While travelling around the world we get to meet many new people, see many new things and different places. Learning about things which you see get you believe into them firmly. But there are also things and stories which travel to you through whispers and take you on a ledge where you need to judge for yourself, whether it is true or not. Many of them might be true, but most of them are not and to bust them we are bringing in 9 of the myths circulated while travelling around the world for you to be aware of them better.

You can beat jet-lag

Even if you do everything right, you may still end up jet lagged.
It would be nice to think that there was some sort of universally reliable cure for jet-lag. However, even if you follow all of the advice, if you stay hydrated and don't eat too much, if you time your sleep to line up with your destination, if you stay off the booze and exercise when you land – even if you do all of that, sometimes, you will get jet-lag. Sorry.

Planes are the fastest way to travel

Obviously, right? These things go almost 1000kmh – there's nothing at ground level that can beat that. However, in Europe particularly, you need to look a little closer. Let's say your flight time is an hour. First though, you need to get to the airport from the middle of the city. Then you need to be there a few hours before your flight. Then you need to get from the next airport into the next city. You're looking at probably five-to-six hours of travel for a one-hour flight. There's every chance an intercity train will be faster.

Buses are the cheapest way to travel

Again, this seems obvious. Buses are pretty much the least comfortable and slowest way to travel anywhere in the world, so they'll also be the most affordable. But that's not necessarily the case. In Australia, in south-east Asia, and even in Europe, flights with budget air carriers can be incredibly cheap if you book at the right moment. That way you'll save on travel time, and maybe even save a few dollars.

You should always travel light

It's a lot better for the environment if you can travel light. The fewer things you carry, the less fuel is burnt. However, if that's not a big priority for you, then there's really no need to go crazy over packing as little as possible. Most international airlines will give you 20 kg or 23 kg of luggage. Most bags have wheels and rarely need to be carried. If you aren't going to be moving around a lot, just take whatever you need.

You can get by with English

In the main tourist hubs of most countries, this is true. If people speak a second language, it will most probably be English. And people will. However, in many parts of the world once you get off the beaten tourist path, once you're out of the cities and into the rural areas, you'll find that English is pretty well useless. Like while staying in any of the hotels in Chandigarh it is better if you stick to your Punjabi or Hindi. Time to brush up on that local language.

Budget airlines are terrible

It depends on the airline. Some of them are, indeed, terrible. I've had bad experiences on Tigerair in Australia, and Ryanair in the UK, and many more. However, there are budget airlines out there that do a great job. Southwest Airlines in the US, AirAsia X in Asia, Vueling in Europe – I've never had a problem with any of them. Flying budget can be a great experience, as long as you set your expectations accordingly.

You can get an upgrade

Just turn up to the airport looking smart and business-like, right? Get there early; be polite to the check-in staff; flirt outrageously if you have to. Do all of that, and you're a good chance of scoring an upgrade. Except, you're not. None of these things actually works. About your only genuine chance of being upgraded on your flight is to be a gold or platinum frequent flyer, or to know someone at the airline. Or, of course, to pay for it.

Duty-free is really cheap

If you're buying alcohol – though only spirits – you'll save a reasonable amount of money at an airport duty-free store. Though probably not as much as you think. For everything else, though the duty may be dropped, the price you pay in an airport is really not that different to shopping at home.

Last-minute bookings are expensive

Leaving hotel or transport bookings until the last minute is generally not a great idea. However, with plenty of websites selling off hotel rooms and even flight and train tickets for a discounted price if you book only a few days before you need them, you'll be surprised at the deals you can get. Specially online hotel booking with MiStay, even for hotels in Mumbai near the sea can be booked easily at way cheaper rates than anywhere.

So these were some of the myths which you'll encounter all the time while travelling, around the world equally. Doesn't mean that there's no truth to them at all as exceptions exist everywhere and everytime. But it is upon you on how well you plan your trip and make the most out of it.