Hourly hotels are hotels that provide an opportunity to book a room on an hourly basis with all amenities intact. Room by the hour concept enables you to rent rooms per hour without 12-noon check-in guidelines. If you are a couple wanting a daycation with your partner, a student/professional travelling to a new city for an exam, or a trekker, you can relax at hourly hotels in Pune.

Experiencing soothing spas at hourly hotels in Pune. Image credits: unspash.com

Do hourly hotels in India provide spas or body massages, and why?

What is a hotel spa?

A hotel spa is available in resorts and grounds to provide individual services and treatments like manicures, facials, massages, pedicures, etc. Depending on the hotel location and facilities, hotel spas have steam rooms and allow guests to enjoy spa experiences in their rooms. A therapist, esthetician, nail technician or hair stylist can provide beauty treatments to single guests and couples. Rest is the primary motto of spa hotels, which can be the best romantic gateway and weekend break. A spa-focused lodging provides physical fitness activities, spa services, wellness education, healthy cuisine, swimming pools and much more.

What is a body massage?

A body massage involves applying pressure on muscles on the skin's surface. Body massages can relax, revive and heal your body. If you want to release stress and tension, you can take up massage therapy to deal with physical and mental health. A trained massage therapist has to perform a full body massage for guests and couples. Some tourist destinations famous for oil massages provide body massage for travelers across the globe, relax and refresh the body muscles, stimulate blood circulation and produce endorphins.

Difference between hotel spa and body massage

While the spa also provides massage, spa treatment caters to luxury massage to create a fresh feeling on the skin, focusing on exfoliation, cleansing, and skin hydration, while the latter is therapeutic.

The epitome of serenity and blissfulness at a spa in hourly hotels in Pune. Image credits: Pexels.com

Spa/body massage- What do hourly hotels offer?

Most hourly hotels in India provide spa and beauty treatments because spa treatments don't need specialists and therapists. Moreover, spa treatments are for tourists travelling to famous destinations who decide to refresh on the go and stay at hotels for a few hours. Weary backpackers, cultural tourists, couples, and business travellers can benefit from hotels for a few hours in India. You can book hourly hotels in Chennai, spend hours in a peaceful and serene atmosphere and relax to take a break.

Only a few hotels famous for traditional treatments provide special body massages.

Benefits of spa and body massage at hourly hotels in India

Note-worthy spa benefits for your stay at hourly hotels are as follows:

  • A spa distressed the body, and spa treatment is an incredible way to relax after a busy day. You can enjoy a spa treatment at hourly hotels in Hyderabad and enjoy your stay and relax.
  • Spa medications assist in taming the skin cells and hydrating them, incredibly benefiting your short stay at an hourly hotel.
  • If you are on a vacation or weekend break from the hustle and bustle of life, hourly hotels in Mumbai help loosen your tight muscles, lower your muscle strain and enable sound sleep.
  • The spa is a perfect getaway to extensive muscle stretches and body refreshment relieving minor aches and pains at work.
  • If your focus is getting good skin and hair texture, hourly hotels in Bangalore offer recognized skin treatments separating dead and unpleasant skin cells and hair fall treatments.
  • If you and your partner have a tough time together, a spa treatment at Day Use hotels can reduce blood pressure and increase a sense of bonding with your partner.

Let us explore some benefits of body massages:

  • Experts and professionals should perform body massages and loosen up your muscles and improve flexibility in your body.
  • Just like a spa treatment, body massage improves your sleep mechanism.
  • It can diminish your fatigue, ease your anxiety and suppress depression.
  • Pain/injuries can subside with body massages. Massage treatment reduces pain in a non-invasive way.

Only some hourly hotels with experts in places like Kerala and Uttharakand can give full body massages and traditional treatments to relieve pain.

Benefits of staying at hourly hotels for relaxation

  • If you are a business traveller looking for a micro stay for relaxation, hourly hotels are the best destination that offers spa treatments for the hours you stay.
  • In addition to early check-in and hourly-basis pay, you can benefit from health and wellness spa massages and relax for some time.
  • If you are a cultural tourist wanting to experience local spa treatments specific to cities, hourly hotels in Delhi are the perfect getaway.
  • What if you have a layover and you feel tired? While crossing a city and booking a stay to relax, you can take a quick nap or relax with a spa massage at Dayuse hotels in Noida and relax for a while.
  • Hotel amenities at micro-stay hotels are lucrative, where you can enjoy a spa treatment with your partner by the poolside and watch your kids swim in the pool.
  • If you are a backpacker or trekker with long adventurous journeys, refresh at Day Use hotels in Chennai and give your body the necessary rest and zeal for your upcoming trips.
  • You can relax, feel rejuvenated and revive from spa treatments at Day Use rooms in Hyderabad without worrying about your travel luggage.

How to enjoy a spa at hourly hotels?

  • To have the perfect spa hour during your stay, check the menu and price and choose according to your requirement.
  • Check online reviews and testimonials for hotel-specific spa services and experience the best treatment during your hourly stay.
  • Don't miss out on the complimentary packages the hotel offers. For instance, if you are on your honeymoon, hotels provide pair massages and free couple spa treatments as part of your package.
  • Eat a light meal before your spa time, and don't plan outdoor activities after the spa. Ensure you have ample time to rest post-spa sessions to enjoy blissfulness.

List of Hourly hotels in Pune

  • Holiday Inn Express Pune Pimpri  
  • Holiday Inn Express Pune Hinjewadi
  • Hyatt Pune
  • Hyatt Residency Pune in Viman Nagar
  • The pride hotel Pune Shivaji Nagar
  • Bestow Inn in Koregaon park  
  • HMR Royal Inn Katraj
  • The Central Park Hotel Bund Garden Road
  • Hotel Madhav International Agarkar Nagar
  • Hotel Corporate Stay at Balewadi Phata  
  • Hotel Majestique at Tal-haveli
  • Hotel Morya Garden Ranjangaon
  • Hotel Gravity Inn at Baner
  • Hotel Arambh Pune in Katraj
  • The Paradise Aundh

List of Day use hotels in Pune (Prices low to high)

  • Hotel Mukesh Residency
  • Hotel Samruddhi Lodge Wagholi in Bhilarewadi
  • Hotel Suraj Classic at
  • Hotel Honey Katraj
  • HMR Royal Inn Katraj
  • Hotel SRH 1 Hinjewadi
  • Hotel Morya Garden Ranjangaon
  • Lofty Seasons Stay Inn Koregaon Park
  • Holiday Inn Express Pune Pimpri  
  • Hotel Corporate Stay at Balewadi Phata  
  • Gandharva Residency Hadapsar  
  • Hotel Regent Chinchwad  
  • Iprass Corporate Service Apartments Baner  
  • Hotel Arambh Pune in Katraj
  • Hotel Pranav Executive Subhash Nagar
  • Gokul Residency Viman Nagar
  • Royal Inn 2 Baner


Hospitality chains today enable hotel stay for a few hours and offer lounge services, conference rooms, spa facilities, and luxury dining for travellers across the globe. You can find many hourly hotels near the airport and stations at MiStay that provide comfort and serenity. Travellers on the go looking for a budget-friendly stay, flexible check-ins and check-outs, and additional amenities like spas and massages can book their stay at MiStay. Next time you experience a layover or travel to a city for an exam and conference, don't forget to experience staying at hourly hotels that can redefine your travel landscape by enabling relaxation.