Every once in a while in our lives we need to stop, relax and refill our energy levels. Often in our busy schedule we overlook the need to ‘rest’. To just not do anything but to spend some time for ourselves. This not only necessary for an individual but all the more important for couples. Vacationing as a couple is a great way of renewing your love, affection and care for each other. Even a simple weekend getaway for couples will infuse new spirits and shall boost your relationship.

But why should we always holiday the traditional way?? This time around, push aside all the ‘normal’ holiday plans and think out of the box. Here are some unique couple holiday ideas that are packed with lots of excitement. Depending on your expectation and choices you can embark on any of these kind of vacations with your partner to deepen and widen your relationship.

No Gadgets Attached:

Gadgets were invented to make our lives easier and to reduce our work so that we can spend more time with our family. But the irony is that these days we spend more time with our smartphones, laptops and televisions. Get rid of your gadgets and take your partner out on a holiday where you can enjoy life. Work, family responsibilities, social life and your gadgets can wait for a few days. Put your spouse or your partner as your priority and spend quality time with them. Stay at one of those couple friendly hotels. Eat together, drink together, and participate in fun activities together to bring back the zing in your love life. Those who are in a relationship can book hotels for unmarried couples. No matter where you choose to holiday, just remember to enjoy the leisurely destinations without all those gadgets around you.

A nature getaway:


There is hardly anything that can be more relaxing than a nature getaway. If could just be the perfect holiday surprise for your partner is she is a nature admirer. Different couples have different preferences when it comes to the kind of natural settings that soothe them. Some may like the Kerala Backwaters, some may love the snow clad mountains and some others may like the sandy beaches. No matter what your preferences are, nature’s beauty in any form will always entice you and bewitch you! By spending just a little time on a quality hotel booking app for couples you can discover various options. Pick the lesser known locations and the places that are offering exciting experiences with nature. Couples who are looking for ideal ways to spend the best time with their partner, must escape to a weekend getaway in the lap of nature. To further enhance their stay experience, they can book hotels for unmarried couples, preferably at destinations which offer the access to some of nature's most beautiful creatures and great sightseeing options.

Pure indulgence:

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If there is one kind of vacation that every couple should take at least once in a lifetime it would be a pure indulgence vacation. No matter the kind of jobs we do or the lifestyle we have, once in a while pampering is most certainly required. It cannot be thoroughly enjoyed if we are traveling in a group. Weekend getaways for couples can be absolutely indulging with ayurvedic massages, a table full of exotic seafood, a dip in the ocean, or a cruise with enthrilling parties. The goal of such vacations is to feel special and there is no one better way to share the experiences with other than your partner.

Road trip:

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Have you ever stood at a cross road and wondered ‘where does this road go!’? Well, why not head on a road with your partner discovering rural India in your own unique way. Taking a road trip with your partner can be both relaxing and enriching helping you to see the different sides of life. Pack your luggage and start your journey right away on a bike or in a car. As you know that most parts of India are digitally connected you can prepare a road map till your final destination with stop points marked. Hotel booking app for couples can help you find good and safe hotels across different regions and routes. The varied food, culture, hospitality and lifestyle that you will discover on your way will surely leave you appreciating life in a much deeper way.

Soak the culture:

Culture is the gist of our ethnicity, beliefs, food, lifestyle and uniqueness of a community. We all come from different cultural backgrounds and in our attempt to fit into the urban culture we have forgotten our roots. Why not plan an enriching vacation that will take you and your partner back to your cultural roots? This kind of a holiday can hold deeper meaning for couples both married and planning to get married if they are from different cultural backgrounds. Get to know each other’s region, the food you are emotionally connected to, the dance forms, the music, and the festivals, the language, many other aspects of your culture which have indirectly contributed to your personality.

Holiday the hardcore way:

Have you ever pushed yourself to the edge? A vacation can be a great opportunity to break your shackles and just be free. Let out the hardcore adventure loving side of you and your partner to enjoy some extreme thrill. There are various places in India offering extreme sports and activities that will get your adrenaline rushing. Even the conservative and subdued couple should plan such a vacation solely because it will unleash the free spirit in you. It is a great way to detox your mind as well and let out that frustration and anxiety. Instead of a family hotel, opt to stay at any good couple friendly hotels so that you will be aptly taken care of while you overload yourself with thrilling activities.

Wildlife is calling:

If you are someone who wants to appreciate life and nature in its fullness, you should plan a safari with your partner. Run along side camels, dive with the dolphins, stand in awe of the lion or elephant herd, and let the melody of the birds lighten your spirits. When you see wildlife in their natural habitat, you will really be humbled by their beauty, majesty and variety. Such a vacation is an ideal one to understand our relationship with other life forms and our responsibility towards them as well.

There is so much to life than what meets the eye. A unique and out of the box couple holiday is a great way to appreciate each other and all that life gifts us with. Such an experience of a lifetime will leave you happier, wiser and stronger.