The Silicon Valley of India is the title given to this city, but to be honest it should be the Greenest Valley of India. The city has towering buildings and sprawling roads, with millions of people on them who work throughout the week. With 2 week-offs, no one can think of taking a trip to their long-lost dream hotels in Delhi as one day goes by in relaxing and releasing the whole week's stress in the bed. But Bangalore(now Bengaluru) have some places which are not publicised much, but promise a great time for you. And they're so near that you don't even have to pack anything! Let's jump in to these spots.


This nearest picnic spot close to Bangalore is a place enclosed by 5 hills and is known for trekking, hiking and exploring the natural beauty. This place is best-known for the silk and incense business. You can attempt hiking and also visit the temples close by. It's among the best places to go to close to the city for a day trip.

Travel Time: 1 Hours 8 minutes


Savanadurga is believed to be the biggest monolith hill in Asia. The Savandurga hills are one among the most frequented picnic spots close to the city by tourists who visit here to go to the temples situated at the foothills. This is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts to undertake hiking. You'll also trek to the top and look at the Akravati river.

Travel Time: 1 Hours 20 minutes


On our list of places to visit without packing around Bangalore is also the unexplored Anthargange, the gorgeous hill range close to the city. This place has ton of caves shaped by rocks. This can be a perfect place for thrill seekers as you'll be able to opt for a trek, try hiking and caving. This place is ideal for those fascinated by spelunking because the rock formations have shaped many caves worth exploring.

Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Horsley hills

This quaint hill station has fresh beauty and delightful wide views of hill ranges in eastern ghats. This space is wealthy in flora and fauna and ideal for a quick weekend getaway. You'll be able to visit the various viewpoints to get pleasure from the gorgeous scenery and also see the ‘World’s biggest banyan tree’, that is close to Horsley hills and cover 8 acres. If you want to stay the night then you can easily make an online hotel booking with our hotel booking app.

Travel Time: 3 hours 23 minutes

Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri is a little hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. This place is quiet, lovely and ideal for relaxed weekends. You can go to do hiking, trekking and visit the telescope house, Punganoor lake and Nilavoor lake. Yelagiri hills is amongst the various no-packing-needed picnic spots close to Bangalore where you can relax and unwind far from the hustle-bustle of town.

Travel Time: 3 Hours 5 minutes

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal falls has got to get on your list of places to see around the city. Hogenakkal is a tiny village in Tamil Nadu where the single-flowing Cauvery splits into multiple streams making stunning waterfalls. This place is usually known as as ‘Niagara of the East’. You relish the small boat ride from one end of the boat to a different, and also visit the nearby Melagiri hills. Several celebrated movies like ‘Roja’ and ‘Raavan’ were shot here.

Travel Time: 3 Hours


One of the best places to go to around the city for the history & cultural buffs. The town derives its name from its presiding divine goddess Hassanamba. This place has several monuments and ancient structures, and is commonly referred as the temple- architecture capital of Karnataka. Few of the must-visit places are Ramanthaour temple, Gorur dam, Hoysala temples and Shettyhalli church. The Shettihalli church is exclusive because it's submerged in water throughout monsoons and emerges back once the monsoons are over.

Travel Time: 2 Hours 50 minutes


If you’re curious about the best places to see around the city without packing and also with children, Channapatna must be in your thoughts. The place is renowned for its colourful wooden toys, and therefore is also called the Toy Land of Karnataka. Apart from that, the city is home to the oldest temple of Varadaraja that depicts the brilliance of Vijayanagara empire. There are many monuments that you and your kids would really love to tour.

Travel Time: 1.5 hours

Sangama & Mekedatu

These are 2 loveliest places where you get to witness the confluence of Arakavathi river and river Kaveri. The gap between both of them is just of 3.5 km. And for somebody searching for a bit isolated and tranquil peace for a day-tour from the city, Sangama & Mekedatu are good decisions for them to make.

Travel Time: Half an hour

And these are the places where you can run to on-the-go when you get irritated of the traffic on Silk Board, or the crowd of Hebbal. Rather than staying at any of the hotels in Bangalore, just come here and live peacefully.