Being in a relationship with someone you truly love can be pretty amazing to say the least. They understand you, you understand them, both of you love each other unconditionally, and you both enjoy each other’s company, and go on romantic date every so often. That’s the best possible scenario one can hope for, and it may not be as rare as you think.

Even if you and your partner have just gotten together, or are going through a rough patch, going on dates always provides some clarity, if not time to enjoy.

However, the same old ideas can get real boring real quick. I mean, how many times do you want to Netflix and chill before it gets boring? Or how many conversation less movies does it take to bore you? Or how many times can you dress up for a fancy restaurant dinner date before eventually getting tired of it all?

If you agree to one or more of the above statements, congrats! Nothing is wrong with you or your relationship, it is just the fact that repeating things can get – well you guessed it – repetitive.

To help you break out of this repetitive cycle of set dates, or if you are looking for creative ideas to spice up your first dates, we have curated a list of ideas and tips which are sure to make your date super interesting! Keep reading to find out more!

1.     Go for a hike


Are you and your significant other bored of staying at home all day, only to spend the weekend again Netflix and chilling in your room? Well, if you have no other ideas, this is the go to!

If you and your partner enjoy adventurous activities, this doesn’t even require any further convincing. Just pack up you hiking gear, go to the nearest trail and begin your journey.

However, if you and your partner have never tried it before (quite a few people have not, don’t worry!) then we still recommend you to give it a shot! Hiking can be anyone’s game, do not be scared to try it just because you are not very athletic or because it sounds scary.

Believe us, when you see the romantic view from that hill top with your partner, you will be thanking yourself for making this move and thanking us for suggesting this!

2.     Go to a museum


Who said museums were only for history nerds?

Museums are for everyone – quite literally. They not only bring us face to face with what was once our past, but also help us feel reconnected to the rest of the world and its ancestors.

Also, museums have something to offer for all sorts of people with all sorts of interests. Have a green thumb? Why look at these rare gardening tools from the 11th century. Are you or your partner into fashion? Good for you because museums have a lot of old clothing, ornaments, shoes, and the like. Are you guys into weaponry? This might be one of the more common things to find in museums. Is one of you a coin collector? You can easily find tonnes ancient ones to look at in a museum.

Museums can be especially romantic with their quiet and sophisticated aura, and not to mention the many romantic stories that live there, standing the tests of time.

3.     Go on a picnic


This is one of the sweetest and most wholesome ideas. Especially if your significant other is into fairy core or cottage core, they will be especially into this idea.

A picnic is also a rather simple idea. Pick a place to go to – can be a secluded spot on a hill or the local community park. If you want, you could go to a different city just for a picnic! Book a couple friendly hotel to stay overnight, in case you get tired, or book hotels on an hourly basis through our website, to save up on some money.

Speaking of saving, picnics are also highly budget friendly! All you need is a mat to lay down, and snacks or food which you can either cook at home or buy for cheap at your local grocery store.

Like hiking, this date brings you closer to nature while bringing you both closer to each other too.

4.     Wake up early for a sunrise

This is something that you can plan totally separately, or club with two of the above ideas.

As we mentioned on our first entry, romantic sunrises and sunsets are a must see view while hiking. This is easily achievable on a hiking date.

And if you and your partner are not in the mood of scaling a mountain in the wee hours of the night, just pick a spot by the lake or by a river or anything that calls out to you, and dish out your picnic goodies to view the sunrise.

If you are planning on going somewhere far, consider booking an hourly hotel or couple friendly hotel to spend the night at so that you can wake up well rested to start off for the sunrise.

5.     Spa day


Nothing speaks self care (and partner care) more than a spa day.

A rather simple date, it is something that all of us need from time to time. Pick any spa, something you like or something you never tried before and get ready for a day of rejuvenation and relaxation!

6.     Recreate your first date.

This is something your significant other is going to love, and you too, if you have been dating for quite some time.

Nothing can be more romantic than recreating your first date; from visiting the same location to dressing the same and even ordering the same food! It will bring you closer as you recall everything you have been through together.

And with that ends our list of creative date tips. Planning on popping the big question to your partner? Read our article on ‘The 9 most magical places you can propose your partner at’ to know the best spots across the country. Thank us later!