Our parents, partners and family members do so much for us every day selflessly. Think of the last time you praised them for packing your tiffin or ironing your shirt, can’t remember? it is our duty to remove time from our hectic lives and ensure they feel loved and acknowledged for their efforts. Be it their birthday or a casual day, small acts of appreciation go a long way. As good as it feels to be cherished, it feels more satisfying to give something in return. These tiny tokens of love bring with them a boost of positive emotion and happiness. Sometimes it might get difficult to think of ways to express gratitude. Here is a list of a few things you can do to show that you are grateful-

1. Put your thoughts into words

The best way to show your emotions is to tell them face to face sincerely how much they mean to you. Use easy-to-understand vocab and strong appreciative phrases. For instance, combine a few thank you words like, “thanks a ton”, “I don’t know what I would do without you” or “thanks for having my back always”. Get specific, tell them the reason for thanking them. Naming what you are grateful for, either by gifting a holiday by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai or a customized hamper to your parents is the perfect way to show how special they are.

2. Write a letter

If you are not comfortable expressing emotions in person express them through a handwritten note. In today's digital world, where most communications take place in the family Whatsapp group, receiving a letter written personally for you is a real achievement. People are aware that penning down a note takes a lot of time. You writing one for them will make them feel super special. A few tips for writing a good letter-

  • Describe the little things that they do for you
  • Include quotes that reflect your feelings
  • Brainstorm prompts to guide you like, “I am so thankful for”
  • Consider the life lessons they taught you and their impact
  • Pour down your heart, be raw and honest
  • Finally, express your gratitude once more
source-Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

3. Gift an appreciation-filled holiday

Your parents might have sacrificed several chances of going on a vacation because of your school and studies. It is time to repay them. Plan a weekend getaway or a full-fledged holiday. A beautiful place to holiday in India is the city of dreams by reserving hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai. Although you should not think twice about spending money on your parents, it might be difficult to do so with the rising inflation rates, and hence, we recommend booking hourly hotels in Mumbai.

Along with your parents, your girlfriend or boyfriend also deserve to be cherished and a romantic vacation is the best way to accomplish this. India has the most magical and dreamy cities to visit with your love interest, like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and many more, where you will never have a dull day. An additional advantage is that you can easily find couple friendly hotels in Delhi and couple friendly hotels in Bangalore.


4. A small gratitude Gift

While selecting a gift aimed particularly towards expressing kindness, opt for thoughtfulness over monetary value. Gratitude in itself is a present but giving a meaningful personal gift that can be treasured and reminisced about is quite significant. You can gift a staycation to your loved ones in hourly hotels in Delhi, hourly hotels in Chennai or at your native place. Who wouldn’t love to spend a day practising their favourite hobby or enjoying a spa away from the chaotic daily life? Some other affordable gifting options are-

  • A customized hamper
  • Skincare products
  • Chocolates
  • Book
  • Movie tickets
  • A Photo frame
  • A bouquet
  • Netflix subscription
  • Gift card

5. Show your love through an artistic expression

You don’t need to be a talented or professional artist to create a simple piece of art. It could be a handmade card or a painting with some splashes of vibrant colours. Make use of the internet to pitch ideas. Include a few rewarding words in the card. Kids usually express love through such innocent ways, and you might have done this too, which will remind your parents of the good old days. The raw display of emotion puts homemade tokens at the top of the list.

source-Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

6. The way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach, and so is a Woman’s

Everyone loves food, and who doesn’t like being pampered with their favourite dish? Surprise your partner with a romantic candlelight dinner after they are home from a long day of work. If cooking is not your strongest pursuit, use YouTube to guide you or dial your parents, making them feel involved and a part of your life.


7. Invite your parents over lunch

Give them a day off from the daily hassle of deciding and cooking meals, a chore that is fun but at the same time stressful. Update them about your daily routine and new ventures while bonding over a sumptuous meal.

8. Share a list of your favourite qualities about them

What are the strong traits of your partner or friends? Are they loyal, caring, supportive, helpful, non-judgemental or ready to murder anyone whose being mean to you? whichever characteristics make you adore them the most, let them know! Type all the things you admire about them in an email or send a text message acknowledging their affection and care.


9. Send your parents to tick off their bucket list

Most parents have spent their entire lives nurturing and raising their kids, almost forgetting about living and enjoying their own hearts and soul. Figure out your parent's Adventure list and send them to conquer their dreams. It could be experiencing thrilling water sports in Goa, paragliding in Hyderabad, or something else. Whatever it may be, make sure to book hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Hyderabad, so they have a smooth trip.


Turning something into a habit takes 21 days. Practice expressing gratitude for this period, and you will do it effortlessly for your entire life spreading happiness within and around you.