Are you getting mostly beach options to visit in Puducherry? Don't worry, I have sorted this out for you! Puducherry is a famous coastal region in Tamil Nadu near Chennai. Puducherry (or previously Pondicherry) is quoted as a good substitute for commercialized Goa. You can explore adorning & clean beaches here with large rocks structure alongside.

Not only beaches but there are also various other gratifying places to visit in Puducherry. So, schedule an hourly hotel in Chennai & plan for a trip to Puducherry.

I. Chunnambar Boat House

Chunnambar Boat House (Image Source:

Enjoy a different experience of boat riding along with dense coconut trees, water lilies & lush greenery during your visit to Chunnambar Boat House. Also known as 'Plage Paradiso', this boat house is at the location where the Chunnambar river meets the Bay of Bengal. You can even stay in a tree house overnight to savor a bonfire, the sounds of chirpy birds, and the sky full of stars. There are different types of boat rides available. It is open on all days. Boating & short rides' timings are 9 am to 6 pm, the only difference is for beach long rides as it's up to 4 pm.

You can indulge in various other adventurous activities at the beach, like jet skiing, banana riding, kayak boating, windsurfing, raw boating, and motor boating. So, in all, you can relish both quiet evenings & thrilling activities. What are you then waiting for? Pack your bags, and save your money by staying in an hourly hotel in Chennai or day use hotel in Puducherry and exploring this natural beauty.

II. La Maison Rose

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Started by Catalan artist Ramon Pichot in 1905, La Maison Rose's place was initially a painting studio. In 1908, his wife Germaine Gargallo decided to open La Maison Rose restaurant. The paintings inside the restaurant were greatly inspired by works of renowned artists, Maclet and Utrillo.

This famous restaurant offers foods based on fresh & seasonal products. The menu is inspired by French and Italian cuisines. La Maison Rose focuses on supporting local agriculture & artisans. Sounds unique, right? Plan your trip and book a hotel for a few hours in Chennai or Puducherry for your comfortable stay.

III. French War Memorial

French War Memorial (Image Source:

Dedicated to the French-Indian martyrs of world war I, the French War Memorial is one of the significant tourist attractions in Puducherry. French Indians were those people who were living in the French colonies in the Indian subcontinent. The names of those soldiers who laid their lives in the war were etched on a bronze plaque. Erected in 1937, the sculptor Gaston Petit & an architect Delafon designed the French War Memorial. This monument is still a property of France. On the 14th of July (Bastille day), the memorial is decorated every year. Quite historic, right? Schedule an hourly hotel in Chennai for a cost-effective stay & pay a visit to this historic monument.

IV. Jawahar Toy Museum

Decorated dolls in Jawahar Toy Museum (Image Source:

If you have kids, Jawahar Toy Museum is a great place to be in! Located near the old lighthouse & the Gandhi Maidan, Jawahar Toy Museum has a huge collection of over 120 dolls wearing attires from different states of India. You can enjoy the sight of some rare toys, cars, small carved statues, vintage toy cars, mini air balloons, toy trains, and a charming fairyland. Spectacular, right? So, don't think much & book a hotel for a few hours in Chennai or day use hotel in Puducherry & visit this vibrant museum.

V. Arikamedu

Serene view of Arikamedu (Image Source:

Built in the 19th century, Arikamedu was once an iconic trading place between Romans & Indians. Now an archeological site, Arikamedu had been proven as a significant trading location at the time of Augustus Caesar's reign. You can enjoy the surrounding greenery views around the excavated sites. You can also find excavated ceramic crockery used for cooking meals for sailors. In 2004, the Indian government decided to restore the site in collaboration with the Italian administration. Sounds vintage with beautiful landscapes, right? So, schedule an hourly hotel in Chennai from MiStay so that you can avail flexible check-in facility.

VI. Aurobindo Ashram

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If Puducherry is famous for its spectacular beaches, it is also known for its serene Aurobindo Ashram. Founded by a renowned yoga guru & philosopher Aurobindo Ghosh around 110 years ago, the ashram's architecture is a modernized version of usual ashram setups. You can meditate in the peaceful atmosphere of the ashram. A library with over 80,000 books in 25 different languages is available here. You can enjoy Indian & western classical music during your visit.

In 1920, Aurobindo's ardent follower Mira Alfassa joined the ashram & got famous as 'Mother'. She took care of the ashram after the death of Aurobindo Ghosh in 1950. You can burial place of both of them in an Ashram. Built of white marble, the shrine is decorated with fresh flowers every day. You can also buy a variety of fragrances & ayurvedic products in the Senteurs-Fleurs en Falcon shop inside the ashram. Fascinated by the place that's a mix of serenity & fun? Book your tickets and save your bucks by staying in an hourly hotel in Chennai during your stay.

VII. Villa Helena

Entrance of Villa Helena (Image Source: Facebook)

Located 300 meters from Promenade beach, the Villa house is a colonial time building. Now, a beautiful heritage guest house, Villa Helena is one of the favorite tourist spots of Puducherry. This iconic place provides an air-conditioned set up with a garden & terrace. The restaurant offers delicious multi-cuisine starters, snacks, salads, main course meals, cocktails & desserts. So, indulge in the old-world charisma of the place, click alluring pictures & enjoy sumptuous dishes. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book a hotel for a few hours in Chennai & have your soul-filling breakfast in Villa Helena. You can even schedule day use hotel in Puducherry from MiStay so that you can check in at any time.

So, when are you visiting Puducherry to explore these wonderful attractions?