India has been moving toward modernity as a nation and society over the last few decades. Our lifestyle, attitude, and point of view on several issues affecting our everyday lives have profoundly changed. These adjustments have contributed to our society's increased acceptance and openness.

We have developed certain limitations over the years. It is typically frowned upon for couples to stroll hand in hand or spend some personal time together in parks. These deeply-in-love couples typically struggle to find some privacy and spend quality time together. If an innocent unmarried couple decides to book couple friendly Hotels in Hyderabad to get some privacy, they are eyed suspiciously and questioned by hotel staff.

Getting a suitable hotel room for a short trip is also a concern for unmarried couples regarding privacy, as opposed to only parks and gardens. Even though India is home to innumerable hotels, resorts, and retirement homes, most do not permit unmarried couples to book a room. Having trouble finding a private area is undoubtedly annoying and frustrating. But with MiStay, no more worries. MiStay will give you services by which you will be able to find the best Couple Friendly Hotels in Noida.

Enjoy quality time with your partner in couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai. Source: Shutterstock

Recent Survey

One can find numerous Couple Friendly Hotels in Delhi which are reputable. According to a survey by the online travel agency about 72% of respondents chose a couple-friendly hotel for shorter stays, whether for "daycations" (limited length day visits) or overnight stays. Additionally, it was discovered that more than 46% of hotel reservations were made by married couples who live in the same city, while 54% were for hotels outside the city. In addition, the survey discovered that 50% of respondents had booked romantic hotels more than five times in the previous year.

According to the report, about 1/3rd of these reservations were made on arrival. While reservations for Couple Friendly Hotels in Pune are increasing, some of the biggest but prevalent worries of travellers include the hotel staff's frequent criticism and nosy behaviour 39% and discloses personal identification documents when guests check-in 36%.

The survey also found that 25% of respondents found it difficult to erase a booking from their travel records, and 27% said they received promotional offers or correspondence from hotels after their visit.  According to the survey, more than 80% of respondents felt comfortable booking hotels that allow "No Questions Asked" check-ins, highlighting some important factors that couples consider when making hotel reservations. It continued, adding that other deciding criteria include price (61%), location (55%), hotel rating (53%), privacy (52%), and discounts given (38%).

Why do conventional hotels behave in a stereotypical way?

Hotels refuse to rent rooms to unmarried couples out of concern for their reputation and the fear of being judged. The police frequently arrest these couples who are having a private moment in a hotel room while working hand in hand with the hotel owners. The cops took 40 teams out of a Mumbai hotel in 2015 after learning they were not married, which made headlines. They received ₹1200 fine, a jail sentence, and a call from their parents with a reprimand. A consenting adult and their families will find this exceedingly embarrassing, without any other consequences. Each day, thousands of such occurrences take place.

Most hotels in non-metropolitan cities of India refuse service to couples because they are unsure of their credentials rather than out of any moral compulsion. A government-issued ID. , it allows us to verify that a person is who they say they are. Knowing the people's ages is helpful. In as much as it ensures our guests' safety, it maintains hotels secure and compliant with the law. However, we know several reputable hotels have a policy against hosting unmarried couples. They demand marriage documentation. However, there are many of these couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai. Present an ID that has been accepted, and enjoy your stay.

The implications for India

It is impossible to overlook moral policing in Indian culture. Even now, couples who embrace in public are made fun of, and police raids in hotels are routine. The majority of hourly hotels in Mumbai appear to follow this guideline. Unmarried couples are not prohibited from lodging together by law. However, this rarely happens. The justifications are, at best, weak and illogical; at worst, they are moralistic and judgmental.

Do single couples have the option to stay in hourly hotels in Mumbai?

Hourly hotels in Delhi are permitted, but a few considerations exist before making a reservation.

  • Not all hotels allow unmarried couples, so choose your preferred hotel and scroll down to where it says "couples welcome." It signifies that single couples are permitted.
  • If you are a local, ensure the hotel you book allows locals.
  • Only if you and your partner are older than 18 will the hotel let you check in.
  • You must carry identification since you both need to prove your identities. Aadhar or a voter card should be used as identification instead of a pan card.
  • The end. Nobody may bother you; this is a legal right.

Which hotel is a good choice for single couples?

When making a hotel reservation using a mobile app. Create filters like these.

  • Acceptance of locals (if you want a hotel room in your city)
  • Enable "Relationship Mode" so you can continue living apart from one another.
  • Pay at Hotel - If you prefer to pay the hotel directly, do so after making your reservation.
  • Aadhaar cards are required for both people staying in hotel rooms. They will duplicate the cards and give them back to you.
  • Unmarried couples can check in safely

How to book couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai?

  1. Find out if there are any in or close to your desired places by doing some study.
  2. Reserve the room online, and be sure you select two guests. If at all feasible, check in a little earlier and ask your spouse to do the same. In this approach, you would have provided identification during check-in, but you could easily travel downstairs to meet your companion in the lobby or waiting area and then stroll back to your floor and room. Just make an effort to avoid excessive PDA to avoid raising red flags.
  3. The reception will typically not prevent you from leaving without her evidence because you would have already turned in yours moments before.
  4. Hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign and lock the door behind you.


Suppose you are a local couple looking for a luxurious hotel room and have encountered such a frustrating situation. In that case, the above explanations may have provided all the necessary information.

However, there appears to be room for ameliorating these challenging circumstances for couples with the arrival of new regulations that hotels are currently implementing. Hourly Hotels in Chennai seem to be saying goodbye to the drama of moral policing over time. Here, there is a win-win situation for both parties. MiStay provides a safe and welcoming hotel room environment for local couples to enjoy time together while occupied rooms ensure financial rewards for the hoteliers.