There are so many occasions where we get into petty fights with our partner and regret it later. Arguments are common in every relationship and only show how much you love and confide in your partner and can express your emotions freely. They say arguments are a sign of a healthy and complete relationship. But it is also necessary to learn from your mistakes as to what led to the bickering, how can it be prevented next time, and how will you make up for it.

Different people have varied coping mechanisms some become distant after a fight, some sulk for days on end, and some try to sort things out immediately. All have different outcomes first two might be the cause of your breakup, and the third one could help you build a healthy relationship. The whole idea is that fights are inevitable but how you react after decides the course of your relationship. So here is a list of 9 creative and helpful ways to express that you are ready to make things work-

1. Deal with your emotions

It is essential to acknowledge and work on your own feelings first. If you felt angry or sad after the argument, try to figure out the bottom of the issue and know that your counterpart is not responsible for your emotions. Acting like Kabir Singh will not take you far instead take measures to calm yourself, such as deep breathing or counting to 10. If you need a little time alone to process your thoughts, stay in hourly hotels in Mumbai and clear your mind. Maintain a diary to understand and explore yourself better. Write about the fight and how it made you feel. Many times, the anger is only a reciprocation of neglect or wanting attention.


2. Share your feelings

The next step is to express your feelings to your partner in a calm and composed manner. Pour your heart out and give them some time to understand your sentiments. While confronting them, try using “I” statements that focus on how you feel instead of your partner's wrongdoings. For example, instead of saying, “You are always busy with something and never have time” say, “I felt hurt that you could not make time for me", Which makes it sound a little less intimidating. You can further add, “I like spending time with you and was looking forward to the date.” Discover a common ground and start working from there.


3. Understand your Partner's POV

As important as it is for your feelings to be heard. So, are your partners. In case, they are angry, give them space, and if they communicate their thoughts, hear them out with an open mind and don’t interrupt. Make your mission to understand where they are coming from rather than judging them. Be humble and leave the idea that you can never be wrong. If you are at fault, reassure your partner that the same mistake will not be repeated.

4. Try to find the root cause

Things are not always what they seem to be, most things in life have a deeper meaning. When your counterpart might complain about you not doing chores, then it could mean that they desire a little bit of appreciation. If they complain about you playing video games all day, then this could be their need for attention talking. If they nag you about not spending enough time, then this could indirectly be the craving for a romantic vacation which can be fulfilled by visiting and reserving couple friendly hotels in Chennai or dayuse hotels in Chennai, an amorous city. Try to navigate the underlying issue and resolve the conflict.

5. Sorry, sorry, sorry

Justin Bieber has it right owning up to your mistakes, apologising and appreciating your partner never goes in vain. They will know how much you care about them and their feelings only making the bond between you both stronger. The best way to apologise is by gifting them a spa package in hourly hotels in Mumbai or by purchasing a present they wanted for a long time.


6. Plan a surprise holiday

Life is short. Why waste it arguing when you could be vacaying in the city of dreams- Mumbai or the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore? Don’t worry if these places don’t fit your budget there are many affordable hourly hotels in Mumbai and hourly hotels in Bangalore. Besides, the hourly hotels in Mumbai are located near all the famous sightseeing spots making conveyance cheap. You could also check in some couple friendly hotels in Mumbai to spend quality time after. Refreshen your mind on a romantic yacht in Mumbai or shop hand in hand in the busy markets of Bangalore.


7. Do something fun

Plan a staycation in the couple friendly hotels in Pune, go on a picnic, share hobbies, play games, bake something together, write a love letter or Netflix and chill. There are plenty of things to rekindle your romance try what you find amusing.

8. Cook their favourite Dish

The way to a man's heart is their stomach, and we believe so is a woman’s. So irrespective of your partner's gender, there is no doubt they will enjoy anything that you cook for them with love and effort. Brownie points for preparing their favourite dish. This will not only be a filling but also a thoughtful gesture.

9. Have a romantic candlelight dinner

The traditional and most effective way to resolve a conflict, recommended by all experienced oldies. Reserve your partner's favourite restaurant, dress in their favourite attire, wear their most-liked cologne and go on for a magical night. For those who don’t take much interest in PDAs, we have the perfect option, arrange a dreamy dinner in couple friendly hotels in Delhi. Enjoy some yummy food while watching a classic movie and dance cheek-to-cheek later, all in your own comfort zone.

From an honest apology to a heartfelt conversation, there are several ways to reconnect after a fight. Choose the most suitable one, and you are bound to have a wholesome and long-lasting relationship.