Honeymoon is like a cherry on the wedding cake. Honeymoon planning begins right from choosing the most romantic destination, to preparing a well-managed itinerary and settling for the right hotel for couples. A memorable honeymoon experience depends on a well balanced planning. The honeymoon planning is fraught with questions like Mountains or the beach? Snow or Seas? Budget or Luxury? Adventure or tranquil? And too add to your already existing questions is – Where to stay?

Selecting a hotel for couples is not really different from your
regular travel requirement. But when it comes to your honeymoon, you have to be
sure of every aspect, no? To choose the apt hotel you have to first consider your
priorities as a couple. Also you have to keep in mind if the type of hotel you are booking, is a business hotel, a complete family accommodation or a romantic couple friendly one. It is imperative that you begin by making a list of the must haves in a hotel.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind before you begin your honeymoon hotel hunting.


Dave Ramsey rightly says- Budget tells you where your money is going instead of wondering where it went. To keep monetary worries at bay, it is imperative that your destination and then the hotel choices are well within your budget. If you will end up cringing at every penny spent then it will take away the fun from your honeymoon. It is easier to have rough break up in hand in terms of travel fare, hotel stay, sightseeing, contingencies and shopping of course. (Especially if your better half is a shopaholic)


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They say Romance is the sacred temple that dots the landscape of life. Honeymoon is the phase where you begin the romance of your life. Whether you are planning to explore the beaches of Goa or taking a trip to the mountains in Kullu Manali, or the backwaters of Kerala, the destination drives your choice of hotel for couples. If you are going to a beach place, staying in a hotel which is close to the beach makes a lot of sense. Get a hotel room with a mountain view if its a hilly destination. And choose the right house boat on the backwaters of Kerala. Romance is the top priority when one chooses a honeymoon destination, but keeping in mind the fun element is also important. One factor that cannot be overlooked is the safety aspect. As you enjoy your vacation far away from your family, safe hotels will give you the assurance of your well being. Before booking an accommodation, read about their safety features and assistance they extend if and when you find yourself in trouble.


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The question to this answer depends upon how complex the trip is. Is it a single destination trip or a multi destination? Also a lot depends on whether you are traveling in India or going abroad. If you have already exhausted your energies in preparing for your fairy tale wedding then taking the help of a travel professional seems to be the right thing to do. And obviously the travel professional might have more experience than you in planning honeymoons. So talking to one should be harmless, if you and the agent are on the same page then you are good to go.


Today a number of online travel portals and travel companies have their own set itineraries which seem attractive to us because they are generally cheaper. While everything seems fine with such itineraries, the number of days, the destination, the sightseeing, the flip side to this is that you cannot change the itinerary to suit your needs. You have to abide by their timings, their plans and everything. Also there is no privacy whatsoever. If your priority is vacationing at an international destination under your budget and you are prepared to rush throughout your honeymoon, then this is a good bet for you. Otherwise its a No!



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Traveling with other couples accompanying you is a big decision to make when it is your honeymoon. And this decision is best when it is taken jointly as a couple. Honeymoon is special time and you don’t want to be with someone whom your partner doesn’t get along with. Or even if your idea of fun is different then think twice before taking the call. Don’t end up in a situation with no personal time on hand.


What you will remember ten years down the line about your honeymoon will be the feeling and the experience. So if you are staying in a wonderful hotel and when you look down the window or your balcony and you see their laundry area or an unclean road for that matter, it is bound to get you into a foul mood. When you chose to stay in big and crowded cities, you might face the problem of getting the room with the right view. So spend some time searching for the right hotel.

Apart from the view, the category of the room allotted also plays a role here. Where generally most of the hotels offer three to four types of room categories, you will find some couple friendly hotels that may offer the right rooms for you. So enquiring well and choosing the right one is important too.



In today’s world all the information you need is available at the click of a button. Hence it is wise to check the website and the reviews of any hotel before booking it. Right before you spend your hard earned money on the hotels, going through the reviews will actually give you a fair idea whether the choice is one of the couple friendly hotels. If you are looking at having a leisure time at the pool then, make sure they have a pool there. Or if you are a gym enthusiast then having a well-equipped gym in the hotel will definitely be a plus. These are just the basics; there are many amenities that hotels provide these days. Make sure to have a look at them before you give the green signal for the hotel booking.

The era of the internet has made DIY fashionable. Keeping in mind these easy tips and tricks, booking a hotel for your honeymoon should be a fun and an easy task for you.