Hotels that allow rooms on an hourly basis have always been looked down upon and, over the years. Unfortunately they have earned a somewhat poor reputation for themselves. If stereotypes are to be believed, hourly basis hotels are used largely for unsavoury activities and you also tend to find them in the most uninviting locations.

However, the trends in the hospitality industry have been undergoing massive change and slowly the concept of hourly hotel booking has begun to gain acceptance in the society and well as the hospitality industry. Not considered as a questionable practice anymore, affluent people from the elite class of travellers have also started adopting the practice of booking hotel rooms on an hourly basis, if and when required. With the decline in the taboo that comes along with it, this particular business strategy of hourly hotel booking is not only benefitting the travellers and the tourists but also the hotel industry.

Why hotels on an hourly basis?

Humans across the globe have the natural urge to rest and rewind, while they are travelling to places.But would we be willing to shell out the cost for an entire day’s stay in a hotel room just to engage in some luxe and fun? Bikers or trekkers on their long adventurous journeys may need a nap or two to give their tired bodies some rest and refreshment. Would it be feasible for them to spend a large chunk of money only to avail a few hours of peace?


How displeasing will it be to having to wait at a hotel’s reception, after a long journey, only because you reached there well before their check-in time. Or how annoying would it be if a few hours of your rest period are disrupted by the constant reminders from the hotel if you do not check out at the designated time! Wouldn't you want to spend some time amidst leisure and comfort, rather than kill time at the airport or the railway station awaiting your next connecting transport?


Business professionals travel far for long hours and look out for a place where they can freshen up and prepare for their next meeting or presentation. Would they be wanting to break their bank just to quickly freshen up and read some notes?

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Couples look forward to a short rewarding stay, once in a while, in a cosy space where they get some precious moments of ease, tranquil and opulence. Soon they must return to their hustling bustling hectic lifestyle! Will they indulge in some solace at the cost of a hefty hotel bill?

In a nutshell, you may not necessarily need the hotel for an entire day for this! All you need is hourly basis hotels where you can relax and unwind

Hourly hotels are redefining the travel landscape with their unlimited advantages. Yes! Hourly hotel booking is an inevitable option while travelling and for those looking for appropriate accommodation. Not just appropriate, the accommodation is economical too! With the rise in the traveller’s need for hotel stay for a few hours, more hotels are adopting the policy of letting out rooms on an hourly basis to potential guests. So book a hotel room and pay for the hours you stay! Isn't that so budget friendly?

Also most of these hotels are also strategically located near railway stations, bus stands or airports. Hence the task of locating these hotels and availing their services is eased out for the frequent travellers.

Not only have hotels started playing polite and friendly hosts to people booking hotel rooms for just a few hours, they also offer discounts, packages, combo offers and complementary services to such guests.

What’s in for the hotels?

Hotels gradually have come to understand how important it is to tap the faith and loyalty of such frequent travellers and guests!

Not just small time hotels, even well known giants in the hospitality industry are now readily embracing the policy of allowing hotel stay for a few hours. And why not? It helps them utilise the unbooked rooms and generates more revenue on a day to day basis. They are able to accommodate higher number of guests in a day. The mantra has begun to be - Lesser the number of vacant rooms, higher would be the profits. With unbooked rooms being monetized by the hotels and a space for a short period of time being made available for travellers on the go, hotel stay for few hours proves to be a win win situation for both the parties, the traveller and the hotel that plays host.

Next time you are wondering whether can you book hotel room for few hours and which is the most well equipped and exquisite hourly hotel near me, check out some hot deals on your hotel booking app or the hotel’s websites. They would be flooded with such offers for booking their rooms on an hourly basis.

Hence, travellers on the go should worry less and travel more! You do not have to brainstorm your heads wondering a place where you can afford to relax just for a good night’s sleep or a place where you can merely shower or just dump your luggage and go sightseeing. The changing trend of booking hotel rooms on hourly basis seems to be an extremely worthwhile deal for all the travellers on the go.