India is a beautiful country in South Asia, with New Delhi as its capital. Being a diverse nation and a boiling pot of culture, India has something for everyone from kids to oldies. There are stunning valleys, quaint markets, lush forests, chaotic streets, rich wildlife, tranquil gardens, majestic mountains and much more. It can be exhausting to explore all this in just one visit. So, make each trip to India affordable by booking hourly hotels in Chennai, hourly hotels in Delhi or in any other cities.

If you love nature and climbing a mountain is your forte, then you need to explore these 9 trekking spots in India. Although the Himalayas is the primary hub for trekkers, there are other offbeat locations where you can trek without worrying about the crowd.

1. Chadar Trek, Leh Ladakh

Leh, a popular destination among young people, is a magnificent town in the Himalayas known as Heaven on Earth and truly a paradise for adventure seekers. During the months of January and February, the Chadar lake in Ladakh freezes, forming a blanket (chadar) of snow. The railways at this time are shut, and the only way to reach Ladak is through this frozen beauty. Visit Ladakh in January or February to tick off another activity from your bucket list.


Location- Leh Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh

Best season- January to February

Duration- 4-5 days

2. Gingee fort, Chennai

Nestled in the Villupuram district of Pondicherry, designed by the Chola dynasty, this is an outstanding location to trek. To reach this fort, you have to pass through three challenging hills- Rajagiri, Krishnagiri and Chandrayandurg each offering a mesmerizing view of the surrounding. The place is only 156 km from hourly hotels in Chennai. Hourly hotels in Chennai give flexible checkout options so you can plan your trip accordingly. Pro tip- start your trek early as the fort gate closes at 3 pm daily. Make sure to carry water and snacks.


Location- 156 km from Chennai

Best season- August to December

Duration- 4-5 hours

3. Chakrata Trek, Delhi

Travelling to Delhi, but the adventure junkie in you can’t keep calm without challenging a mountain? Visit this wonderful trek for some adventure by booking hourly hotels in Noida or dayuse hotels in Noida. After the captivating climb, enjoy the sight of lush landscapes and tiger fall. The place is explored by very few people and is the perfect spot to spend some time in peace with friends or your date. Later, head to couple friendly hotels in Delhi to keep the romance going.


Location- 320 km from Delhi

Best season- April to June, September to November

Duration- 2 days

4. Hampta Pass and Chandratal lake trek, Manali

There are rumours that the famous hike displayed in YJHD was shot in Hampta pass. The gateways to the Kullu valley and the gateway to the Lahaul and Spiti valleys are easy and convenient treks. But the sublime mountain ranges and beautiful panorama separate them from the lot. The beginning point of the journey is Manali, and then you will navigate via Jobra to Chika. There are enormous variations in the trail- you will encounter grazing meadows, green pastures, steep slopes, frosty valleys and the lovely Hampta village. You can also take a pit stop and sleep under the stars at the Chandratal campsite. Take a day off from the tour to visit Chandratal lake, which boasts some of the prettiest shades of blue. Carry essential trekking gear, poles and ankle support shoes to make the drill easier.


Location- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Best season- May to October

Duration- 4 days

5. Talakona waterfalls, Chennai

The Talakona falls is a massive and gorgeous water body located 190 km from Chennai. The beautiful vistas will leave you in a trance. It is a romantic trek to venture on with your partner. Don’t make the mistake of not reserving couple friendly hotels in Chennai.

The hike is moderately difficult but very refreshing owing to the view from the top of the stream. It is believed that the water of this riveting cascade has medicinal properties. Gushing from a height of 270 feet, it is a popular picnic spot among tourists and locals. What makes this climb unique is the trekking trail through the thick Sandalwood Forest, and the rope walks that pinnacle at 40 m from the ground. Sounds exciting. What are you waiting for? Book hourly hotels in Chennai or dayuse hotels in Chennai and begin a thrilling adventure.


Location- 190 km from Chennai

Best season- September to January

Duration- 2-3 hours

6. Kalsubai trek, Pune

Every avid trekker dream of scaling this alpine at least once. It is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges, located 180 kilometres away from hourly hotels in Pune. Perched at a height of 1464 m, this is the perfect place for monsoon treks near Pune. Get a taste of paradise standing at the top of the avalanche amidst clouds and clear blue skies with cool breeze brushing past your hair.


Location- 180 km from Pune

Best season- June to August: Monsoon trek

                      September to October: Flower trek

                      November to May: Night trek

Duration- 2 days

7. Chembra peak trek, Kerala

Like Kalsubai is the tallest range of Maharashtra, Chembra is the highest peak in Kerala. The trek offers a spectacular view of the lush green meadows and heart-shaped lake. Despite being a bit tough, it is a piece of cake for someone who feeds on adventure.


Location- Kerala

Best season- September-February

Duration- One day

8. Kodachadri Trek, Bangalore

The southern spectrum of India houses numerous exceptional trekking sites. Among these is the Kodachadri which holds a leading position and charming atmosphere. Take a brief haul at the enchanting Hindlumane falls along the trek located 380 km from Bangalore by reserving hourly hotels in Bangalore or dayuse hotels in Bangalore.


Location- 380 km from Bangalore

Best season- October to January

Duration- 2 days

9. Clouds End trek, Mussoorie

To witness the unmatchable beauty of Uttarakhand from a bird’s eye view, ascend the Clouds End hill. The contrasting flora, fauna, and flawless contours of the mountains make the trek ideal for backpackers and mountaineers. In addition to hiking, the place has horse safaris and many other adventurous activities.


Location- Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Best season- April to October

Duration- 2 hours

You are already aware of the ideal season to scale these mountains. Plan your trip to India and escape the daily hustle-bustle by exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature.