Wildlife safari trips are a very popular means of recreation around the world. They offer you exotic views of landscapes, peppered with unique species of animals in their natural habitat which you can see nowhere else. There are a range of wildlife safari trip packages to choose from – from deserts and savannah in Africa and Rajasthan to tropical rain forests in Brazil and Assam, each location offers its unique combination of flora, fauna and scenic views. It is truly an activity that you can never get bored of!

If you think wildlife safari trips are not romantic, you should think again. Wildlife safari trips have recently started gaining traction as popular honeymoon trips, and yes, you read that right, they are indeed popular honeymoon spots.

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Wildlife safari trips can easily be romantic. I mean, looking at dangerous animals eye to eye from a jeep can make you very thankful to have your significant other right next to you so that you can hold onto them. And many, many resorts offer special honeymoon packages to go over and beyond to make the times you are not in the wild as romantic as possible!

But if you are still not satisfied with the amount of romantic opportunities a classic wildlife safari trip has to offer, we have below a list of the best, most creative and definitely very romantic ideas to spice up your wildlife safari trip!

1.     Trains & Balloons


The jeep is going to be your friend on a wildlife safari trip. You are going to see all sorts of exotic animals and splendid views on that four wheeler.

However, they are not the only vehicles which can help you witness great romantic sights. There are plenty more, and one of them is a train.

Especially in the African countries, trains a popular way of getting around safari trips, and we are not talking about the trains that get you from one city to another.

Another very popular pick for wildlife safari trips is a hot air balloon! If you have never been on one before, this is your sign. Hot air balloons are usually rented on a ticket basis with other people also in it, but if you are not short on budget and are ready to shell out a little more money for some romantic seclusion, you can totally book one just for the two of you.

Hot air balloons give you a magnificent aerial view of the wildlife safari trip region, and the animals will not even sense you. It is truly a magical experience which you should definitely try out with your significant other.

2.     Luxurious additions

Credit: Courtesy of Singita

If you are going to pay for a wildlife safari trip, which if you did not already know, are quite expensive, why not go the extra mile and book something lavish as well?

Many 5 star splendid resorts have made a name around the wildlife safari trip locations, earning themselves names for providing remarkable views and unbelievable levels of comfort. We are talking about soft comfortable beds after a long day of wildlife safaris, with the most amazing views to wake up too. Truly as romantic as can be.

These resorts also offer a plethora of services like amazing 5 star restaurant worthy meals with a tinge of local flavours.

3.     A splash of water


Talking about 5 star luxurious hotels and resorts, many of these offer suites with rare and wonderful pools and such.

If you don’t already know, one of these is an infinity pool, which is basically a ‘swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape, especially the sea’. These are breath taking pools and a must try in a lifetime.

Other options in a resort may be Jacuzzis, which sometimes overlook beautiful views and hot springs or onsens, which are natural or manmade water springs which can relax you in a jiffy.

4.     Open nights


Yet another splendid feature that can be found in lavish resorts during wildlife safari trips is open air hotel rooms. At first you might think they are a little weird, as anyone can see you, but rest assured! These types of resorts are secluded with no other occupants nearby, and even the hotel staff make themselves scarce.

There is nothing that can be more romantic to see the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of a bed in open environment with your significant other.

That concludes our list of ideas to make your wildlife safari trip as romantic as can be! We are sure by now you have been converted on the idea of wildlife safari trips being romantic. Check out our blog on ‘How to step away from mainstream date ideas with creative tips’ to know about more romantic date ideas, and visit our website for booking couple friendly hotels and hotels by the hour for your next trip!