Travelling to any new place is something hard to resist for any human. It is our basic instinct to explore our surroundings. Curiosity is one of the traits which has took our species to the place where we are today in the food chain. But every time you decide to go to an exotic place there's always a barrier which always restrict the exchange of knowledge,i.e. Language. It can be hard for anyone being in a place where they can't understand anything they listen to, or even see.

But a journey is all about the experiences which you never had before, and it is truly about perceiving new things. Though you can absorb more of it, and live more comfortably in a foreign language place by preparing a little and finding some tips. We have took care of the latter, as we created a list of the things you can do to thin the walls of communication barrier, and survive pretty well in any foreign-language speaking place.

Be smartphone ready.

What is the collection of all the human knowledge, and fits in your pocket? Yes, it is your smartphone. With almost every human contributing something or the other to the vast sea of wisdom which is Internet, every wuestion has a solution to it. But what if you don't find a network in Mongolia, and you want to ask a native for directions? Use that internet to download some apps in your phone! There are many of them which will help you in Navigation, Research, Trip guides, and also Translation. Your phone will be your best companion in the journey, unless the battery dies. Check out these must-have top travelling apps for the trip.

Pen down your thoughts.

Well, before the world communicated in texts, we had pictures. And that's what you can user for conveying your thoughts exactly. Keep a Notepad and Pen with you all the time and whenever you feel like no one is understanding what you're asking for, draw! Honestly it will be simpler for you than constantly trying to speak to someone who doesn't know your language. Need water? Draw a glass of it. Or food? Just draw Fried Chicken wings. Play the ultimate Pictionary of your life.


You know how they say that people can read your thoughts by watching subtle body movements? Then all you've to do is to not be subtle in your body movements. Keeping jokes aside, this will actually help you as actions for most of the general activities are universal. Like asking for food or water, saying yes, saying no or even asking for directions. So just politely nod off whenever some taxi driver bugs you to get in any of the hotels of kochi of his choice.

Read about the culture.

Before getting on the plane to your destination, sit down and browse about the place you are going to. Explore it digitally already, and read about the culture, its traditions, what are things to do and specially what not to do. There might be hotels in kolkata where tipping the hotel staff feels disrespectful(just an example) which you don't know about, and by reading you can avoid an unnecessary rant in Bengali.

Be humble.

Honesty is the best policy, but being humble has to be the best practice. It will reduce your efforts and make your surrounding so positive that it hardly effects not knowing about the language. Acting humble to the taxi driver, asking directions at the cafe politely, smiling at the vegetable woman will make those people like you and you might be surprised in the ways they will reciprocate this to you. Not just by a smile, but efforts to make your journey comfortable.

Keep a map, in the native language.

You have a map which is guiding you and turning out to be really helpful for you, but getting stuck somewhere and realising you do not have a way out except to ask the locals who you don't understand? Little scary, right. What you can do is to carry a copy of the same map you are carrying, in the native language. Just point out the place where you wanna go, and they'll gesture towards the directions you need to follow. Nice hack, right?

Ask frequently.

No problem if you don't know the answer. Someone else might. Ask whenever you have a doubt about anything, or if you do not understand anything completely. There's no harm in it, and no one will mind. Except if you start interrogating them suspiciously and with a cold shoulder. Be cautious, but keep the conversation light so that you get the right idea about the person you're talking to and what are they telling you.

Plan precisely.

Jot down all the details of your trip before starting it and keep it with you like a testament. Sit down and create an itinerary with details as minute as you can. It is not needed in general, but in a place where language is a barrier for you, it is better to already know what will you do and where will you be, beforehand. It'll reduce your dependency on others.

Learn! (Try to, atleast.)

The most obvious one at the last. Try to learn the language of the place where you're going. Don't reach to become a professor in it, but at least 10 common words like "Hello", "Water", "Food", "Bathroom" etc. And it will not be that hard to memorise, I guess. And learning a new language can add up in your skill arsenal, with the perk of showing it off in front of your friends. Sounds too good? It gets better when you see a pair of jealous eyes looking at you when you tell them the story of hopping hotels in chennai without knowing the language.

So this is your guide to survive in a place where you don't know the native language. These are really effective ways which will definitely work and make your journey easier. Comment down below to share any other ideas or personal stories, and let MiStay enjoy it too.