Your partner is someone you are most comfortable with. They are the ones you say good morning to and kiss goodnight. Spending good quality time with your partner is the best way to keep the spark alive for a long time. Even if that means going above and beyond sitting together while you watch Netflix. There are other means of expressing your love other than physical love, like, cuddling, caressing, hand-holding. Never miss a chance to show your affection towards your partner. During this time of the pandemic, we are all caged in our own home. Work from home is the need of the hour. One thing we have plenty of is time. People are spending so much time together as a family.  It’s also a highly stressful time, as people end up working for more hours than normal job hours. Especially for couples,  where both partners work. To un-twine your life, you both need to spend some quality time together. One thing couples can try during all this madness is Dinner Dates. Trust me, dinner dates are romantic as hell. You get to cook the meal with your partner and later on you can enjoy that meal and the best part NO TIPPING. Interestingly, it is a very strong bonding experience for both of you. Cooking for your partner is the surest way to show them that you care. You can't book hotel rooms and even going outside to enjoy the food at the restaurant is not a possibility, here are some ideas to turn your normal dinner into a dinner date which couples can enjoy.

1. Woo your partner with your cooking skills

If you got it, flaunt it. Women love a man who can cook. My suggestion, keep wine around as wine is considered to be Aphrodisiac. This is a perfect opportunity to hold your partner’s hand and create a romantic ambiance. Remember that show casing your work is also important. Take a cue from the presentation in the last dinner date at that hotel in Mumbai or wherever you were.

Woo her with your skills

2. Choose a simple dish

Remember, the goal is to spend quality time together and not try to be Masterchef. Don't try to cook that amazing Lasagna you had at your couple friendly hotel in your last vacation. Great flavors can be created using the simplest of ingredients. Besides, when you are in the company of the person you most love, what matters the most, is creating a memory. Everything else is secondary. Prepare the ingredients beforehand. Shop for all things necessary. It will be better if you discuss with your partner and decide the menu prior to the date night. Try to shop for fresh ingredients. I assure you fresh ingredients will enhance your dining experience.

Try something simple

3. Skip Appetizers and Dessert

Don’t spend all of your time in the kitchen. Instead, talk to your partner and try to know them better. Keep things simple and try not to complicate it with elaborate and difficult dishes. After you both are done eating, just get some ice-cream from the refrigerator and indulge in a hearty talk with your love.

4. Cook something you have already tried before

Don’t step into the uncharted territory. It could be disastrous. Cook something you are familiar with. Choose the recipe about which you already know. But, if you are dead set to make a particular recipe like your mother’s recipe, I would suggest you plan and practice it beforehand. Maybe call the expert (MOM).

Plan and practice

5. Decoration is the key

Food and all is fine, but a room lit with scented candles and lights is what really set the mood. I know it will be too much trouble, but your love is worth it. Try to remember how your couple friendly hotel was decorated when you last had a romantic vacation. Set the tone of the evening by playing soft, soulful and melodic music. And maybe dance a step or two with your partner. Dim lights and charming fragrance incite the romantic in you. My suggestion is to find a snuggle corner which is cosy and comfortable with lots of cushions and pillows to lie down after dinner and maybe watch movies or read a book. Make her feel like she is the guest in your hotel room and you are the host.

Decoration is the key

6. Switch it Off !!!!

This time is for you and your partner only. Don’t allow yourself to be bothered with the rest of the world. Your partner may not express their level of vexation(they may be too polite to do that) but trust me it will ruin your evening. Instead, use this time to look deeper into your partner’s eyes and imprint on them.

Put away the phone

7. Know about your partner’s allergies

Many people are allergic to nuts, berries, or nutmeg, fish, prawns etc. Allergy seems like a common thing but actually, it can be deadly if not treated on time. People can have an anaphylactic shock. They can have a swollen throat and swollen tongue. They can have breathing issues at the time of reaction. I can go on and on, but I think you have got the gist. If you don’t want to spend your date night in the emergency room, ask your partner if they have any allergies. After all, prevention is better than cure.

8. Don’t try to dig up the past

The past can’t be changed, forgotten, edited or erased. It can only be accepted. Many people are not comfortable sharing their stories, I urge you not to make your partner divulge stories from their past. They may not be so comfortable sharing it with you yet. Make them feel so comfortable and loved that they include you in their circle of trust. Once you are inside the circle of trust, they would tell it to you themselves. Try to gain their trust. Try to focus on the present.

9. Who will do the dishes?!

This is for the other partner. After such a romantic dinner, you can’t let your partner take care of the dishes themselves. Offer to help with the dishes. It’s the most polite thing to do. Your partner would sure appreciate your kind gesture. While doing the dishes you both can share stories and make each other laugh. Tell some knock-knock jokes. Have you ever wondered why people don’t tell jokes anymore because they share memes? After 5-6 years, when you will look back all you will remember will be the laughter you both shared.

I would like to thank Ms. Shalini Srivastava for helping me out with what a girl wants from her partner when it comes to dinner date at home. I really hope these tips help you surprise your partner.

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