Are you also a fan of refined fabric work like me? Do you also want an authentic touch in your wedding clothes? Same pinch, buddy!

Three years ago, I was in the same situation. I was searching for some unique designs during shopping for my wedding. I was living in Noida and shopped here & there for every big or small shop. But still, nothing was coming to my taste!

Then, one of my relatives suggested Bareilly for shopping. Frankly, I didn’t know about the famous handwork created there! So, I decided to give it a try. We, me & my mother, booked a hotel for a few hours in Bareilly & went for shopping.

After shopping & knowing the market, we were awe-struck! Such detailed work on the fabrics! We explored many iconic markets of Bareilly. I got the most exclusive designer fabrics ready for my wedding. I also did some furniture shopping for my new home!

So, feeling curious about what we had shopped for? Let me walk you through these five exquisite markets of Bareilly and add sparkle to your wardrobe & home.

First famous market of Bareilly is Zari zardozi market.

1. Zari Zardozi Market

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Bareilly is famously known as “Zarinagari”.

Zari Zardozi is an embroidery style that started in the 16th century. The name ‘Zardozi’ is a Persian word, consisting of two words, Zari meaning god, and dozi meaning embroidery.

Embroidery Style

In this type of embroidery, metallic threads are used for weaving intricate designs mostly on heavy silk, satin, and velvet fabrics. For the production of these metallic threads, metal ingots are melted to bars & then beaten to the desired length. Then these bars are made to eject through perforated plates to become thread wires. The Tarkashi process makes these wires thinner with the help of rubber dies.

Significance of Zari Zardozi

In medieval times, zari zardozi works were done for higher-status people. The reason being, craftsmen used metallic threads with real gold and silver threads. In the present times, cheaper versions of copper-based threads coated with gold or silver are used.

You can find these elaborate and heavy embroidery work in wedding outfits. Lighter versions are seen on bags, purses, curtains, cushions, coats, shoes, and belts.

What Do I Purchase?

I purchased one heavy embroidered lehenga for one of my wedding functions. Also, ordered zari embroidery on one of my lightweight sarees.

It was on the same note when we (me & my mother) went shopping for Jaipuri print sarees & suits in Jaipur. We shopped for the day & booked a hotel for a few hours in Jaipur from MiStay. This unique website helped me to pay for the time we stayed, not the whole day! The next morning, we flew back home.

Now, let’s dive into the second traditional market of Bareilly, Surma Market.

2. Surma Market

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Bareilly is famous for its surma market. Surma, an Urdu word, is used in the make-up of eyes. Surma is also known as kajal or kohl or eyeliner. You can shop for authentic surma with premium quality in Bareilly’s surma market.

Initial Start of Making Surma

In the old times, people used to make surma at home. They would light some camphor stones or cow milk-derived ghee in between two earthen diyas. Put this diyas at the corner of the house overnight.

In the morning, they would collect soot deposited on the outer diya with a knife. This powdered soot would be mixed with a heated liquid (ghee or oil) to make a smooth paste. This paste would solidify like a hardened cream texture & your homemade surma was ready.

But nowadays, people don’t make it at home due to tedious procedures. Branded eyeliners don’t guarantee the traditional way of making them. That’s the reason, whenever there is a question of authenticity, the answer would be the Bareilly Surma market.

Significance of Bareilly Surma

In India, the application of surma is believed to be a protector of infants from the evil eye. Pilgrimages going to Haj would buy Surma from Bareilly due to its superior quality.

What Do I Purchase?

I shopped for premium quality surma boxes for my make-up kit preparation to be used after marriage.

It was a similar gesture when I & my fiancé went for authentic Maharashtrian nose ring shopping all the way long to Pune. We got on the flight, booked a couple friendly hotel in Pune, and back home the following day. Yeah, I was a bit crazy, and so was my fiancé! But now, marriage was a one-time thing naa!

Now, let’s talk about the third classic market of Bareilly, bamboo market.

3. Bamboo (Baans) Market

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Interestingly, Bareilly is known as Baans-Bareilly. Baans in English translation is Bamboo. But the twist is that this name is not due to bamboo production! The localities believed another story. In 1537, one of Bareilly's kings, Jagat Singh Katehriya named this city after his sons, Bansaldev and Baraldev.

Significance of the Bamboo Market

Bareilly is considered one of the manufacturing centers of bamboo in India. You can find uniquely designed products, like wall hangings, lamps, show pieces, baskets, storage boxes, mops & many other bamboo-based products. The customized products are available as per your preferences too! The only requirement is that you need to order a required amount of minimum quantity order.

What Do I Purchase?

I bought a bamboo-based center table & large lamps for my new house. I have sent them my desired designs. After the confirmation of the prepared order, we (me & my husband) went to Bareilly for the final check in the morning, booked hourly hotels for resting & reached back home, Noida midnight!

Now, coming to the fourth classic market of Bareilly is Karchobi Market.

4. Karchobi Market

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Bareilly is famous for karchobi embroidery designs. Highly skilled artisans use crochet hook like needle and run it through the cloth, where the cloth is tied tightly over the wooden frame. This needlework creates flat stitches. This type of embroidery is mostly done on the cotton padding.

Significance of the Karchobi Designs

Karchobi embroidery is delicate and fine work. It requires a lot of manual work and creativity from the artisans’ side. That’s the reason, the karchobi market is exclusive and expensive. You can find this elegant embroidery work on wedding outfits, tent hangings, formal clothes, and velvet coverings.

What Do I Purchase?

I got karchobi & cutdana moti embroidery done with some zari work on my mother’s saree, which she gracefully donned at my wedding! It was on the same note when I got my engagement saree ready in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. That time, we searched for a hotel for a few hours in Delhi & booked the same from MiStay for the trial of my clothes & relaxation.

5. Handicraft Market

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Bareilly organises a grand Bareilly Haat fair for local artisans. Here, a wide range of handicraft items is available. Earthen lamps, pots, toys, durries (a form of thin rug), wooden materials, kites, table covers, and all types of home décor items are available in the handicraft market.

Significance of the Handicraft Market

This handicraft market gives a large platform to those poor but skilled artisans to showcase their products & get money for their worth. As Bareilly is named in the Smart City project of the Indian government, there is an ongoing construction of a handicraft promotion center.

What Do I Purchase?

I did purchase handmade rugs, table covers & bedsheets for my home. The handmade rugs, I bought, are of such unique designs that my family and friends also went to Bareilly to buy the same. They traveled on the same path as mine; as in, went there by road, booked an hourly hotel for refreshments, shopped & got back in a day!

Fun Fact!

A famous 1967 Bollywood song “Jhumka Gira re Bareilly ke bazaar me” (English translation: My earring had fallen in the Bareilly market) made the Bareilly market famous. Jhumkas (canopy style-metal earrings) are synonymous with the name Bareilly since the song.

But the fun fact is, there are no particular shops dedicated to jhumkas! Tourists believe that if they are in Bareilly, they should shop for authentic jhumkas. So now, many shopkeepers have started keeping some variety of earrings just for customers’ sake!

Image Source: Pexels, superlens photography account

Final Words

Buying these things from Bareilly was an experience for me & my family. I hope you get help from this blog to purchase exclusive products of Bareilly.

One more thing, during these shopping travels, make use of hourly hotels in Bareilly & save money!                                                                                                            

So now, you know these five iconic markets of Bareilly, where you get authentic and premium quality products. When are you going there? Do tell us in the comment section below.