As the year is coming to an end, we are full of anticipation of the future and it all starts with the planning of the New year’s celebration! Proverbs say that what begins well also ends well. So, to expect a good ending to our story we must see to an apt starting to the year. A New Year presents us with ample new possibilities and lets us celebrate it with our lovely stay at the day use rooms in Mumbai. Day use hotels are an amazing way to start your new year. You can book these rooms according to your requirements and what more? They must be cheaper than the usual hotels. In Mumbai you can find a huge number of day use hotels where you can enjoy the New Year at the fullest.

Enjoy the fireworks in the hotels for a few hours in Mumbai. Source: Bing Images

Fireworks are a tradition for many cultures during the New Year’s Eve. However, due to rise in awareness of environmental issues, it has been restricted in many parts of the world. Yet, we are quite hopeful that this New Year it would be a big celebration along with the fireworks in Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai and other cities. This blog here discusses the why-s and how-s of choosing day use hotels to spend the New Year’s Eve. You will get to know whether you will be able to see the fireworks arrangement for the celebration and how to get hold of hourly hotels in Kolkata or any other hourly hotels across the major cities of India. Keep reading to have an amazing New Year.

Why to choose the day use hotels in Mumbai during New Year 2023

With a staggering number of population and no shortage of party enthusiasts, this sprawling city holds one of the largest fireworks displays during the New Year’s Eve. This city hosts a magnanimous range of parties and celebrations entertaining people belonging to different strata of the society on the midnight of the New Year. The hotels for a few hours in Mumbai are the perfect entertainers for the New Year eve’s celebrations. Lets’ see why.

  • Cheaper rates

New year is like for everyone and thus celebrations should accommodate all. From students to low salaried to high earners, the hotels for a few hours in Hyderabad, Mumbai and other cities have the maximum inclusive capacity. While the regular hotels are for the high-income groups, the day use hotels are just perfect for the grand occasion.

  • Customize according to your requirements

You can stay for only an hour, enjoy the fireworks and other party elements and get going. Or else, you can also stay for long hours without being disturbed or getting hard on your pocket. The day use hotels in Noida, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai and others to entertain every kind of customer during the New Year.

  • Easily available bookings

New Year is a time of quite a rush for the holidaying and party animals. The regular hotels can be quite a cumbersome issue about bookings during this period. Bookings for such hotels are mostly covered before you have even planned for a New Year party. In such a situation, micro stays at hourly hotels are a great idea. The dayuse hotels in Delhi are the easy-going ones where you could get a booking even during the so-called ‘peak-season’.

Mumbai during the grand fireworks as seen from the hotels for a few hours in Mumbai. Source: Bing Images
  • Couple-friendly

Couples do face a whole lot of issues while celebrating the New Year together. Not all places are comfortable for couples to enjoy without worrying. When it is about fireworks and New Year, hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai could not get better. Mumbai is one of the most welcoming places for couples trying to party during the New Year Eve and the grand fireworks.

  • Great deals during New Year

No celebration is complete without a special deal or offer. You will find that every day use hotel listed in MiStay has come up with awe-striking offers that would provoke you to participate in the big celebration. Check the online portals for the deals and promotions that these hotels have to offer in the New Year celebration of 2023

  • Special services during the celebration

Apart from the regular services offered by the couple friendly hotels in Pune, they also provide special services to the couples of every age and marital status during almost every occasion round the year. Check for the various special services offered to the couples and others by the hotels before getting a booking. Services like special day use room decoration, special treats, New year activities must be included in the list of special services.

Places in India where you can watch the fireworks for 2023

  • Mumbai

The extravaganza in Mumbai during the New year is something to relish and if you are in for a lovely view of the fireworks, then there is no better place than the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Hourly and couple friendly hotels like The Oriental Residency, Ramee Guestline Hotel, Holiday Inn and others will add to the good memories with world-class accommodation, food and services.

  • Kolkata

Park Street in Kolkata is well known for the New Year’s celebrations. The entire area is lit by some enchanting lights during NYE and you will have the best experience of food and fireworks to complete the celebrations, not to mention the exotic bakeries with a reputation that dates back to the British era.

  • Pune

With ample clubs and night pubs, Pune is a huge yes for the youth. Other than the huge names like Mariott, Downing Street, Oak Lounge and others, names of places like the Bhandardara Lake and camping at Kholad strikes a different cord for the occasion.  Try out the day use rooms of Holiday Inn, Hyatt, The Pride and others to have the best of choices.

  • Delhi

See the fireworks at the India Gate in Delhi and stay at the hourly hotels like the Holiday Inn, Ilara Hotel, Pride Plaza, Crown Plaza and others available in Delhi. These hotels provide the best of food and lodging so that you can enjoy the New Year at your best.

  • Noida

Hourly hotels like the Crowne Plaza, Hotel Balram Suites, Bloom Hotel and others will not only accommodate you for the celebration but will also provide you a safe and secured place where you can enjoy the New year with your friends and family.


We all want to spend the night happily to welcome the new year’s morning with open arms. New Year fireworks are something grand in Mumbai and other places in India which must be experienced once in a lifetime. Though, it is yet not clear that every place holding an arrangement of fireworks would be able to execute it during the New Year 2023, we are still positive and thus keeping a tap on the places and hotels to watch the lovely view is absolutely a mandate. Dayuse hotels including the couple friendly hotels in Chennai and other major metros of India are the best choice if you are planning to stay outside and have a blast. Avail these hotels at MiStay, enjoy the fireworks and keep yourself busy in partying until the clock strikes midnight.