With the fast growing technology and boom in transportation, no part of the world is unreachable. One can cover thousands of miles within few hours and meet a person in a distant land. Such advancements have created an edge for businessmen and professionals too. Whereas once their business was limited to a few surroundings and office conference rooms, nowadays they can reach out to new vendors and business partners across the globe. People have started meeting more often to expand their knowledge, finalize business deals, and maximize profits. The opportunity to grow your business these days is enormous and the sky's the limit.


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And now comes the flip side of travelling for business deals. Business professionals often travel far and wide, for long gruelling hours. Their erratic work schedule and demanding travel routine can leave them tired and weary. They may be heading an event in the morning, attending a conference in the afternoon and catching a late night flight back home! The biggest challenge is finding a place to stay and relax only for a few hours rather than a whole day. All they need is a break from their hectic work commitments. In such a scenario, hourly basis hotels fit in perfectly. After all, rest is the basic need of every human being. Thus a hotel stay for a few hours comes as a blessing to all the jet setters who are always on the go and always on the lookout for a place to lodge.

Keeping the needs of the business traveller in mind, the hospitality industry has undergone a sea change when it comes to the services being offered to their guests and the policies being followed by them. More and more business travellers are now switching to hourly hotel booking.

How do hourly basis hotels benefit business travellers who are always on the go?

Delayed flights


The travel schedule may be disrupted because of unavoidable circumstances such as delayed flights and even cancelled flights. That’s where an hourly hotel booking comes to the rescue! They allow early check-in as well as late check-out. So one need not worry about the time ticking by and punctual check ins and check out. Check in and check out as you please and pay the hotel on a hourly basis!

Go sightseeing without carrying that luggage


Can you book hotel room for few hours just to dump in your luggage or charge your laptop or prepare some notes? With hourly hotels, you can! Imagine you have just encountered a sudden flight delay or flight cancellation, and now you have some spare time in hand to roam around the city. Yes! The weather is also too good and pleasant. The one thing you certainly want to avoid is carrying your laptop and your luggage along with you as you are already feeling tired and weary after your business meeting. Then just book a room at hourly rate, check-in at the hotel, refresh for a while and then dump your luggage and then go sightseeing. After all you have come a long way to that city, why not breathe for a while and soak in some fun and excitement!

Get ready for the meeting


Rooms booked through hourly hotel booking offer free WiFi connectivity so that you can quickly check your mails and reply to important messages and download some reference material for your meeting. A few hours of stay will get you all set for a crucial meeting. Also catch up on a cup of coffee inside the hotel room, while you revisit the pointers for your meeting. This will leave you feeling refreshed before the crucial task.

Hold meetings inside the room whenever necessary


You may still wonder, how else can I benefit from a hourly hotel near me? Well, you can also hold a micro meeting or a micro conference while your micro stay at a hotel! Yes. That’s true, hourly hotels these days have also started offering separate meeting rooms, lounge or mini conference rooms to their esteemed guests who use their properties for corporate dealings. A perfect blend of aesthetic ambience, work and comfort, what else can you ask for?

Pay for the hours you stay:

The advantage of hourly hotels over regular hotel booking is that you have the liberty to stay only for those few hours that you have at hand. Whether you have arranged for a meeting for 2 hours or waiting for a delayed flight for 4 hours or need a good room to relax overnight, you can book a room only for those many hours and pay accordingly. Hotel stay for few hours has thus become a very apt solution for travellers who do not want to spend a great deal on hotel rooms. All the luxuries of a good hotel room is at your disposal even when you book it for few hours. So catch up on some sleep and rejuvenation amidst the chaotic work life and simply pay only for the time you spent in the room.

Hourly hotel booking is a great way to kill time or use it productively when you have a lot of it between two scheduled travel plans. Waiting on the airport or at a railway station can be a great hassle and not a very pleasing experience to encounter when in the next few hours you have an important meeting or conference scheduled. A refreshing comfortable stay in a luxurious hotel room is an amazing way to take a break between your tour and travel.

In a nutshell, hourly basis hotels have gradually become a big hit among business travellers! Not just business professionals, hourly basis hotel booking model of the hospitality industry has assured a lot of profit to the hotels as well. Many unoccupied rooms that made the hotels suffer losses are now occupied by these travellers who travel for business purposes! Affordable and comfortable stay for a few hours in the luxury of a hotel room is a vogue that is definitely going to stay for a long time because of the many perks it offers to the guest and the host! So the next time you have to pack your bags and set out on an official tour, fret not about a place to lodge and go for hourly hotel booking at economical rates.