Planning on visiting the only ‘paradise on Earth’? Or are you planning on visiting some other hill station; perhaps the land of lakes, Nainital, or perhaps the very famous Leh, Ladakh, or maybe even the must visit Mussoorie?

Whatever may be your destination, as long as it lies in the northern parts of the country, experiences snowfall, and has constant cold temperatures, this guide will help you pack for it! Taking Kashmir as the benchmark and example location, we bring to you a complete guide on things that you should be packing and bringing for Kashmir, keeping in mind all kinds of activities that can take place there and all kinds of adversities that may occur. Consider booking hourly hotels in case you need to change the location of your stay!

Rest assured, if you follow our guide to the T you will not be finding yourself in need of anything last minute, traversing the streets for some very specific over priced item that you may have forgotten to bring along.

1.     Clothing essentials

Of course, the first thing on yours, mine and everyone’s mind is the ever essential, ever vital – clothing. Especially if you are packing for a trip high among the hills, you need to be a smart and sufficient packer so as to ensure you have a nice and comfortable trip in your comfy clothes.

·        Everyday clothes:

You will be needing this, very clearly, every day. Includes everything you would normally wearing including but not limited to undergarments, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, pyjamas and the like.

·        Clothes for the cold:

If you do not want to undergo hypothermia it is highly advised to pack ample of warm clothing, like parkas, woollen sweaters, sweatshirts, warm hoodies, coats and overcoats, scarves, gloves, and anything else depending on how cold the climate is going to be when you are visiting.

·        Other essential clothing:

Something that you do not think you will need but you probably will, come under this category. Raincoats are one such clothing item since it is also known to rain in hill stations.

Also keep in mind to bring athletic clothing – the sort you have to wear when trekking or hiking. You cannot really wear normal clothing for these. Another such example is a swimsuit – yes, we haven’t lost our minds. You may want to take a dip in your hotel pool, or in the local lake or river you may come across.

Of course, don’t go diving into an icy water body, but taking a little dip in normal temperature water never hurt anybody.

·        The little ones:

Here we are including the most easily forgotten or underpacked stuff. Like socks, believe me you will be needing more than a few pair of these. Pack different kinds of socks like woollen, ankle length, and cotton to make sure you have something for when it gets cold and when you have to go hiking.

Also pack along a few hats or caps – woollen ones for when it gets cold and normal ones for when the sun is out.

·        Shoes

By far the most important entry under this subheading is shoes. You will need various pairs – like hiking shoes or boots, without which you can bid farewell to your hiking plans. Then you may need normal shoes that will keep your feet warm on colder days, and sandals or fancy shoes when you want to go round the city or have dinner at a fancy restaurant.

2.     Self-care and hygiene essentials


These are pretty self-explanatory.

·        Topical serums:

Make sure to pack anything you use in your daily skin care routine, along with a good sunscreen and moisturisers because your skin will get dry.

·        Hygiene products:

Everything from tooth brushes to female hygiene products and even soap if your skin is sensitive. Also bring along your combs, hairbrushes, hairdryers, and hair clips/rubber bands.

·        First aid:

You never know when someone will get hurt. Even if it is not you, it is a good idea to pack some in case anyone around you or with you gets hurt, especially if you are planning on trekking or any other adventurous activity. Pack enough bandages, disinfectants, muscle relaxants, pain killers, and other such additions.

3.     Snacks


Yes, we mean it. You might get hungry on your flight or bus or cab. Or you may get those midnight pangs of hunger in the middle of the night at your day use hotel. Or you may not like the food you will have to eat while you are out camping in the middle of nowhere. You also will most definitely feel hungry during hiking or trekking – those are strenuous activities!

Also make sure to pack more food if you have dietary restrictions, or you have a weak stomach, or you have diabetes and get low on blood sugar quick.

4.     Backpack essentials:


These include things that will come in handy along your trip.

·        Multi tool: this is the holy grain of campers. One little finger sized tool that will get everything done, quite literally. They are pliers, nose pliers, wire cutters, little knives, bottle openers, screw drivers, can openers, pry tools, rulers – all in one!

·        A small knife, not for any person or animal.

·        Sunglasses. You know why.

·        Re usable water bottle: you do not want to litter the natural beauty of pristine mountains by discarding plastic single use ones. Plus keeping hydrated is a vital step.

·        Your phone: I mean, don’t get lost right? You probably won’t have service in secluded areas anyway.

·        A compass: if you are planning on doing some difficult trekking or camping.

·        A map: if you are planning to do the above without a guide and don’t want to get lost

·        Torches: unless you are nocturnal, pack one or two.

5.     Miscellaneous items:


·        Laptop, if you are planning on doing something on it.

·        A camera: if you want to take pictures and videos better than what your phone can offer, by all means, bring along cameras.

·        Chargers and spare batteries for your phone, laptop, camera, and maybe even a portable charger/power bank.

·        Loose change: for those souvenir buying on the whim.

·        Books: I mean, who wouldn’t want to read while facing the snow-capped Himalayas?

·        A musical instrument: if you play one, bring it along! Now of course we don’t mean a piano or a harp, but something more portable and suited to the mountains like a guitar, ukulele, flute, a mouth organ, or even a violin

·        Board games, in case your outdoor plans gets cancelled due to heavy rain or snow.

·        Your medicines, if you need to take anything on the regular. Keep them somewhere where they will not get lost but are handy.

With that ends our list of what to pack for a trip to Kashmir or any other hill station! Of course, there is a lot more than this which depends on your personal need, and they might also change based on location. But just this should keep you prepared well enough!

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