with a variety of tops. Reserve hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Pune and other places where heat and humidity are myths, thanks to the air-conditioned halls and rooms.


7. Comfy bottoms

Only the brave-hearted opt for jeans. Wearing denims will leave you wiggling the entire flight. Replace those tight bottoms with flexible leggings, joggers or tights, making the journey more breathable. Pair them with a fitted crop top or a loose casual T-shirt. With the right accessories and footwear, you can spice up an ordinary outfit. Sport a classy watch, cute backpack and baseball cap, and your airport look is ready.


8. A Boho sundress

A sundress paired with a denim jacket, dainty jewellery and comfy flats is the embodiment of fashion and relaxation. There will be zero restrictions in moving around, and the surrounding temperature won’t be a bother. Go directly to the beach from the airport and later you can check in at hourly hotels in Kolkata or your tour destination.


While the list ends here, the world is not, and as long as we have the internet and our beloved humans, style, comfort, and airport looks will keep evolving. However, the fashion tips in this blog are evergreen, and even if you follow them in 2050, you will be considered the stylish out of the lot.