What if you were harassed by the cops because you were with your partner in a hotel room and had valid identification? Here are the laws that regulate your rights that you need to be aware of. With this knowledge, it should be quite easy for you to choose the top Couple friendly hotels in Pune and in other major cities.

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Hotel rules for unmarried couples Also specifies that unmarried couples are allowed to check into a hotel together as long as they are both above the age of 18 and have appropriate forms of identification. This is due to the fact that people's legal and constitutional rights protect them from being subject to the law.

In India, public displays of love may provoke physical aggression, and married couples regularly have to put up with verbal and physical abuse in order to "defend their dignity." Because of the legal rights they have, unmarried couples are protected from acts of harassment and violence. If married couples are commonly harassed or abused for being seen as "vulgar," then unmarried couples who are in a relationship together should be extra vigilant to protect themselves from the same treatment. To prevent problems of this kind, you need to book a room at one of the couple friendly hotels in Delhi or any of the other big cities.

1. Many hotels prohibit unmarried couples from booking a room together. There is, however, no law that prohibits unmarried couples from hiring a hotel together. Sharing a hotel room with an unmarried couple is not a crime. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution gives us the right to privacy, and this article explicitly mentions sexual autonomy. This has also been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court. For your convenience, here is a recommendation, You should always book Couple friendly hotels in Pune or any other cities

2. The Supreme Court found that live-in partnerships are permissible and that two adults living together are not unlawful or unconstitutional.

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3.  Unmarried couples have the freedom to wander and sit in public places together as long as no "obscene act" occurs. Police frequently abuse this rule, which specifies that any "obscene behaviour" in public areas will result in a three-month sentence under section 294 of the IPC. Therefore, you cannot be detained by the police for using obscenity if you are simply walking with your companion or relaxing on the beach.

4. If a live-in couple has lived under the same roof for a number of years, any kid born to them will not be considered illegitimate. The Supreme Court ruled that children born to a live-in relationship are legally recognized.

5. Police cannot harass unmarried couples having consenting intercourse in public locations. The right to privacy protects unmarried couples as well as their sexual autonomy. Nevertheless, MiStay offers hotels for few hours in Pune and in other major cities all across India.

6. There is no legal prohibition on unmarried couples renting or purchasing a property jointly. Unmarried couples can cohabitate, purchase or rent a home, and become joint owners.

7. Partners in a live-in relationship have the right to protection against domestic violence and abusive relationships under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005. The DVA Act granted rights and protections to women who are not legally married but who live with an unmarried man in a partnership that has the same legal status as marriage.

What if a police officer, a public worker, broke the law with the purpose to harm someone? According to IPC section 166, he or she faces a sentence of simple imprisonment for a term up to one year, a fine, or both.

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Intentionally insulting someone and provoking them in this way with the goal or knowledge that doing so would likely lead to him breaking the peace or committing another crime is punishable by imprisonment of either kind for a term up to two years, a fine, or a combination of the two.  


Since police personnel, who we might refer to as upholders of the law, are active in propagating this idea, the issue of moral policing can be seen as a significant gap in the system. Without any justification from the authorities, hotels have been searched for unmarried couples staying there, and they have even been fined for their immoral behaviour. It is absurd that even the police force in this country does not uphold the law, leaving the hotel owners with little choice except to voice their opposition (to the couples). "Staying together in hotels as an unmarried couple is not against the law. Staying together is a personal decision that falls under the category of freedom of movement, which cannot be curbed.

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