It is a myth that only girls love shopping. From men to children, everyone enjoys retail therapy. But sometimes, this part-time hobby could turn out to be dangerous for the pocket. An intelligent way to ensure that you don’t end up losing your house while buying that fancy dress, high-heeled stilettos and handsome shirt is to bargain. People in most countries believe bargaining is their right and practice it religiously, although a few find it embarrassing and uncomfortable. While visiting local markets and street shops, don’t forget to use this golden rule to save some money. Here are 13 tips to bargain effectively without feeling awkward-

1. Never show the dollars until the price is finalised

This is the basic principle. If you display a stashed wallet, there are zero chances the shopkeeper will give the item for even a rupee less. Also, try to dress down a bit if you are looking for a good deal. All this is to save some money. Another way to cut your losses is by housing in hourly hotels in Mumbai during your trip. With hourly hotels in Mumbai, you only pay for the time spent in the lodge.


2. Put your acting skills to use

Make the shopkeeper sympathize with you, tell them things like “I have travelled from a very far place” or “I don’t have such a huge budget”. Make up a story and stick to it. Eventually, it might work!

3. Act like you are not interested

Never show that you want that shimmery dress badly. This makes the seller more confident that you will buy the piece at whatever price he throws. Ask for the price, haggle once and if he is not ready to negotiate, start looking at another item. Some of the best markets to shop and bargain are in Delhi, where you will find plenty hourly hotels in Delhi or dayuse hotels in Delhi.

4. Patience

Do you know the Hindi proverb “sabr ka phal meetha hota hai” (patience fruit sweet)? Bargaining is not something that happens quickly. It takes blood, sweat and most importantly time. If you are in a rush, try not to show up because it can work against you. The salesperson will simply wait until you have to leave, putting pressure on you to offer a higher bid.

5. Know when to walk away

Recall Varun Dhawan wishing for Ileana to turn around and look back in Main Tera Hero. We are aiming for the same thing but with the shopkeeper. If after one or two attempts they don’t reduce the cost, act disinterested and walk away. Chances are they might call out to you willing to renegotiate if the piece is not in demand. Shopping could be tiring, walking for long hours and going back and forth with shopkeepers on the prices reserve hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai to relax after your shopping spree.

source-Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

6.  Master if I take

Use the “what if I buy two items will I get a discount?”, Chances are the seller might end up agreeing, and you have more for less. Try this only if you are sure and want both items. Don’t do it for the sake of a price cut and regret later.

7. Decide a fair price

Put your desired rate forward but at the same time, respect the storekeeper. Research the cost of the product before purchasing it and use it to bargain. If you know the vendor is fooling people and selling something for a higher cost than its original price, use it to your advantage. Another thing to use in your favour is the discounts on hourly hotels in Mumbai while travelling.

8. The first person to quote loses

The person who says the price first is at a huge disadvantage. This gives the other person the privilege to twist and turn the cost as he likes, ultimately compelling the first person to settle out of awkwardness. If the seller says the price first, it means you have a chance to pay less, but if you are the first person to quote, the vendor will not sell it for a lesser price. So, remember this thumb rule to let the seller state his estimate at the start and then start your bargaining journey. A famous roadside market is Colaba market in Mumbai, where you will find designer knockoffs for cheap and save some bucks while travelling to the city of dreams by staying in Hourly hotels in Mumbai.

9. Put on a smile

Bargaining is not a battle; it is an exchange of dialogue between two parties trying to find a common ground beneficial for both. Arguing is not the goal, reduction in price is. Negotiating is an ancestral tradition in some cultures, such as the Arabs. No purchases are made without bargaining. So, the most important part is to enjoy yourself even if you don’t get the piece for your desired price. There is always a next time. Booking hourly hotels in Pune will also put a smile on your face because of all the money saved.

source-Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

10. Begin the chase with a lower price than you are willing to pay

It is necessary to leave some room for negotiation. Increasing the bid later by small amounts will show the seller that you are making efforts to compromise, which will be highly appreciated.

11.  Find flaws

If you see a sweater with loose threads or a shirt with an ink mark, hint towards it. There is a huge possibility that the seller will give you a discount as that is only the fair way to do it. You might find a flaw in apparel, but hourly hotels in Chennai provide flawless and high-quality service.

12. If possible, use the local language

Using the native language will not only give you confidence but also help you communicate better. We have seen live examples of people being charged five times the rate because they could speak the local’s lingo. They think you are foreign to the place and easy to fool. You don’t need a PhD, just knowing a few sentences like “what is the final price?”, “how much?”, “Please quote a fair price?” and some greetings are enough. Luckily you can book hourly hotels in Bangalore or dayuse hotels in Bangalore online through MiStay for an affordable price. There is no need to learn a different language for this purpose.

13. Show respect and don’t back out

A lot of people tend to forget this while travelling. Once you make an offer and the shopkeeper agrees, purchase the item. Don’t get cold feet about it and disrespect the owner. Negotiate if you are all in on buying the item. Don’t waste your time as well as theirs.


Following these 13 tips will make you a pro haggler and be ready to always come home with hands full of shopping bags bought at slashed rates.