Haridwar is a city in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. It is the land of numerous temples including the ancient temple of the Goddess Ganga. It is a pilgrimage city and hence is connected to holy and religious sites across the country. In the past few years, Haridwar has also become a popular tourist destination. You pack your bags, book hourly hotel in Haridwar for relaxation & enjoy your stay. In this blog, we will provide you our top 6 tips about how to get the most out of a visit to Haridwar.

I. Start your morning by doing Yoga in Yoga & Meditation centers

Start your day with Yoga (Image Source: Unsplash, Amauri Mejia)

What better way to start your mornings than with meditation & yoga? You can participate in morning yoga sessions at various yoga and meditation centers in Haridwar. These yoga sessions are paid & even free in many renowned ashrams of Haridwar. If you are here for a few hours, then the morning yoga session of an hour or two will be apt to attend. You can learn how to meditate, do mindfulness exercises & breathing techniques from yoga practitioners. You can even get personalized diet plans (paid or free) after consultation from a nutritionist or dietician available in yoga centers. If you are not able to reach these sessions on time, you can practice 12 relaxing poses of Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation). Make sure to book an hourly hotel in Haridwar so that you can pay only for the time you stay.

II. Move on to sumptuous breakfast of Haridwar

Famous breakfast of Haridwar: Puri-Aloo-Halwa (Image Source: www.ribbonstopastas.com)

For breakfast, jump on to the street food of Haridwar. You can head to different places as per your choice-
·    Mohanji Pooriwale near Har-ki-Pauri serves delicious, hot & crispy puris (deep-fried & wheat-based bread), aloo sabji (potato curry), and halwa (wheat-based pudding).
·    If you are a fan of samosa(potato stuffed with hard multipurpose flour based & deep fried snack), then move to Kashyap samosa waley. Relish this mouth-watering samosa with garnishing of chutneys (cold sauces) and chickpea curry.
·    If you have a sweet tooth, then visit Mathura walon ki Prachin Dukan for a variety of sweets. You can savor lassi (stirred curd & milk with sugar, water & dry fruits) in kulhad from Prakash Lok food joint.
·    For south-Indian cuisine lovers, go to Curry Leaf restaurant near Har-ki-Pauri for flavorsome dosas, vadas & uttapams.
Feeling mouth-watery, already? After a peaceful session of yoga & meditation, relax in an hourly hotel in Haridwar & explore these delicious breakfast options.

III. Have your lunch on an adventurous tour to Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park (Image Source: www.rishikeshdaytour.com)

Located 65 kilometers from Haridwar, Rajaji National Park is one of the famous tourist attractions. So, after having a filling breakfast, visit this breathtaking Rajaji National Park. Spread over an area of 820.42 sq km, Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary was combined with Chilla and Motichur wildlife sanctuaries to become Rajaji National Park. This magnificent national park houses more than 500 elephants, 250 panthers, 12 tigers, spotted deer, sambhar, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan black & sloth bears, and over 400 species of bird. So, get your camera ready for a jungle safari in this sanctuary! What are you thinking then? Plan your holidays, stay in a hotel for a few hours in Haridwar or an hourly hotel in Rishikesh and visit this refreshing national park.

IV. Sit by the side of flowing water of Ganga river

Breathtaking view of the flowing Ganga river (Image by the Author)

After returning from Rajaji National Park, you can come to Har-ki-Pauri in Haridwar. Here, you can sit by the Ganga river. In a life full of hush-bush, sit quietly near the flowing Ganga river on the stairs of Har-ki-Pauri. Within the sounds of hymns, mantra chanting, bhajans, and temple bells from behind, you can reflect upon your life & feel grateful for this precious life. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of snow-capped mountains, greenery, clouds, and cool breeze beyond the river Ganga. So, when are you planning? Pack your bags, schedule an hourly hotel in Haridwar and get yourself a break.

V. Take a holy dip & witness iconic Ganga Aarti in evening

The magical view of evening Ganga Aarti (Image by the Author)

After sitting quietly by the river Ganga, it's time to witness the iconic Ganga Aarti at the same place, Har-ki-Pauri. It's advisable here to take a holy dip in the river Ganga before the aarti begins so that you can pray to God with a clean body & pure heart! You can dip in the holy Ganga waters and wear clean clothes to pray first in the Ganga river temple. Then, pick a suitable spot where you can watch the Ganga aarti by the priests of the Ganga Sabha committee. After watching the spectacular Ganga aarti, you can also take blessings from the lit lamps. You can even donate to the registered members of the Ganga Sabha who utilize your money for cleanliness & maintenance of the Har-ki-Pauri & river Ganga. So, pack your bags, plan your one-day to Haridwar and take a break in an hourly hotel in Haridwar.

VI. Do social work by distributing food to the poor & needy

Distribution of Food to the needy people (Image Source: www.newsclick.in)

After the Ganga aarti procession ends, you can walk along the Har-ki-Pauri area. Here, you can see various shops that are ready with cooked food. If anyone wants to distribute food to poor & needy people, they can pay the shopkeeper & he will distribute that ready-to-eat food on plates and serves needy people for free on your behalf. You can even distribute food by yourself if the shopkeeper agrees! This way, you can do social work & give back to society.

Now, that's a wrap of your one-day trip to Haridwar! So, when are you traveling?