It is said that life is better with some vitamin sea. Who wouldn't like a weekend at the beach, some breathtaking ambiance and delicious food. Out of the beach destinations in India, Goa and Pondicherry are the most visited. Although both these destinations are equally beautiful and unique, we've made a comparison of some key factors to help you choose between the two.



A beach in Goa

      Goa definitely has more number of beaches than Pondicherry or any other place for that matter. The most famous beaches in Goa are Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Candolim beach etc. These beaches attract a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. There also a few lesser known beaches in Goa such as the Kakolem beach and the Arambol beach. The only drawback is that Goa is a victim of its own popularity. The beaches tend to be very crowded in all seasons.


Promenade Beach, Pondicherry

       Pondicherry has lesser number of beaches compared to Goa. The most popular beaches in Pondicherry are Paradise beach, Promenade beach, Auroville beach and Mahe beach. Although these are lesser popular than the ones in Goa, one can spend the day relaxing and engaging in fun activities at the beaches. Apart from the popular ones, there are also a few lesser known beaches in Pondicherry such as the Serenity beach.



Surfing is a popular water sport in Goa

  Goa was once a former Portuguese colony and it is still evident in the churches and forts there. Adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling and paragliding are popular here. The party scene in Goa is alluring to youngsters. The night life is quite interesting with a large number of dazzling clubs and beach bars. Goa has an adopted western culture and an ambiance similar to that of an Anglo Indian settlement.  


French Colony, Pondicherry

  Pondicherry was once a French establishment and one can see the remnants of French culture in the lifestyle and architecture there. In fact the French colony in Pondicherry is an entire colony built by the French during their rule. The nightlife is Pondicherry is also quite entertaining with a large number of pubs and resto bars. There are also a number of fun activities to do in Pondicherry such as boating and scuba diving.



Sea food, popular in Goa

       Goan cuisine consists mainly of sea food due to its coastal location. Fish, crabs and prawns are the most popular. Goan food is also loaded in coconut, spices and kokum. Beef and pork are also popular in Goa. Bebinca and Ambot Tik are some of the most famous dishes in the Goan style of cooking.


Croissant, a type of pastry popular in Pondicherry

   The French influence is strong even in the cuisine of Pondicherry. Baguettes and Croissants are very popular among other French delicacies. The Tamil influence on the cuisine can be seen in the very delicious coconut curry and seafood. While in Pondicherry, do not miss out on the French breakfast.

Ease of Access


Madgaon Railway Station

   Dabolim airport is the domestic and international airport of Goa and is located approximately 26 kilometres from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. Madgaon and Vasco Da Gama are two major railway stations in the state. Within the state, the places are well connected by buses and other means of transport.


Puducherry Railway Station

   The airport in Pondicherry has only very few flights coming in. The next nearest airport is Chennai which is well connected with the world. The nearest railway station is Villupuram which is about 35 kilometres away. Pondicherry is well connected by buses with its nearby cities.



Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort, Goa

    Goa has a number of luxurious beach resorts and homestays available for accommodation. Goa has tourists from all over the world coming in throughout the year so it is wiser to book accommodation beforehand. There are also a number of hourly hotel options available with flexible check in and check out timings.


Ocean Spray Resort, Pondicherry

 Pondicherry is also equally popular for its lush beach resorts and pretty homestays. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from in Pondicherry across varying budgets.

Hence, we suggest you visit both the cities to not miss out on either!!!!