Khajjiar is a small town tucked away in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and is famous around the world for lush meadows, beautiful vistas of snow-covered Mt. Kailash and verdant forest. It is a paradise for nature lovers and nirvana for thrill seekers owing to its gazillion trek locations. The hill station is the commencing point for treks to Chamba, Dalhousie and the Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary. If you plan to visit this picturesque city, we have covered everything one needs to know about it. Just like Mumbai hosts many hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai, Khajjiar also has affordable lodging options and long day tourist exploration spots-

1. Khajjiar Lake

Surrounded by the green deodar forest, the Lake lies at an altitude of 1920 metres. This splendour beauty is the ideal spot for a day picnic with family or spouse. A major attraction here is the floating Island, which is nothing, but a bunch of grass growing on the surface of the Lake. Visit the place in the morning to enjoy a stunning view of the sun rising amidst Mount Kailash. Other activities that you can explore include horse riding, paragliding and zorbing. Another city with beautiful lakes worth visiting is Chennai, where you can find many hourly hotels in Chennai or dayuse hotels in Chennai.


2. Kailash Villages

The CEO of scenic landscapes, these villages rest in the middle of thick deodar forest and Majestic Mountains and are the perfect place to get a taste of country life. Rota and Ladi are some aesthetic hamlets offering a mesmerizing sight of Mount Kailash, steep slopes, and peaks covered in blankets of snow. Don’t forget to try the red, juicy apples from the orchard farms, something you will reminisce about for life. If you are willing to explore the villages, there are homestays where you can interact with the locals, eat Himachal food and take home an authentic experience.

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3. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The reserve is sandwiched between Khajjiar Lake and Dalhousie and stretches over 30.69 sq. km. it is known for scenic walks and hikes. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna and enveloped in coniferous and oak forests boasting trees like Green Oak, Blue Pine and Rhododendron. Spot Jackal, Langoor, Bear, Deer, Leopard, Barking Goral and the Himalayan Black Marten within the sanctuary. Also, catch a glimpse of birds like the Eurasian Jay, Black-headed Jay, Chestnut Billed Rock Thrush and Grey Headed Cannery Flycatcher. Are you a nature and wildlife enthusiast? If yes, the dense forests and reserves of Hyderabad deserve a visit. Check out some hourly hotels in Hyderabad. Besides being pocket friendly, the hourly hotels in Hyderabad allow you to vacate at your own sweet time.


4. Panch Pandav Tree

Amidst the lush Deodar Forest surrounding the khajjair Lake stands the Panch Pandav Tree. It has six shoots, and there is an old belief that the same represents the 5 Pandavas and Draupadi from Mahabharata. A few km from Khajjiar towards Dalhousie grows a giant Deodar tree with approximately 15 shoots of similar height known as the ‘Mother tree’ among locals.


5. Khajji Nag Temple

An old but lively Temple built on the banks of Khajjiar Lake. It is devoted to Khaji Nag, also called the Lord of Serpents. The architecture is a fusion of the Hindu-Mughal style, and there are wood carvings that date back to the 12th century. Idols of Lord Shiva and Hidimba are proudly placed in the Temple. You will also find images of Pandava and Kaurava. The ancient practices of goat sacrifice are still prominent in the Temple. Like visiting Temples and forgetting your worries in the calm of the divine walls? Bangalore is a beautiful city filled with many temples, churches and mosques. Reserve hourly hotels in Bangalore or dayuse hotels in Bangalore to worship in these religious monuments.


6. Tibetan Handicraft Centre

Want to buy some souvenirs and gifts for yourself and family and friends? Tibetan Handicraft Centre is the ideal place. From eye-catchy handicrafts, antiques, carpets, shawls, wall hangings and artistic dream catchers, you will find everything here. Around these shops are some enjoyable food joints serving spicy noodles and steaming momos with authentic red chutney.


7. Nine Hole Golf Course

Nine Hole golf course is one of the posh places to visit in Khajjiar to play golf. Indulge in this fancy sport mostly enjoyed by business tycoons and celebrities whilst admiring the delightful scenery offered by Khajjiar. Do you like trying new things? Enjoy flying solo in a micro flight by reserving hourly hotels in Hyderabad.


8. Kailash Parbat

Mount Kailash is a 6638m sacred mountain in China’s Tibet Autonomous region. A visit to the range requires completing complicated procedures. Get a glimpse of the massive snow crest from a few places in India, particularly Himachal Pradesh, including Khajjiar ground and Dainkund Peak. Use binoculars to get a clear and exceptional view from the Open Khajjiar Grounds (Chamba).


9. Dhauladar Range

They are also called lesser Himalayas and begin from Dalhousie in the northwest and pass through the state to the bank of Beas River in Kullu District before finally merging with Pir Panjal near Manali. If you are looking for places to trek in Khajjiar, this is it! Embrace yourselves for an adventurous trek full of adrenaline rush and snow-capped peaks offering some magical views worth capturing. Pune is a city close to many mountains worth scaling. Reserve hourly hotels in Pune and begin an enthralling journey.


Khajjair is a place that you can visit all around the year and during any season. Besides these mesmerizing locations, there are many captivating places near khajjiar to tour. A few of these include the Dainkund peak, Panchpula, Dal Lake, Church of Scotland and Ganji Pahadi.