Have you ever heard of the no-fly zone above the Jagannath Puri Temple? If not, gear up for your seat belts as you are riding towards the station of Puri. Book your rooms in an hourly hotel in Puri or an hourly hotel in Bhubaneswar for your next visit. There are so many fascinating stories about the Jagannath Puri that you will feel urged to visit this incredible place!

Puri lies near the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Odisha. It is known to the world for the famous God Jagannath Temple. That’s the reason Puri is known as Jagannath Puri. The city is 60 kilometers from the capital of the state, Bhubaneswar.

Jagannath Puri has something for everyone. Clean & marvelous beaches for youngsters, peaceful atmosphere for middle-aged and temple visit for oldies. Not that I am biased, you can enjoy any of these irrespective of your age! :PP

So, let’s begin with 5 mind-boggling stories of Jagannath Puri

I.  Unique Temple Architecture

Image Source: Instagram (mo_puri_)

A. About the Temple Structure

The temple doesn’t cast any shadow! Yes, you heard it right! At any time of the day,temple doesn’t have any shadow. Some believe it to be a marvelous temple architecture, while others believe it to be mystery of the temple.

B. About the Main Entrance Gate of the Temple

Another mystery is that the sound of the sea waves disappear after you enter the main entrance door, Singhadwaram. Otherwise, you can hear the sound just outside the temple!

Some believe that material used for constructing the temple & design of the temple combined make it sound-proof for sea waves. Still, there is no scientific evidence of that! It’s still a mystery.

II.  Rare Scenes at the Top of the Temple Canopy

Image Source: Instagram (mo_puri_)

A. About the Top of Temple Canopy

A metal-based Sudarshan chakra & read coloured flag is present on the top of the temple canopy. Sudarshan chakra is a made up of a heavy metal weighing over 1000 kilograms! So, it’s still a wonder how such a heavy metal was installed on the top of temple canopy when there was no such a technology!

B. About the Flag Direction

The direction in which flag moves is opposite to the direction of wind! It is usually opposite from usual. Some believe it to be probable reason of eddies production in the sea, but it has not yet proven! Other believe it to be another mystery of supernatural powers.

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III.  Prasadam

Image Source: Instagram (ame_odia_ame_jagannath)

So, if you don’t know what prasadam is ? Let me tell you, Prasadam is the name given to the food cooked in earthen stoves in around 32 kitchens in temple premises. The food is first presented to idols of God & then distributed to masses as blessing from God.

Mystery About Prasadam’s Quantity & Cooking Method!

·        The quantity of food cooked for prasadam is same everyday. Still, the food never wasted out or insufficient for the devotees! It is believed to be the blessing of God Jagannath that prasadam is always sufficient, whether it’s 1000 people or 1 lac people.

·        Cooking style is very different. Seven earthern pots are placed one over another & cooked over burning wood. But it is said, that every food item takes same time to cook, whether it’s the upper most earthen pot, or the lowest one! This cooking defies the laws of science! But amazingly, it’s true!

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IV. Presiding Deity of the God Jagannath

Image Source: Instagram (mo_pravu_jaganaath)

There are two particular details about idols of deities that are different from many other temples’idols.

·        Most Hindu deities are placed with their wives or soul partners in temples. But this is not the case for Jagannath Puri Temple. In this temple, idols of Lord Jagannath, who is believed to be reincarnation of God Shri Krishna, his sister Subhadra & his brother Balabhadra are placed & worshipped together.

·        Here, idols are made up of wood of neem tree. Otherwise, most of the idols are made up of marble or carved out of stone. These worshipped wooden idols are replaced with new wooden idols periodically as per temple traditions.

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V. Rath Yatra

Image Source: Instagram (travelling.boys and odisha_now)

Rath Yatra is a huge chariot festival celebrated on the second day of Shukla paksha (Lunar phase) as per the Hindu calendar in June or July. In this majestic rath yatra, all three deities are taken out of the temple and kept in their respective chariots. Devotees pull these three chariots to & fro from Gundicha temple, which is around 2 kilometers from the Jagannath temple.

These wooden chariots get dismantled after the rath yatra, and the used wood would be used as firewood for making the famous prasadam.

Fascinating naa! But what’s more mind-blowing are the stories behind the start of the rath yatra festival. There are various versions told by legends. Some say Rath Yatra started to enact the incident of God Shree Krishna enjoying the time with his brother Balarama & sister Subhadra in Chariot in their kingdom Dwarka. Others say that God Krishna’s wicked maternal uncle called him intending to kill him due to a prophecy. Rath Yatra started to showcase the incident of his leaving with his brother from Gokul to Mathura.

Image Source: Instagram (ame_odia_ame_jagannath)

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Final Thoughts

Jagannath Puri has its share of mysteries. These stories would fascinate you, amaze you & make you question the laws of science sometimes! But these things are visible in the temple structure. Many researchers came, even still coming, researching but not solid evidence as to why these things are the way they are!

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