There are a host of things in life that become a milestone in the landscape of our memories. These are the things that will still bring a smile on your face or make you blush or draw a few drops of tear to your eyes. Vacations we take will surely be among those milestones, especially those you enjoyed as a couple.

It is a large bunch of little memories that make the whole holiday experience exceptional. It could be walking on the beach step in step with waves kissing your feet, trying a weird dish together and totally loving it, nicknaming a mocktale after your lover, buying something just because she loved it and spending hours together talking about those sweet nothings!... you will never know which little experience can leave a mark on your heart for the rest of your life.

One may undertake a couple holiday for various reasons but it should essentially be planned with the central thought of enhancing your bonding, spending some quality time together, having a fresh beginning and fall in love with each other again and again. In achieving this, there is no single formula. Rather every couple connects in a different way and thus travel plans should be tweaked to accommodate your interests and desires.

Accommodation tops your planning list because you want to stay comfortably and relax in a luxurious way. When you are travelling as a couple you should specifically look for a hotel for local couples instead of opting out for regular hotels. As we elaborate on some points, consider planning a quality holiday with your partner.

So here’s all you need to know about couple friendly hotels.

They provide couple specific facilities

When you travel in a group, your choice of accommodation is generally based on everybody’s choice. But while travelling as a couple, you want to enjoy each other’s company and the accommodation has to be selected with this perspective. The couple friendly hotels will take into account the needs of couples while planning their rooms and services. King size beds, carpeted floor, a spacious wardrobe, bathtub, lowlights and a large window pane to pane through are all facilitated to enhance your travel experience as a couple. Sweet gestures of complimentary drinks or breakfast for the couple, round the clock room service, fully stocked mini bar are apt to add a zing to your time spent together.

You will find additional services that a couple can enjoy

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Your accommodation is not just about a good stay. What would set a good couple hotel apart is the fact that they offer a wide range of activities and indulgences that the couple may enjoy together. Things like a soothing couple spa treatment, an exclusive couple dinner, decorating the room for a special night, a chilled bottle of champagne, couple grooming or makeover sessions can up the romance quotient and set you up in a good mood. There are several other uncommon and innovative events that both couple hotels and hotels for unmarried couples may arrange to enrich your bond. Cooking and baking sessions, couple trekking, couple scuba diving, pottery making, dance classes and various other activities bring you joy in a unique way.

Couple friendly hotels will respect your privacy

If a poll couple be taken of all the couples who are planning for a getaway together to name that one thing they most certainly expect from couple friendly hotels it would obviously be ‘privacy. And these hotel do understand the need for it and highly respect it. When you opt for a hotel especially catering to couples, you will realise how correct your choice it. While staying at a regular hotel you will have kids crying, families having loud conversations, late night activities in corridors, crowded lobby and people constantly staring at you. Being in India, privacy can be easily intruded unintentionally and without even realising. Thus, instead of compromising on your privacy, book a hotel that is couple friendly and enjoy your holiday peacefully.

Your safety and security is taken care of as top priority

Even though you will be staying in a hotel for couples just for a few days during your vacation, that place is your safe house. Your security while you stay there and the safety of your belongings totally rests upon the management of the hotel. Honeymoon hotels and hotels for unmarried couples understand Indian Jurisdiction and abide by it with utmost respect. Instead of being judgemental, they will provide a safe and relaxing accommodation for you to enjoy vacation with your partner.

Hotels to fit all kinds of budget


It is a general notion that couple hotels are priced expensively as they are in great demand. But on the contrary, a hotel for local couples can be availedto fit into various budget brackets. Depending on the kind of vacation you are planning and the budget you have set aside for it, you can find a good hotel where you can enjoy a peaceful stay. As they say, ‘Nothing worth doing is ever easy’, finding the right hotel may require some effort but it’s worth it. Make use of travel apps, online booking etc. while searching for hotel deals. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the various discounts, freebies, complementary services and offers they give you to make your vacation all the more exciting and enjoyable. With all these deals your accommodation option will not just take care of your stay but dot your vacation with some enjoyable moments.

A couple vacation is not only for the newly weds or the unmarried couples who want to spend some quality time with each other to understand each other’s interests and lifestyle. The couples who have been married for years also should plan a solitary vacation to rekindle love for each other. Marriage is that romantic bond where your journey with your partner for a lifetime. During this lifetime, you will fall in love with that same person again and again rediscovering their personality. Go ahead and spend some time away from your family, job and responsibilities to see them with a fresh perspective and live life in its fullest sense. Happy Holidays!