Whenever in a flight, packing in a hurry from any of your hotels in Delhi everyone of us constantly stress on how to fit in our luggage under the 22 Kg weight limit without leaving anything important behind. But as soon as we start our packing, we find that it is very hard to keep up with all our needs. And once you start the journey you suddenly realise at every instance, that you are missing this and you're missing that. Everyone has faced this, but what's the solution? As always, we got it! Read on this 6-step guide for packing all the necessities and easing off your travel story.


It has to be with you as you never know what might the new weather bring for you. Although taking medicines with you always needs prescription, but you can keep some generic meds for first-aid and keeping your prescribed drugs is a MUST. Only you got to be careful about some guidelines for packing liquid medication, as it is generally allowed in bottles of size less than 100 ml. So keep your health safe, because you don't know what your business trip to those hotels in Gachibowli.

Nibbles to eat.

Who can question the most ultimate urge of a human, Hunger? It can come anytime, anywhere. And not all of us are okay with foods available on the journey. Just keep the food which will help you get through the journey with you. It can be anything solid, and liquids are not allowed generally. Even jams, jellies etc. are also considered in the category of liquids. And yes, don't wrap anything before going through the security check because they unwrap everything to check, even presents. So keep them in a box, with wrapping at your disposal.

Something to drink.

Well here's a little disappointment, but any liquid is not allowed of more than 100 ml in your carry bag. Mostly this is used for medicines and alcohol which isn't allowed to be consumed. Elevation and demotion of the plane's level from the sea creates changes in cabin pressure, which can bring unease to you. That makes it obligatory for you to drink water continuously which you can always ask from the cabin crew. And as soon as you reach to any of the hotels in Chennai, have a relishing coconut water.

Things with a plug.

Now in this world of technology, everything around is plugged in something, somewhere. And some of these are now essentials of our daily life, but these flights have some restrictions in carrying them too. Now the things you can carry are Earphones, your Laptop and music devices like an iPod. The essential things which you cannot carry on the flight are Power banks, E-cigarettes and any other heavy appliance. And surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also banned from flights. Don't know what to say about that.

The only sport equipment!

There are a number of sports in this world, with multiple sports equipment. And air travel is the frequent transportation mode for almost all sportspeople. But in a regular flight, there's only one sport equipment allowed to carry on-hand with yourself, and that is a Parachute. Not a basketball, not any cricket bat, but only a parachute. It is allowed by keeping its usefulness at times of distress in air travel. Other equipment aren't allowed because of their space-consuming characteristic and also that they can be used for causing some kind of damage to property or violence with the passengers.

How to pack all of this?

Now the biggest question is, How to pack all this? So here is the guideline you gotta follow for that.

The dimensions of Hand Baggage that would be applicable for carriage on Air India flights is as given below for both Domestic and International sectors on all AI / Alliance Air flights.

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 25 cms (10 inches) for Boeing & Airbus -Total of Dimensions 115 cms

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 20 cms (08 inches) for ATR -Total 11O cms

The maximum permitted weight for Hand Baggage is 8 Kgs per passenger.

In addition to one piece of cabin baggage or package, you may also be permitted to carry one following personal item, subject to Security Regulations:

A Lady's hand bag.
An overcoat or wrap.
A rug or a blanket
A camera or binoculars
Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
Infant's feed for consumption during the flight and infant's carrying basket, Feeding bottle, if an infant is carried.
A Collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces for passenger's use, if dependent on these.
A Walking stick.
An umbrella (Folding type)
Medicines required during Flight like Asthma inhaler etc.
A Laptop.

So now you know the perfect notes on packing a carry-on bag which will be sufficient for you in ample of situations. It is not that these items will get you through every time an incident comes up. But then, what's a journey which is not unpredictable. Right?

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year from the MiStay family!