When you hear one word, you may dive under your cozy sheets, get a cup of hot chocolate, curl up into a ball with a favorite novel beside you, and make your legs turn into a cylinder. All kinds of people can be tickled by this one word, from those who love reading to those who love to slow dance to those who love to cook warm food or simply enjoy walking in the park holding hands with their loved ones, and those who love to travel. We can see, feel, and experience more of the world during the delightful season of winter. By booking your flight ticket and getting zapped to the most beautiful places on earth, there are numerous ways to enjoy the instant makeover of the planet.

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Our new guidebook (that we have penned after hours of research, debating, and guzzling hot chocolate) is The Unsurpassed Winter Travel Guide.

1. Prepare in advance

It is important to take all precautions when traveling during the cooler time of the year. There is a saying "prevention is better than cure." for a reason. Before traveling to your chosen destination, make certain you do your research and check the weather forecast.

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2. Follow your airline and airport on social media, especially in the winter.

If you need to change plans right away, these pages will be of great help when it begins to snow. Furthermore, they are active on their social media, which may help you reschedule your flight to your onward destination if the need arises.

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3. Weather-appropriate packing

You should note and pack your suitcase while you're checking the weather. Carrying the latest fashion trends, such as ski wear, and spending a large amount of money on them are not recommended, as they may not be noticed among the heaps of winter clothes. Keep an ample pair of socks on hand as well as a roll-on deodorant.

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4.  Make sure you stay hydrated

Although everyone's travel plans are slowed down by this, it is readily available: water. It is recommended that you carry your own water purifying tools, such as a SteriPen, Clearly Filtered Bottle, or other handheld purifying devices (you can find these on the internet!) Travel bloggers recommend these, easy to get tools. Further, you won't need to purchase bottled water each time, as well as avoid medical bills if you become dehydrated.

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5. Keep a first aid kit with you

It would be best if your family doctor could assist. Keep a record of your allergies and carry enough medical aid. You might want to consider carrying antibiotics in cooler weather since infections are more likely.

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6. Speak to locals

Upon arrival at your destination, talk to locals and get to know the place better; as there is no better source of information than the local's guide to the place they know best. There is a possibility that you will meet your soul mate or a new friend. This is a win-win situation.

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6. Charge your devices

There's nothing worse than being stranded on a holiday destination amid miles of snow when the screen of your phone flashes 'Battery low’. This will automatically shutdown your device. There's no better time to panic than now! Ensure that your devices are fully charged before you leave so that you don't encounter such a situation later.

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7. Stock up

Stocking up on even the simplest things like toilet paper is a wise decision during winter in areas where it snows. A few extra diapers are never a bad thing when traveling with kids.

8. Use common sense

The most reliable thing to do is to trust your sixth sense, because that's what most people do when they're uncertain. Furthermore, it is one thing to be experimental, but it is another to be foolish.

9. Inform

Whatever season you are traveling in, you must definitely tackle this. Keep yourself informed about your exact location and area through GPS and Google Maps. There is nothing bad in being a totally informed person for your companions’ safety and security.

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